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Risotto for lazy cheap people

Risotto is a fabulous comforting one pot meal,  but it requires much love and attention – the constant stirring to give it that gorgeous creamy quality. So when you’ve got a demented toddler wielding a light sabre and indiscriminately bashing … Continue reading

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Toad in the hole

Toad in the hole – a golden oldie but a classic!! It’s a guaranteed hit – what’s not to love?! Juicy bangers encased in a festival of Yorkshire pudding. It’s not remotely diet friendly – but perfect fodder for hungry … Continue reading

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Weekend bake: coffee and walnut cake

I haven’t made a big cake for a while so thought I’d do some baking to celebrate Sam’s first full day at school. When I was growing up there’d always be some kind of cake on the go, and I’m … Continue reading

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Easy plum jam

My good friend Rosie is like a fairy godmother. I’ve only known her a year since both of our eldest kiddliwinks started at nursery together, but we bonded quickly. At that point we were adjusting to life with a second … Continue reading

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Prosciutto and pesto fish gratin

I needed the perfect comforting tea for Sam after his first day at school! This recipe was hidden at the bottom of a page, but the word gratin just lept out at me. It spells creamy cheesy loveliness. It’s ridiculously … Continue reading

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Chicken and leek pie lushness

Trying to eat healthily but craving comfort food does’t often make for a successful meal. Low fat alternatives to classic dishes tend to leave me with a sinking feeling and hunger pangs in my tummy. I always feel like i’m … Continue reading

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Tasty BBQ chicken with corn rice

This week’s suppers are all sourced from October’s Good Food Magazine. I like to go through it for new things to try out on the troops. They don’t always go down brilliantly so it’s a bit of a risk, but … Continue reading

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Reduced to clear: steak and mushroom stroganoff

Reduced To Clear is back! Like the shelf in the supermarket where you often find a bargain amongst the dented cans of beans and kosher popcorn, this feature is about some of the recipes that praps haven’t gone so well … Continue reading

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Apple Crumble Cupcakes – September Bake it!

Another month, another delicious recipe from Amy Lane’s Bake it! club. Perfect fodder for Sam and I to while away a couple of hours while Arlo takes his nap. And lord knows we need activities – Sam’s first day at … Continue reading

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Beef and dark ale casserole

After a glorious two weeks in Southern Brittany we’ve returned to a very autumnal London – conkers, auburn leaves, rain, windfall apples littering the patio. So there’s only one thing for it – a nice old fashioned casserole. Both my … Continue reading

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