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The roast with the most

I never used to be that into lamb, but just lately it’s been twisting my arm. This recipe i’ve found is a Greek spin on roast lamb and requires very little involvement, which is always a winner, especially when I’m … Continue reading

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Meat and potato pie – the ultimate bloke food

My father-in-law was fending for himself a few weeks back when my mother-in-law was away visiting family. He rang me up proudly to tell me he’d made a pie from scratch – pastry and all! I insisted he emailed me … Continue reading

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Meet and greet for Cybermummy

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, so here (courtesy of MummyShoes) for all of you lovely ladies who will be at Cybermummy this weekend, are my vitals so you can spot me in the crowd. Meet and Greet … Continue reading

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Fragrant Thai soup

I nipped into my local Thai food shop at the weekend to get some crucial ingredients for my planned Thai soup of yumminess. I’m sure Waitrose stock some of the stuff on my list, but there’s something a lot more … Continue reading

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Vintage sweetshop delights

I visited an old work chum today in the beautiful Buckinghamshire town of Amersham. It couldn’t be more perfect if it tried. Cobbled streets, boutique shops, manicured grass – it’s like being on a film set. The sort of place … Continue reading

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Summer eating on a budget

Roasting a chicken is one of life’s simple pleasures. Not only does it fill the house with delicious aromas, but it provides a bounty of food possibilities. Under strict orders from Matthew to be more thrifty, this is perfect! So … Continue reading

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Grilled pepper and sausage pasta

I’m writing this entry through the fog of extreme fatigue. The boys wouldn’t go to bed last night and then Arlo screamed non-stop from about 4.30am – delightful. I feel rough as a badger’s behind. Anyway, enough of my whinging. … Continue reading

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