Win Morphy Richards Compact Breadmaker worth £99.99!

Freshly baked bread with NO effort whatsoever – I know a few people who have breadmakers who swear they’ll never buy bread from the shops again. It all seems a bit mysterious – bread coming out of an electric box – is it magic?!

I don’t have one myself but am hoping that I’ll get my hands on one eventually to review as part of the Morphy Richards Home of the House Proud Innovators scheme.

But in the meantime, you lucky lot have the chance to win this particularly sleek looking model from Morphy Richards worth a penny under one hundred quid!



1. For a chance to win please comment on this post telling me about your favourite type of bread

2. For a second chance to win please tweet this post Win Morphy Richards Compact Breadmaker worth £99.99 with @cookingkt and comment HERE telling me you have done so along with your twitter username

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4. For a fourth chance to win follow @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter and comment HERE to tell me you have done so.



This giveaway is open to all readers with a UK mailing address.  The winner will be chosen using an online randomiser and announced in a subsequent post.   When commenting please leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

I am running this competition on behalf of Morphy Richards who will be responsible for sending the prize to the winner. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries.  You must leave a separate comment for each bonus entry otherwise they will not be counted.

Closing date: 10pm Thursday 14th July 2011

Good Luck!

Thanks to Morphy Richards for providing this fantastic prize.

Check out Fuss Free Flavours for another chance to win this breadmaker



About Katie Bryson

Katie Bryson is a freelance food writer and blogger. She left a career in online news at the BBC to immerse herself in the culinary world, taking in courses at Leiths School of Food and Wine and an internship at Waitrose along the way. Her family food blog is bursting with recipes and tips for feeding hungry families that’ll help inspire all those frazzled parents out there wondering what on earth to cook for tea!
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569 Responses to Win Morphy Richards Compact Breadmaker worth £99.99!

  1. Ursula Connelly says:

    A favourite in our house is half wholemeal/half white rolls topped with pumpkin seeds or poppy seeds – they dont last long though for all the kneading effort that goes into them 🙂

  2. Katie Fisher says:

    Hi my favourite bread has to be focaccia with garlic and rosemary! I would love a bread maker!
    Am following @cookingkt on Twitter, I am @griffincomps (nice to meet you!),and I have RT’d the message with the link above. I am also following @LoveYourMorphy!
    I do hope I win!
    Regards, Katie.

  3. Diana Cotter says:

    I love a proper French baguette, still slightly warm, with that gorgeous golden crust and soft, sweet crumb – ah bliss, especially with lots of butter and an array of French cheeses and wine to accompany it.

  4. Diana Cotter says:

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  7. chris miles says:

    has to be wildmushroom and roasted garlic for me.

  8. jack tate says:

    I love Hovis Wholemeal Nimble. It’s the only shop brought bread that I eat… I’m really fussy!

  9. chris miles says:

    tweeted @thecruxy09

  10. chris miles says:

    following @love your morphy

  11. zoe allen says:

    My favourite bread is the sunshine bread recipe i got from my holiday to jamaica…It wholemeal with mango and pumpkin seed it makes a perfect breakfast and will be the first thing i make if i win that gorgeous bread maker.


  12. Colin Cooper says:

    1. Home made foccacia. (Go mad with the dipping oils!)
    2. Following you (cookingkt) on Twitter (@maxtweenie)
    3. Tweeted the link to the competition
    4. Following @LoveYourMorphy

  13. zoe allen says:

    Im Following @cookingkt as @zoenmya and have retweeted the link as above

  14. zoe allen says:

    I also follow @LoveYourMorphy

  15. Done all the steps 🙂 @sazzle_uk

    my fave bread is a rustic sundried tomato and oregano cob, its gorgeous!

  16. zoe allen says:

    ive also tweeted the link as @zoenmya

  17. Sioned Davies says:

    Our favourite bread in this house is a fresh white loaf topped with sesame seeds. Simple but delicious – especially hot with oodles of butter!

  18. Ashleigh says:

    love focaccia bread or any italian breads actually!

  19. Ashleigh says:

    i have tweeted as @ashlallan

  20. Mrs H says:

    My favourite bread is Sun-dried tomato and olive bread – nom nom nom!

  21. Ashleigh says:

    i am following you on twitter as @ashlallan

  22. Ashleigh says:

    i am following @LoveYourMorphy on twitter as @ashlallan too

  23. Sioned Davies says:

    Tweeted “Win Morphy Richards Compact Breadmaker worth £99.99 with @cookingkt”. Username – Gw4wr

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  25. hovis seed sensations for me any time, I eat my bread dry with nothing in or on, just as it falls out of the packet. yum yum

  26. Sioned Davies says:

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  27. Glenn Hutton says:

    My favourite type of bread is cheese & red onion loaf! ;0)

  28. Glenn Hutton says:

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  32. Jayesh Patel says:

    My favourite bread is a fresh naan.

  33. Pete_inthehills says:

    I love german bread with pumpkin seeds or pine nuts. Lots of flavour. Great with cheese and a Weiss beer.

  34. Pete_inthehills says:

    I’ve retweeted your comment and following you as Pete_inthehills.

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  37. Gary says:

    Am following:

    @cookingkt and @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter

    My username is @golfings1

    Best of luck everyone and thank you FEEDINGBOYS 4 bringing this great competition to us

  38. Amelia Kennedy says:

    I love bread with oats and Hovis Oat Bread has to the winner with 50% oats! Absolutely gorgeous, so tasty.

  39. Claire says:

    My favourite bread is burgen bread.

  40. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Tweeted : @MimiJane

  41. Deb Gillard says:

    Favourite bread? Oooh that’s so difficult! Probably ciabatta but I love any bread with poppy seeds on. I am following you and Morphy and tweeted @Donnylover1958.

  42. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Followed on twitter : @MimiJane

  43. I love any bread with cheese on it..preferably with the cheese as a’s yummy on rolls or cliced with savoury dishes or on its own with Marmite!! yum yum

  44. Sarah Hignett says:

    I love any seeded bread, such as Campagrain bread that I buy from my local bakery. Would love to try and re-create this at home!

  45. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Followed @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter : @MimiJane

  46. Claire says:

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  47. Kevin Goodwin says:

    My favourite bread has to be plain old white. There’s nothing better than the fresh smell of white bread coming from the breadmaker…

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  51. Claire says:

    Tweeted the post.


  52. I just love bread, those little part baked rolls that you put in the oven. Oh my goodness I could absolute eat some of those right now, coated in melted butter! Mmmmmmm

  53. Claire says:

    Tweeted the post.Already following @loveyourmorphy


  54. Gemma Harrison says:

    It has got to be a warm baguette (with lashings of butter) absolutely yummy x

  55. C Hui says:

    Would be any form of tomato bread for me.

  56. C Hui says:

    Tweeted as @Baggio1018

  57. faye says:

    I just love all freshly baked bread no matter what shape or form but i am just a pig!! If I had to choose I love ciabatta especially with butter and jam.

  58. C Hui says:

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  59. C Hui says:

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  60. kayleigh woods says:

    i would have to said hovis best of both, its just such soft bread and i have got the kids eating it too!!! ( just dont tell them its healthy 😉 x

  61. Kate Rampersad says:

    my fav one must be ciabatta, especially served as bruschetta
    Kate Rampersad

  62. Karen Donald says:

    1. sundried tomato and olives
    2. Following you (cookingkt) on Twitter (@Karen2105)
    3. Tweeted the link to the competition
    4. Following @LoveYourMorphy

  63. Trish says:

    I absolutely adore Burgen bread

  64. Kate Rampersad says:

    Tweeted about the comp as @katekat_raz

  65. kirsty says:

    I make white bread, top with cheese and red onion and just tear and share. Delish.

    Have followed both twitters and tweeted your post. I’m @kirsty2907

  66. Kate Rampersad says:

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  68. claire willmer says:

    My favourite bread used to be multiseeded bread : ) however i have just been diagnosed with celiacs disease so havent been able to have it for a few wks (or ever again lol) but my doctor advised me to get a bread maker so i could make my own so fingers crossed i win so i can atleast have something nice!

  69. claire willmer says:

    already following you on twitter @cwillmer : )

  70. claire willmer says:

    already following @loveyourmorphy on twitter @cwillmer : )

  71. SqueakyMom says:

    I’m always won over by any kind of sourdough bread. Cut thick & toasted, or fresh out of the breadmaker still warm.

  72. SqueakyMom says:

    I’ve tweeted @meedja

  73. Stewart Johnston says:

    Guiness and rye bread which my nan made for me. Really delicious with a few glasses of nice wine and some pate.

  74. SqueakyMom says:

    And I’m following you on twitter @meedja

  75. SqueakyMom says:

    And I’m already following @loveyourmorphy on twitter @meedja

  76. Trish says:

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  78. amy marantino says:

    i like rye bread… and salted bagels

  79. Trish says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy as @TrishO1

  80. Julie says:

    I can’t resist a tiger loaf…scrumptious crispy crust with the softest inside!

  81. lesley stevnes says:

    My favourite bread is italian bread made with olive oil.

  82. Beth Karen says:

    My favourite is freshly baked tiger bread.
    Served warm with butter and jam 🙂

  83. C Noakes says:

    My favourite is poppy seed bread.

  84. Nicky says:

    I love cheese and onion bread

  85. Nicky says:

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  86. Nicky says:

    Following @loveyourmorphy on twitter @kniknaxnjj

  87. carole says:

    warburtons is my favourite if buying ,but if i make myself wholegrain bread ,i love crusty bread , done all four tweeted etc

  88. Denise Cross says:

    I love poppy seed topped bread

  89. Sarah Laycock says:

    Good old fashioned rye bread with an unhealthy dollop of butter!

  90. Sarah Laycock says:

    Have tweeted @scrumpy11

  91. Sarah Laycock says:

    Following @cookingkt on Twitter @scrumpy11

  92. Sheila says:

    a crusty bloomer- white tasty bread.

  93. Valerie Falconer says:

    In France, they have a type of bread that one can find in a few regions (near Chateaumeilland, and in the Burgundy and Savoie regions), but not everywhere. It has red pieces of some sweet confection in it. I have no idea what it’s called, nor what the red pieces are, but it’s really delicious.

  94. Sarah Robertson says:

    My favourite type of bread has always been a crusty white load that my father brought home when I was a child from our local bakers in Whitstable, Kent. Nothing has quite tasted the same since. I would love a breadmaker to try and re-create it 🙂

  95. Julie Booth says:

    I love walnut bread

  96. Julie Booth says:

    following on twitter as @tiddles12

  97. Julie Booth says:

    have tweeted @tiddles12

  98. Jill Jones says:

    my favourite is tiger bread or large plain white bloomer

  99. Julie Booth says:

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  100. Jill Jones says:

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  101. Julie Booth says:

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  102. Jill Jones says:

    Following you on twitter and tweeted @missjillyj

  103. Rhonda says:

    My favourite is French Baguette, warmed with proper butter on mmmmmmmm yum!

  104. Rhonda says:

    I’ve Tweeted, my Twitter name is @snowted

  105. Rhonda says:

    I’m following you on Twitter my Twitter name is @snowted

  106. Solange says:

    Mine is a multi-seed home made delicious and by far everyone’s favorite

  107. Rhonda says:

    I’m following LoveYourMorphy on Twitter, my Twitter name is @snowted

  108. Solange says:

    and I tweeted @solangeweb

  109. adam says:

    cant beat a big old fresh baked tiger loaf

  110. Val says:

    Focaccia with olive oil and rosemary has to be my favorite

  111. Paul Wilson says:

    Six-seed Granary is my favourite.

  112. Val says:

    Have tweeted @sharp_v

  113. Michael Horsfield says:

    Sun-dried tomato and olive bread

  114. Michael Horsfield says:

    Win Morphy Richards Compact Breadmaker worth £99.99 with @cookingkt – horsy100

  115. Michael Horsfield says:

    following @cookingkt on Twitter

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  117. Charles Budd says:

    German Rye Bread is my favourite, topped with quark!

    I’ve followed @loveyourmorphy as well.


  118. Marta P says:

    Home made Foccacia – Devine!

  119. Fozia Akhtar says:

    My favourite is ciabatta drizzled with olive oil and topped with sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil! nom nom! 🙂

  120. Val says:

    Following @loveyourmorphy on Twitter @sharp_v

  121. Val says:

    Following @cookingkt on Twitter @sharp_v

  122. capsigirl says:

    Tiger bread – there’s just something about it. I am embarrassed to say just before hte latest diet I bought a loaf from Asda and ate it all myself in 2 days – spread thick with chilled butter it’s one of my to die for flavours. Such a piggly wiggly 🙂

  123. Karis Boone says:

    Granary is great!

  124. capsigirl says:

    Already following you @Nixy143

  125. Karis Boone says:

    Have tweeted as @lovetocomp

  126. Karis Boone says:

    Have followed @cookingkt. My twitter is @lovetocomp

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    Have followed @LoveYourMorphy. My twitter is @lovetocomp

  128. spanglisher says:

    Love cheese and onion bread

  129. spanglisher says:

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    Following @loveyourmorphy on Twitter @spanglisher

  131. spanglisher says:

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  132. Viv says:

    Hedgehog bread! Though when I worked in the bakery for a large supermarket chain I discovered how lethal it is. Very spiky when your trying to cut it or bag it up. Need to take extra care not to shred any fingers – don’t imagine customers would appreciate that! Who on earth thought of it though – it’s like toblerone all over again: Tasty but deadly!

  133. Alan Bailey says:

    Tesco does a lovely multigrain loaf that is soft, moist, easily digestible (even the crust) and I wish my Panasonic breadmaker could replicate it – perhaps the Morphy Richards could?

  134. Helen says:

    My favourite it brown granary with butter and mature cheddar

  135. Helen says:

    Have tweeted your comment as @toffeefudge1

  136. Helen says:

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  137. Helen says:

    follow @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter as toffeefudge1

  138. Kasia says:

    I love any bread with seeds or/and dried fruit. Follow you and @LoveYourMorphy as @biedoness

  139. Charlie says:

    Love my own French baguette style bread made with French type 55 flour. So light and fluffy with a golden crunchy crust. . m’mmm

  140. Georgina Ball says:

    Love tiger bread, mmmmm!

  141. Georgina Ball says:

    Tweeted – @GeorgeBee69

  142. Georgina Ball says:

    Follow you – @GeorgeBee69

  143. Georgina Ball says:

    Follow MR – @GeorgeBee69

  144. Diane says:

    I love milk roll, it reminds me of being a kid. I love the smell of any freshly baked bread, I sometimes linger outside bread shops just so I can fill my nostrils.

  145. hassni says:


  146. Dawn E says:

    Fresh baked Granary bread with some butter *om nom nom nom*

  147. Stacy Ward says:

    I’d say garlic bread is my fave bread especially with a bit of Spag Bol!
    Following @cookingkt as @basehex
    Following @LoveYourMorphy as @basehex
    Also tweeted.

  148. Adele Hill says:

    Mine is a home made multi-seed

  149. Phil Darling says:

    My Fave is Tesco finest Multi-seed

  150. Adele Hill says:

    I have tweeted as @compaddicted

  151. Phil Darling says:

    follow @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter as @philibaldi

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    Follow @cookingkt on Twitter as @philibaldi

  153. Adele Hill says:

    I am following @LoveYourMorphy as @compaddicted

  154. shirl says:

    The latest home made loaf is always the favourite!

  155. Phil Darling says:

    Have tweeted your tweet as @philibaldi

  156. Adele Hill says:

    I am following @cookingkt as @compaddicted

  157. Anji Petersen says:

    Foccacia with sea salt mmm

  158. We love freshly baked white bread, yummy

  159. Kavey says:

    These days I’m mostly into souedough, made from a lovely old starter we call Levi. Levi the Levain!

  160. Judy Wright says:

    My fave is foccacia bread 🙂

  161. following @LoveYourMorphy

  162. 1. Love a warm loaf of home cooked tiger loaf
    2. Following @cookingkt on Twitter (@plsdont4getme)
    3. Tweeted the link to the competition
    4. Followed @LoveYourMorphy for ages

  163. Jenny says:

    My favourite is wholemeal and pumpkin bread- yummy! :0

  164. caroline stokes says:

    I loved the sweet apricot bread that Safeways used to sell. Fortunately for my waistline the stopped doing it.

  165. Jenny says:

    Following @cookingKT on twitter

  166. Jenny says:

    Have tweeted as @JennyEavesMSE

  167. Jenny says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy on twitter (@JennyEavesMSE)

  168. Richard Holmes says:

    Don’t think I could say a specific favourite bread other than – Home made bread. The flavour and the smells are just divine. Bought bread is just bland in comparison.

  169. Louise Feehily says:

    We love granary in our house but also make a mean poppyseed loaf! 🙂

    I have always wanted a breadmaker as we get through a lot of bread in our house and it would cut the cost a bit! 🙂

  170. Darren says:

    Homemade garlic and rosemary foccacia is by far the best bread I have made. This bread maker would make it so much easier to make too!

  171. Alison says:

    Love banana chocolate bread.
    Following @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter as @ALISON2540

  172. Andrew Timms says:

    I love bread with texture, so plenty of nuts or seeds, love fresh sunflower kernels and honey bread as an afternoon treat

  173. HELEN JESSUP says:

    I love any kind of bread with fruit or nuts in. Le Brea sourdough Walnut bread is one of my favourites.

  174. HELEN JESSUP says:

    have tweeted

  175. HELEN JESSUP says:

    already following you on twitter

  176. Oh I love tear and share bread to dip in my bolognasie 🙂

  177. Fresh sesame seeded baguette. In fact, anything fresh, and anything with seeds. Yum. Oh, I also love walnut bread. Delicious. I would love to be ble to make my own. This breadmaker looks amazing!

  178. I already follow you on twitter

  179. I already follow @loveyourmorphy on twiier

  180. sarah williams says:

    For me it has to be Warburtons seeded batch….yum!

  181. daddyscott says:

    My favourite is warm honey bread.

    Also retweeted your post @daddyscottuk

  182. wholemeal walnut bread for me

  183. Solange says:

    French stick

  184. J says:

    warburtons white sliced

  185. Simon Ashford says:

    A nice crusty bun is my favourite – preferable with lots of butter & cheese

  186. Loma Wood says:

    French Stick (preferably shared with a hunky man on the Cote D’zur)

  187. eclecticgal says:

    I love brioche, preferably with cherry preserve in the middle (as a kid, I spent my summer hols in the french alps, where it’s a local speciality). Not sure you can make it in a breadmaking machine though, since I don’t have one!

  188. eclecticgal says:

    I’ve tweeted @fionamaclean

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    I already follow you on twitter @fionamaclean

  190. eclecticgal says:

    I am following @LoveYourMorphy on twitter @fionamaclean

  191. Tracy says:

    I love home made foccacia bread rolls studded with rosemary. I do cheat though and mix the dough in my ancient machine.

  192. freakfire99 says:

    It has to be any kind of bread topped with cheese, or chocolate brioche

  193. freakfire99 says:

    Tweeted too (@freakfire)

  194. kim says:

    The bakery near me does loads of combos of bread my favourite is the firey mex which is jalepenos, hint of garlic & chillis

  195. ali991 says:

    I love tiger bread mmmm @ali991

  196. ali991 says:

    Tweeted @ali991

  197. ali991 says:

    already following @Loveyourmorphy

  198. DyeSpinKnit says:

    I dont have a favourite type of bread as have never had hand made bread (other than what you buy) but my husband and 4 kids are very much looking forward to some banana bread (If I ever manage to get a bread maker) and with 3 out of the 4 kids being lactose intolerant we should be able to come up with some good recipes for them!

  199. DyeSpinKnit says:

    already following @loveyourmorphy thats how I found about your blog and this giveaway (@dyespinknit)

  200. Kav (@nutmeg321321) says:

    Kingsmill 50-50 tastes great and good for you (I think?!)

  201. I have to say my fav bread is wholemeal shame no one else in the family likes it 😦
    Have tweeted @OliversMummy08

  202. Linda Milward says:

    Granary. Follow. Tweeted!

  203. Janice Patterson says:

    Toasted Garlic Bread with Cheese

  204. Janice Patterson says:

    Tweeted @PJanice

  205. Cindy B says:

    LOVEE foccacia bread!

  206. Homemade with walnuts, honey and seeds.

  207. Tweeted – dragonfly6363

  208. Following @cookingkt on Twitter

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  210. Lianne Holmes says:

    my favourite is the cheese topped bread rolls

  211. Lianne Holmes says:

    I have tweeted the post. my twitter id is @Liannewatkins

  212. Lianne Holmes says:

    I have followed @cookingkt, my twitter id is @Liannewatkins

  213. Lianne Holmes says:

    I am also following @LoveYourMorphy my twitter id is @Liannewatkins

  214. Chris Andrews says:

    My favourite bread is HOT and CRUSTY and dripping with BUTTER

  215. Anything with nuts and seeds!

  216. martina mckenna says:

    i love sundried tomato bread

  217. Jay says:

    Crusty white rolls for me, served with home made soup!

  218. Jay says:

    I have tweeted the tweet – @cheekychicken24

  219. Jay says:

    I’m following you on Twitter – @cheekychicken24

  220. Jay says:

    I’m already following Morphy Richards on Twitter – @cheekychicken24

  221. Heather says:

    Before my old breadmaker died, I used to make banana bread – lush!

  222. lady_appaloosa says:

    My favourite bread is a German, double baked Sourdough Loaf. HMMM my mouth is watering just thinking of it. Not easy to do as you need to set up the sourdough some days ahead but you can also make sourdough cake so always make a double batch 🙂

  223. Kat Walsh says:

    Still loving the Irish soda bread after all these years 🙂

  224. yvonne grylls says:

    I make American milk loaf (by hand!) Hard work,but so worth it!

  225. sarah foran says:

    Have done all of above @sarahforan1, my favourite bread is Irish soda bread x

  226. suzzee langton says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm..My favorite type of bread is homemade white bread that melts in your mouth with fresh butter ooozing into every single crack and crevice……..makes my mouth water!

  227. Steph Armstrong says:

    So many types of bread – so hard to choose – probably granary with its malty taste and seeds. yum yum

  228. Lux says:

    Something as chock full of seeds and grains as possible. I like my bread to be a bit of a challenge.

  229. Dale Boyce says:

    whole grain crusty loaf still warm from baking with loads of margarine,ham and fresh tomatos

  230. Midi M says:

    I actually LIKE white bread. I slice it thickly and eat it with just butter, or, jam. I wouldn’t get out of bed for any other breakfast.

  231. laura stewart says:

    i like just homemade white bread and i love the smell too

  232. Charlotte Jones says:

    Favourite bread would have to be a crusty, freshy baked white roll. Perfect for bacon sandwiches in the morning!

  233. Charlotte Jones says:

    Followng @LoveYourMorphy on twitter (@charlotte_jones)

  234. Charlotte Jones says:

    Following @cookingkt on twitter (@charlotte_jones)

  235. Lisa Pope says:

    I make a really good sundried tomato foccacia tear & share bread with a mozzerella topping so that’s my fave atm…’s my sister-in -law’s recipe, she’s an excellent cook. I’m following both @LoveYourMorphy & @cookingkt on twitter ( @lisapop01 )

  236. My favourite type of bread is a French Baguette.I have tweeted and following @cookingkt My ID is @leiladiamonds

  237. Hazel Rea says:

    My favourite kind of bread is the glutenfree bread I make for my son and I – it has sultanas, ground almonds and cinnamon.


  238. Alan OHara says:

    My Favourite type of bread is Currant Soda Bread

  239. Hazel Rea says:

    I have tweeted as @beachrambler.

  240. Hazel Rea says:

    I already follow you on Twitter as @beachrambler

  241. Angela Webster says:

    I’m a massive fan of unusual flavoured breads, yesterday I had a tear’n’share Pesto,Mozzerella & sun-dried tomato bread, it was delicious.


  242. Hazel Rea says:

    I already follow @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter as @beachrambler

  243. Angela Webster says:

    Have tweeted @MrsWebster147

  244. Angela Webster says:

    Following you on Twitter


  245. Alan OHara says:

    I have tweeted Competition @OHara1971

  246. Angela Webster says:

    Already Following Morphy on Twitter


  247. Alan OHara says:

    Following you @cookingkt


  248. Martina says:

    Bread with sun-dried tomatoes and basil or thyme…

  249. Silvia says:

    Granary loaf

  250. Steve Dickinson says:

    mmm homemade pizza

  251. ANNETTE HADEN says:

    it has to be granary or sun dried tomato bread both warm with proper butter

  252. mibsxx says:

    My favourite bread ( sorry I don’t know it’s real name lol) is an Italian sun-dried tomato and olive flatbread, a restaurant years ago in London ( back when I could afford to eat out!) gave me their recipe, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

  253. mibsxx says:

    Have tweeted as @MibsXX

  254. mibsxx says:

    Already following you on Twitter xxx

  255. mibsxx says:

    Already follow love your morphy! as @MibsXX

  256. My favourite bread is cheese & onion bread.. with some fresh rosemary… yummmmerz!!! Followed on @cookingkt and @LoveYourMorphy and have tweeted! Love, @Helsbellzz

  257. Chris Bay says:

    A nice crusty and warm baguette always goes down well

  258. Debra Hainsworth says:

    a french stick with poppy seeds
    following on twitter @macnmillie

  259. Suzi Hares says:

    I love any kind of Ciabatta Bread.
    Following all & tweeting as @SuziHares

  260. Annette Whyte says:

    tweeted as @nettyspaghetti3

  261. Sarah Cooper says:

    Tiger loaf with cheese

  262. CP says:

    I love the Sourdough bread made by a baker who comes to the local farmers market. It is absolutely superb!

  263. Mazgoli says:

    A really nutty and seeded wholemeal for sandwiches or a crusty white loaf straight out of the oven with plenty of butter.

  264. Nancy Townsend says:

    Hovis granary wholemeal

  265. honeybee says:

    cinamon and raisin bread – freshly baked, still slightly warm on a weekend morning still in your PJs

  266. Lee Gardner says:

    tiger bread without a doubt

  267. gary wilson says:

    following on twitter

  268. Karen says:

    I really like soft seeded and nutty breads

  269. Maya Russell says:

    I love crusty, warm Tiger rolls.

  270. Maya Russell says:

    I’ve tweeted.

  271. Maya Russell says:

    Already following @cookingkt on Twitter

  272. Maya Russell says:

    Following already @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter

  273. Laura Pritchard says:

    I love Onion bread. @Isis1981uk on Twitter

  274. Laura Pritchard says:

    I’ve re-tweeted the message @Isis1981uk

  275. valerie mccarthy says:

    My favorite bread is fresh Irish wheaten bread. It is so delicious!
    I tweeted and following @spottedpage

  276. Laura Pritchard says:

    Am following CookingKT on Twitter @Isis1981uk

  277. Laura Pritchard says:

    Am following Love your Morphy on Twitter @Isis1981uk

  278. Fiona says:

    Crusty White, always a winner!!!!

  279. Jackie Johnston says:

    Freshly baked ciabatta.

  280. claire says:

    cloiver1976 retweeted and following the two above and we love freshly made sandwich loaf so i guess i done it all would make me so happy to own this bread machine and my kids would be thrilled too xx

  281. Melanie Pennie says:

    1. Granary Bread – reminds me of my grandad as this was also his favourite!
    2. Following you (@cookingkt) on Twitter (@mj4069)
    3. Tweeted the link to the competition
    4. Following @LoveYourMorphy

  282. Dawn says:

    A lovely soft banana bread

  283. Rachel says:

    My FAVOURITE type of bread is a malthouse loaf, but a classic fresh baguette has to be a close second.

  284. Nancy Bradford says:

    I love sourdough but it is hard to find around here.

  285. Christine r says:

    Hi – my favourite bread is a wholemeal loaf made by our local farm shop

  286. Christine r says:

    Hi – I’m already following you on twitter – kyber1993

  287. Christine r says:

    Hi – I’m also following loveyourmorphy – kyber1993

  288. Kym Robson says:

    Because of my wheat intolerance it has to be home made Gluten-free walnut & rosemary bread

  289. Liz Burton says:

    Olive bread is my favourite

  290. Liz Burton says:

    Tweeted @missielizzieb

  291. Liz Burton says:

    Following you on twitter @missielizzieb

  292. Liz Burton says:

    Following love your Morphy on twitter @missielizzieb

  293. Mel Butcher says:

    I have a new favourite bread, tesco do a baguette with a salt and cracked black pepper crust, it’s gorgeous and tastes amazing with a coronation chicken filling.

  294. Mel Butcher says:

    I’ve tweeted as @melspur.

  295. Mel Butcher says:

    I’m following you on twitter too. @melspur.

  296. Mel Butcher says:

    I’m also following @LoveYourMorphy on twitter. @melspur.
    Thank you for the fab giveaway.

  297. My favourite bread has to be focaccia with garlic and rosemary which th MIL makes with her bread maker. Gorgeous!

  298. I’m now following you on twitter (I’m _lab_)

  299. I’m now following Morphy Richards on twitter (I’m _lab_)

  300. I also tweeted the competiton (I’m _lab_) x

  301. I love Soya with Linseeds, seems to last longer

  302. Tina Holmes says:

    cant beat a bit of tiger bread yummy yummy!

  303. kerry webb says:

    Favourite bread is Onion Bread all warmed up :-)) twitter name @kt_webb

  304. kerry webb says:

    Following your good self and @LoveYourMorphy on twitter

  305. Christina Massue says:

    Freshly baked, ahhhhhhhh the aroma

  306. Rebecca Henderson says:

    My favourite type of bread has to be tiger bread, crunchy on the outside light on the inside. Perfect for a doorstop sandwich.

  307. Rebecca Henderson says:

    Tweeted the post. @fudgeit20

  308. Rebecca Henderson says:

    Following on Twitter @fudgeit20

  309. Rebecca Henderson says:

    Following @loveyourmorphy on twitter @fudgeit20

  310. nicola hardman says:

    plain nann – perfect with chicken curry

  311. My favourite bread is treacle bread. It’s delicious!

  312. Treacle bread is my all time favourite!

  313. Ann Willers says:

    I love Tiger bread and really crusty french sticks

  314. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    I love granary bread – it’s really flavoursome.

    Would love to try and make my own 🙂

  315. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Following on twitter – @kathrynann1

  316. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy on twitter – @kathrynann1

  317. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Have tweeted competition link – @kathrynann1

  318. Rob Clayton says:

    @Robbyboy1974 have twittered

  319. CP says:

    I love home made granary and walnut bread, fresh out of the oven, sliced and dripping with butter!

  320. Judith Allen says:

    Love rye bread, and also homemade white with butter and honey. mmmm!

  321. Claire Smith says:

    Focaccia – with black olive tapenade on top.

  322. Helena Haddock says:

    I love a Bagel with cream cheese and Salmon

  323. Helen Parker Sayde says:

    I’ve tweeted! Well, I think I have – I’ve only started today!!
    Keeping fingers crossed.

  324. I love homemade warm cheese and garlic bread with loads of butter

  325. following @cookingkt as @Hestia14

  326. tweeted message @Hestia14

  327. following @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter as @Hestia14

  328. julia kiss says:

    simple …. tiger bread, thickly cut with lashings of butter….delishious

  329. melanie smith says:

    i,love fresh bread white ,thick sliced,followed and tweeted melxzxsmith

  330. Martin Leyland says:

    Brown bead with malted grains! I love the malty flavour and the crunchy bits, the crusts are so yummy.

  331. peter says:

    a warm French baguette

  332. Colette says:

    Absolutely love cheese bread!

  333. Colette says:

    Tweeted the comp @littlelottee20

  334. Colette says:

    Following @cooking kt on Twitter @littlelottee20

  335. Colette says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter @littlelottee20

  336. Kelvin says:

    Ihave no dough….i need to win breadmaker.

  337. Louise Mathema says:

    miexed seed bread – yum!

  338. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    Freshly baked French bread … nom nom nom!!!!

  339. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    I am following @LoveYour Morphy on Twitter as @LoveWinning

  340. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    I hvae tweeted the competition entry as @LoveWinning

  341. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    I have tweeted the competition message as @LoveWinning

  342. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    I am following @cookingkt on Twitter as @LoveWinning

  343. keith Stepney says:

    Tiger Bread and Rolls Am following @cookingkt on Twitter, I am @keithms (nice to meet you!),and I have RT’d the message with the link above. I am also following @LoveYourMorphy!

  344. vicky haddock says:

    french baguette

  345. Richard Claydon-Park says:

    We love making all sorts of bread but for special treats we particularly enjoy walnut bread.

  346. jennifer carelli says:

    It’s a bread from Ferrara Italy called ciupeta. Hot from the bakery the spirally part of the bread is crispy & quite hard, but delicious and the bulky part of the bread is soft & fluffy inside. I dream of this bread & as a far as I know the only place you can get it is Ferrara

  347. Julie Barrett says:

    My favourite bread is granary – especially when it is warm. yum!

  348. Julie Barrett says:

    I have just tweeted on Twitter

  349. Julie Barrett says:

    following you on twitter

  350. Julie Barrett says:

    already follow love your morphy

  351. Leila says:

    Hi there

    I love a lightly seeded batch that I buy…(it’s weight watchers) but would LOVE to be able to bake my own bread!

    I am already following @Loveyourmorphy, following you now and tweeting you @Cakeandmakeup

    thankyou xx

  352. Ruth says:

    Sourdough, preferably not white.

  353. Ruth says:

    have tweeted @rh23rh23

  354. Ruth says:

    am following @cookingkt

  355. Ruth says:

    am following @LoveYourMorphy

  356. tweeted the post already following twitter name @laurie_parker11

    my fav bread is wholemeal especially the crusty type

  357. Katherine Grant says:

    Just good old fashioned plain white bread, slightly warm with proper butter on it. Nothing better… unless its the same bread just a day or two old, toasted with butter…..mmmmmm!

  358. tinkerb311a says:

    My favourite bread is cheese and herb loaf which I used to make all the time in my breadmaker until it died 😦 – wore it out!! So would LOVE to win this shiny new one lol!

  359. Katherine Grant says:

    Tweeted the comp and link

  360. tinkerb311a says:

    Am following you on twitter @tinkerb311a 😀

  361. tinkerb311a says:

    Am following @loveyourmorphy on twitter as well! 😀 (@tinkerb311a)

  362. Katherine Grant says:

    Sorry – Tweeted the comp & Link KLgrant1971

  363. tinkerb311a says:

    Have tweeted your competition as well! *keeps fingers crossed* ( @tinkerb311a )

  364. Kerry says:

    I am following @loveyourmorphy on twitter

  365. Gillian dobie says:

    My fav bread is sun dried tomato and garlic. Mmmmmm!

    I have done all four of the things above to hopefully be in with a chance of winning. My twitter name is gilldobie.

    Thank you


  366. Gillian dobie says:


    I have added loveyourmurphy. My twitter name is gilldobie.

    Thank you


  367. Gillian dobie says:


    I have added cookingkt. My twitter name is gilldobie.

    Thank you


  368. Gillian dobie says:


    I have retweeted your post. My twitter name is gilldobie.

    Thank you


  369. Peak says:

    French baguette

  370. Justgerri says:

    Fave bread is walnut wholemeal bread!

  371. Justgerri says:

    I tweeted your post to here for second chance

  372. Justgerri says:

    I’m following you on twitter for 3rd chance (@justgerri)

  373. GeorgieDoughty says:

    My fave is fruit loaf!
    Have retweeted the above message & am following @LoveYourMorphy & @cookingkt
    My twitter name is @GeorgieDoughty

  374. nicknac says:

    tweeted 🙂 @chickenandbread

  375. MOM4everandever says:


  376. Sheila says:

    I love Sun-dried tomato bread its simply the best.

  377. kelly smith says:

    at the mo my fave type of bread is hovis hearty oat although id love to make my own yum x

  378. kelly smith says:

    tweeted ur message @kellyroxanne82

  379. kelly smith says:

    following u on twitter @kellyroxanne82

  380. kelly smith says:

    following @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter @kellyroxanne82

  381. lynn ward says:

    my fave bread is plain white bread, boring i know but tasty

  382. lynn ward says:

    tweeted @ellmo1964

  383. lynn ward says:

    following u on twitter @ellmo1964

  384. lynn ward says:

    following @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter @ellmo1964

  385. Shell Errington (@me200784) says:

    Oat bread is my fave
    Tweeted as @me200784 and followed

  386. Lindy Hine says:

    Sundried tomato and black olive bread is lovely!

  387. Kerry Kirkwood says:

    Following @cookingkt and @LoveYourMorphy. Have tweeted @zooold.

    And my favourite bread is olive bread with some olive oil and balsamic to dip in. Mmmm.

  388. Lindy Hine says:

    Tweeted @LindyHine

  389. Lindy Hine says:

    Following you on twitter @LindyHine

  390. Lindy Hine says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy on twitter @LindyHine

  391. andrea miles says:

    i like rye bread best

  392. Gemma Laity says:

    My favouritMy favourite type of bread is Sourdough. Nom nom nom!

  393. Gemma Laity says:

    I tweet this post “Win Morphy Richards Compact Breadmaker worth £99.99 with @cookingkt” Twitter username = Gemmie_Who

  394. Gemma Laity says:

    Followed you “@cookingkt” on Twitter

  395. Gemma Laity says:

    Followed @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter

  396. Colin Gault says:

    Wheaten Bread is fantastic

  397. gav says:

    I love my wholemeal soda bread! @gavrc

  398. gav says:

    Tweeted @gavrc

  399. gav says:

    Following @cookingkt (@gavrc)

  400. Katie Mackenzie says:

    I love the hedgehog bread warm with some butter & jam beautiful xx I’d love to make my own x

  401. Katie Mackenzie says:

    I have RT from @misskatietweet

  402. Andi says:

    I Love Potato and rosemary sourdough bread yum yum

  403. Sunny Keane says:

    My favourite is sun dried tomato bread

  404. Sunny Keane says:

    Following you on twitter @sunnyjungle

  405. Sunny Keane says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy on twitter @sunnyjungle

  406. Sunny Keane says:

    Tweeted your message @sunnyjungle

  407. Aniko Benkovics says:

    soda bread! hmmmmm yummy!

  408. Aniko Benkovics says:

    message tweeted @szazinka

  409. Aniko Benkovics says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy on twitter @szazinka

  410. Aniko Benkovics says:

    Following you @szazinka

  411. Sandy says:

    Favourite bread ..anything hot and fresh out of the oven with lashings of butter. Or something with lots of fibre ,seeds, nuts etc in it. I have done the other 3 steps too. Retweeted as @SooperSandy. Thanks for lovely prize. :o)

  412. claire marsh says:

    I love cheese bread but the kids absolutely love eggy bread

  413. tday says:

    My favourite bread has to be either fresh bakers loaf, or foccacia!!

  414. tday says:

    2. Tweeted: Mollycuteness
    3. Following!
    4. Following!

  415. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Granary bread – I love all the bits!

  416. sheila says:

    My favourite home made bread is Soda bread. Its tasty and so quick to make!

  417. Kayley Northover says:

    My favourite bread is cinnamon and raisin!

    Tweeted and followed both @cookingkt & @LoveYourMorphy

    My Twitter name is 0Kayley0

  418. Eleanor Jones says:

    My favourite bread is seeded batch!

  419. Jenny Price says:

    I love home made bread of any description – particularly seeded breads – mmm lovely still warm, with proper butter, and a treacle – reminds me of my childhood.

  420. Jenny Price says:

    Following @cookingkt on twitter as @jennyp19

  421. Jenny Price says:

    Retweeted message as @jennyp19

  422. Jenny Price says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy as @ Jennyp19

  423. greig spencer says:

    a nice crusty baguette lol

  424. greig spencer says:

    have tweeted greigo_uk

  425. Christina says:

    i rather like seeded bread and French sticks

  426. Has to be Tiger Bread….mmmmm…..would sell my soul to the devil for it!

  427. Amanda Moss says:

    My favourite type of bread is Fruit Bread, only trouble is – when I have some in I have to eat it. x

  428. Amanda Moss says:

    Tweeted message @mandy4baz

  429. Amanda Moss says:

    follow @cookingkt as @mandy4baz

  430. Amanda Moss says:

    follow @LoveYourMorphy as @mandy4baz

  431. lorna anderson says:

    nice crusty bread yummy!

  432. carol phile says:

    I love granary bread when it’s fresh and warm – yum @essexgirlSE

  433. carol phile says:

    following you on twitter @essexgirlSE

  434. carol phile says:

    retweeted @essexgirlSE

  435. carol phile says:

    already following Love Morphy @essexgirlSE

  436. HANNAH EVANS says:

    My favourite bread is Tiger Bread but I don’t have it very often as you don’t see it that many places in the South Wales Valleys!

  437. HANNAH EVANS says:

    Following on Twitter 🙂 @PrettyBluebirds xxx

  438. HANNAH EVANS says:

    Have retweeted 🙂 @PrettyBluebirds xxx

  439. HANNAH EVANS says:

    Also following @Loveyourmorphy on Twitter xxx

  440. Heather V says:

    My favourite is Soda Bread….following on @blublazed

  441. Alexander Jones says:

    My favourite type of bread has to be garlic bread. Lovely

  442. Alexander Jones says:

    I have tweeted the post. @curiousgregor

  443. Alexander Jones says:

    Am following @cookingkt on twitter

  444. Alexander Jones says:

    I am following @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter. @curiousgregor

  445. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Love nothing more than a hot, crispy baguette

  446. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Have tweeted, @Dwerrycat

  447. John says:

    Our favourite staff of life is my home made honey mixed fruit bread

  448. Katie S says:

    I love a French baguette freshly made, still warm… Mmmmm…

  449. sheridarby says:

    I love Challah – traditional Jewish bread

  450. Cherryl Thomas says:

    I adore bread, brown being my favourite, but I have been unable to eat gluten for quite some time so I miss ‘real’ bread greatly. I have managed to find a seeded brown gluten free loaf with M&S which is quite delicious and the nearest thing to ‘real’ bread I have ever found.

  451. sheridarby says:

    Folowing love your Morphy

  452. Verity Longmire says:

    Its got to be a freshly baked warm tiger loaf with a spread of butter and a big chunk of cheese and some baby plum tomatos

  453. Sheila Reavy says:

    I love so many types of bread, so any that’s freshly made and still warm.

  454. Anthea Holloway says:

    I love a sultana loaf spread with real butter. It is so good!



  456. mel B says:

    favourite type of bread has to be a multi seed batch loaf perfect for toast sandwiches and just eaten on its own with butter! yummmmm

  457. helen watson says:

    A good old fashioned cottage loaf great for stuffing as a picnic loaf!

  458. helen watson says:

    Have tweeted also @freyamae1

  459. Sarah Williams says:

    I love a crusty bloomer, covered in pickle and a strong cheese !!!

  460. Jayne K says:

    I adore fresh rye bread

  461. Jayne K says:

    have tweeted. @jaizduck

  462. Jayne K says:

    Following you on Twitter

  463. Jayne K says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter

  464. Mike Bull says:

    Malt Loaf

  465. Mike Bull says:

    I have tweeted the post (@fatstat60)

  466. liz martens says:

    portuguse country bread, cant beat it!

  467. wendy moore says:

    I love spelt bread because I don’t eat wheat

  468. Michelle Rayner says:

    I love tiger bread

  469. Ruth Danella says:

    My favourite bread is Olive Bread

  470. Sarah Huddlestone says:

    I love authentic made French baguettes. The smell and soft textre just can’t be replicated. When the French market is in town I am in bread heaven – mmmm!

  471. James Woodcock says:

    Hi, my favourite type of bread is Parmesan and sun dried tomoato.

  472. James Woodcock says:

    I’ve tweeted your phrase from @slovenlyjimmy

  473. James Woodcock says:

    I’m following @cookingkt

  474. James Woodcock says:

    I’m following @loveyourmurphy

  475. lucy vassallo says:

    French Baguette bread is my favourite

  476. lucy vassallo says:

    Have tweeted the post as in step 2 @lucythebaker aka lucy vassallo

  477. lucy vassallo says:

    Im following you alraedy @cookingkt

  478. janice taylor says:

    I love seeded batch bread and if I fancy something sweet it has to be Brioche.

  479. Stephen Hill says:

    My favourite Type of bread is a Seeded Wholemead Loaf. I am getting close to it with my current old breadmaker, but his one would make my bread alot nicer.

  480. rich white bread, freshly homemade of course!

  481. Karen Dixon says:

    sun dried tomato and red onion with cheese oooh i’m hungry now!!!!!

  482. Nick Barnett says:

    Sourdough – reminds me of massive sandwiches on holiday in San Francisco!

  483. Nick Barnett says:

    Tweet sent! @clauski1

  484. Nick Barnett says:

    @cookingkt followed by @clauski1

  485. Nick Barnett says:

    @loveyourmorphy followed by @clauski1

  486. natalie holland says:

    My faveourite bread…..I have many. But I do like a good bloomer.

  487. natalie holland says:

    I have tweeted @mummabluberry

  488. natalie holland says:

    I follow you on twitter @mummabluberry

  489. natalie holland says:

    I follow morphy on twitter @mummabluberry

  490. Mary Gould says:

    I love sundried tomato bread, and the sourdough bread you get in the USA.

  491. SUSAN HALL says:

    One word – Brioche – as a bread it fulfils every need, sweet, filling buttery and yummy.

  492. Mary Gould says:

    Tweeted message @gouldie7

  493. Mary Gould says:

    Already follow @cookingkt on Twitter @gouldie7

  494. Mary Gould says:

    Already follow @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter @gouldie7

  495. sharon says:

    Have tweeted @reigatetweeter

  496. Bartek says:

    my favourite is Sesame and Sunflower Whole Wheat Bread

  497. Bartek says:

    I tweeted @mojkubus

  498. Bartek says:

    I follow you on twitter as @mojkubus

  499. Bartek says:

    I follow @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter as @mojkubus

  500. Leonie Sanford says:

    I love hard dough bread

  501. Leonie Sanford says:

    i tweeted @blogatwit

  502. Leonie Sanford says:

    i followed cookingkt @blogatwit

  503. Leonie Sanford says:

    i followed loveyourmorphy

  504. Corinne C says:

    I love the chewiness of plain bagels.

  505. Corinne C says:

    Following @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter as snowyumbrella.

  506. Corinne C says:

    I have tweeted – Win Morphy Richards Compact Breadmaker worth £99.99 with @cookingkt My username is snowyumbrella

  507. elaine stokes says:

    a simple farmhouse loaf, crusty and soft, good for anything.

  508. Walnut…..healthy and yum with chesse as a sandwich…

  509. david cavender says:

    I like Soda Bread. It has a nice flavour and texture.

  510. david cavender says:

    Have Tweeted@theorecle

  511. david cavender says:

    following you@cookingkt on Twitter

  512. david cavender says:

    following @LoveYourMorphy on Twitter

  513. R, kalhan says:

    Gotta be Ciabatta, no doubt about it!!

  514. deborah davies says:

    cant beat freshly baked white bread with real butter yum yum.

  515. Sheila Hopkins says:

    coop onion baton-lush

  516. Helen says:

    My Irish great-nanny’s soda bread – every time I make it, the smell makes me feel like I’m 5 again

  517. Tracy Gladman says:

    I love a nice Pannini.

  518. Hannah Rose says:

    Fresh Tiger Bread is my favourite

  519. Tracy Gladman says:

    Have tweeted – @2668looby

  520. Tracy Gladman says:

    Following @cookingkt on twitter – @2668looby

  521. Tracy Gladman says:

    Following @loveyourmorphy on twitter – @2668looby

  522. su says:

    I love fresh Tiger Bread

  523. su says:

    Following and tweeting @suenatal

  524. DONNA BURKE says:

    I love sourdough bread – cut into chunky slices 🙂

    I’ve tweeted (@Donmarbu) and I’m following @loveyourmorphy and @cookingkt

  525. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    My favourite bread is a French stick.

  526. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    Have tweeted @FlorrieFloyd.

  527. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    Already following you on Twitter @FlorrieFloyd.

  528. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    Already following Love your Morphy on Twitter @FlorrieFloyd.

  529. I love cheese topped bread with butter on, delicious

  530. felicity says:

    I love the walnut bread that my brother makes in his breadmaker – if I win this competition then I will not have to wait until I visit him again – I will be able to make my own 🙂

  531. Judy Beba-Thompson says:

    Any kind of homemade bread, warm and buttered….. Yum!

  532. Judy Beba-Thompson says:

    I’ve tweeted, as GoldberryB

  533. Daniel Perehovsky says:

    never used a breadmaker but would love to try .. i like freshly baked bread from bakers mmm love the smell of it

  534. Judy Beba-Thompson says:

    And I already follow you on Twitter, as GoldberryB

  535. Jolene says:

    Definitely traditional wheaten bread, if you add a wee bit of honey when making it then it stays nice and moist. Perfect with soup or stew!


    Italian plain bread is lovely

  537. victoria leedham says:

    my favourite bread is crusty salt and black pepper bread 🙂

  538. victoria leedham says:

    tweeted @cachexia1

  539. Judy Beba-Thompson says:

    And I’m following LoveYourMorphy on Twitter, as GoldberryB

  540. Val Pownall says:

    I love all bread, as long as it’s freshly made, but my real favourite is bread that’s reallly packed with lots of assorted seeds. Of the shop-bought variety nothing can beat the original Hovis wholemeal that I grew up on. All smothered with butter of course!

  541. Claire Hall says:

    Freshly baked wholemeal bread smothered in butter first thing on a morning filling the whole house with gorgeous arromas! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  542. ian burt says:

    the kid in me just loves home made fruit loaf toasted. having a bread maker to make it .their couldnt be anthing better.

  543. I’m coeliac which means I have to avoid gluten, so ‘normal’ bread is a no-no for me. I have tried just about every gluten free bread on the market and have to admit they are all pretty poor. They are much drier than standard bread and they go stale very quickly. My favourite breads are probably the own brand unsliced gluten free breads from Tesco and Sainsburys. These are at least edible whereas you’d need to be absolutely starving to eat some of the other varieties that are available 🙂 I’ve also tried ‘Genius’ gluten free bread but this is a bit hit and miss. sometimes it is nice and light and other times the crust is so hard it could break yout teeth 😦
    I would love to have a go at making my own bread. The results couldn’t be any worse than the current choice available to me.

  544. already following you on twitter @susanwillshee

  545. have tweeted your competition @susanwillshee

  546. following @loveyourmorphy on twitter @susanwillshee

  547. marchez50 says:

    I like Ciabatta

  548. marchez50 says:

    Have tweeted

  549. Del Johnson says:

    My favourite is onion bread!

  550. Pauline Rendell says:

    I really love a good granary loaf and it’s god to be fresh!

  551. Pauline Rendell says:

    Have tweeted the message @Luckything13

  552. Erica Price says:

    It has to be fresh whatever it is and homemade is definetely best.

  553. Erica Price says:

    Tweeted @ericahughes

  554. Erica Price says:

    Following you on twitter @ericahughes

  555. Erica Price says:

    Following @loveyourmorphy on twitter @ericahughes

  556. Hazel Christopher says:

    I love a great variety of breads but would have to say my fave is a nice fresh tiger loaf, preferably still warm! MMMmmm!

  557. Hazel Christopher says:

    Tweeted @hlac1

  558. Lyn Pringle says:

    Lovely fresh oatmeal bread containing a variety of seeds……….amazing nutty flavour……THE BEST !!!

  559. Hazel Christopher says:

    Already following you on twitter @hlac1

  560. Hazel Christopher says:

    Following morphyrichards on twitter @hlac1

  561. lindsey bray says:

    i love warm tiger bread Yummy!!
    following and tweeted too

  562. Jon Payne says:

    poppy french stick

  563. Phillip James Davies says:

    Wholemeal Bread! 😛

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