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Hot chocolate spoons

Hot chocolate spoons setting in silicone cases It was my mum’s 70th birthday party at the weekend and I decided to make little table gifts for everyone. I drew inspiration from the fabulous Holly from GBBO with her hot chocolate … Continue reading

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Home-made gift idea: Chocolate caramel squares

This has to be one of my all time favourite sweet treats, something my mum can throw together with her eyes closed after years of providing the WI market stall with it, but i’d never attempted it before. Once again, … Continue reading

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Christmas tree crunchy cake pops

I spotted this cool recipe in January’s Good Food mag as part of their festive kitchen projects spread. I needed something fun for our home-made goodies stand at the school Christmas Fair and this fitted the bill perfectly. They really … Continue reading

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Home-made gift: Rum and raisin marmalade

I know it’s a bit old ladyish, but I LOVE marmalade. I love the sweet and sour tang on my toast of a morning. I’m down to my final jar of last year’s Christmas Marmalade, so I thought I’d make … Continue reading

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Edible gifts: Lemon chewies with honey

When you’re dropping in to see people and you’ve got your children in tow, the best thing I can do to make up for the ensuing mayhem is bring edible gifts. Jams and chutneys work well, but a bag of … Continue reading

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Pork, chickpea and chorizo stew

When you have a baby and are stuck in a timewarp of sleepless nights, feeding and changing nappies, cooking meals really are the last thing on your mind. So the nicest present I think you can give a new mum … Continue reading

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Home made gift idea: Chilli Jam

My dad’s had a bumper crop of chillies this year, so I offered to take a few off his hands so I could make some chilli jam. I’ve never tried making it before, but love love love eating it! I’ve … Continue reading

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Weekend bake recipe: hey, blondie!

Reading this month’s Sainsbury’s Mag, I came across a massive feature on some of Dan Lepard’s amazing looking cakes with enormous glossy pictures of the most tempting array of goodies I’ve seen in quite a while. The squidgy banana blondies … Continue reading

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Autumnal pear chutney

A carrier bag of pears arrived in my kitchen recently, donated by my lovely friend Rosie who is lucky enough to have a treeful in her back garden. She warned me they were a bit on the hard side, so … Continue reading

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Perfect with coffee: Chocolate, hazelnut and cardamom brownies

Couldn’t resist making this picture as large as possible – hope it’s brought a little warmth to your day! I baked these bad boys up for the day at Union Roasted when we were asked to bring something we liked … Continue reading

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