If you’d like to get in touch about my blog or have any recipes to share just drop me an email!

PR Companies:
I’m happy to review products relevant to my blog – food samples, kitchen equipment, recipe books, cookery events and courses. I’m a journalist so will be honest when writing my reviews!

Food Publications:
I work as a freelance food writer, so if you’re interested in me writing articles, features or blogs for you then just holler!


Follow me on twitter: @cookingkt


4 Responses to Contact

  1. June King says:

    Your blog is brilliant and inspirational – do you mind a granny on board?

    • Katie Bryson says:

      Grannies are definitely welcome here June – I think you’ll find you’re not the only one aboard the good ship Feeding Boys – I know of at least three regulars. I welcome the wisdom 🙂

  2. Sheila Evans says:

    I’ve raised 3 boys and 2 girls and now cook with 3 grandsons aged 8 to 14 and a gt.grandson who is 4 and just showing interest in cooking whilst watching the older boys. I can never understand why parents only buy toy kitchens for girls when boys grow up to be excellent chefs! Younger children evidently have little in the way of concentration spans but seeing them rush for miniature cooking utensils is delightful! For 4 year old Taylor it’s messy playtime ( although I make sure he helps tidy and wash up after!) but for the older boys it a real science lesson and they love the precision of cooking and find it frustrating when the outcome is not as expected! Smaller utensils are ideal for the transition to ‘adult’ cooking and the 14 year old has grown into larger versions now. We cook a lot of vegetarian recipes although the choice of whether they eat meat is left to them at my ‘adult sampling times’ when we try mild curries and Thai food. Omelettes are firm favourites and I encourage them to experiment with as many brightly coloured vegetables and fruit as possible because our food can be vitamin deficient. Children often never see raw veg and to see them examining the root veg such as carrots and carefully chop them opens a new world for them – it’s not just food straight from the supermarket anymore. We’ve just graduated to oven cooking – casserole with chicken is a real hit with most children, I find, and they are far more likely to try food they have cooked themselves. If Santa brings them a set of these amazing small cookware they can involve mum and I can put my feet up and have a well-earned sherry!

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