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Juicy lamb and cumin burgers

The way to my husband’s heart is burgers and books – he has an insatiable appetite for both. So when he kindly took the day off work to look after the boys when I was feeling decidedly full of cold, … Continue reading

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Lamb and apricot meatballs

I’ve had success with pork meatballs in the past so thought I’d have a shot with a tasty lamb version I spied in Good Food Magazine. They’re a bit of a faff to make, and I really wouldn’t recommend trying … Continue reading

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Day Two: Leiths Advanced Cooking

I am SO full of delicious food I really could burst any minute now. I will sip peppermint tea as I type this and hope my tummy deflates sometime soon! We were in the kitchens with Sue this morning and … Continue reading

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Morrocan kofte with spicy tomato sauce

My fellow foodie friend of many years Jonny came round for dinner tonight so I wanted to give him a decent feed. When it comes to feeding men, I find you can’t go wrong with meat on a stick! The … Continue reading

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