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Juicy lamb and cumin burgers

The way to my husband’s heart is burgers and books – he has an insatiable appetite for both. So when he kindly took the day off work to look after the boys when I was feeling decidedly full of cold, … Continue reading

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Review: Waitrose Mince Pie Ice Cream and Heston’s Christmas Pudding

There’s been a lot of buzz around about Heston’s limited edition Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding with the candied orange inside. They sold out pretty swiftly – apparently the must-have dessert for foodies. I always associate Christmas puds with old people. … Continue reading

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Waitrose iPhone app

You know an app is going to be good when my two hardcore Waitrose and iPhone loving friends both recommend it independently of each other. This app is not about ordering your supermarket shopping on your phone – that’s what … Continue reading

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Grilled pepper and sausage pasta

I’m writing this entry through the fog of extreme fatigue. The boys wouldn’t go to bed last night and then Arlo screamed non-stop from about 4.30am – delightful. I feel rough as a badger’s behind. Anyway, enough of my whinging. … Continue reading

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Taste of London 2010

To celebrate the ten years that have passed since we first clapped eyes on each other at the Notting Hill Arts Club, Matthew and I decided to spend Saturday night at the Taste of London food festival. Regents Park was … Continue reading

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Delia’s braised bangers

I’m not always the biggest fan of Delia’s recipes, but sometimes she just gets it right. Today was one of those moments. Sam’s niggling behaviour at the dinner table vanished this evening. Maybe it was an imposter wolfing down his … Continue reading

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