Freelance work

I’m available to develop and edit recipes, as well as writing food and family related features – you can see examples of my published work below:

veg from the allotmentTesco Magazine

Are you ready to grow your own veg?

Channel 4 Food

Cooking with kids at Christmas

What to do when your kid turns veggie

spider on AOL

Spiced love heart cookies

How to sneak 5-a-day into your child’s diet

Monster snot delight

Pumpkin soup

Spooky spider cupcakes

5 easy shortcuts to feed your family fast

5 quick to make meals for busy parents

Small cheats for big family meals

After school snacks: choc chip cookies

After school snacks: gingerbread men

After school snacks: crunchy cereal bars

After school snacks: mini carrot cake bars

Sweet and sticky spare ribs

Cookery book review: My Daddy Cooks by Nick Coffer

Home made houmous

Chicken, leek and tarragon pie

Cooking with kids: Banana and coconut loaf

Good Food Channel website

Ongoing recipe editing including all the recipes for  this series: David Rocco’s Dolce Vita

Vietnamese Ingredients Glossary

My Family Club

Kitchen time saving tips for quick family meals

Store cupboard secrets for meals in minutes

Why the freezer is your friend

The Orange Blog

Orange inspiration in the kitchen

parma ham factoryWhy it’s worth falling for Italian heritage food

Why you should learn to love your freezer

McDonald’s Vs Starbucks: Which lunch is healthier?

The most delicious dark chocolates

The five most seductive foods

Yahoo UK Food and Drink

Surprising uses for everyday ingredients

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