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Another vegetarian in the house and delish Coconut Quorn Curry

My quest for creating delicious veggie evening meals has taken on a new urgency since Sam converted to the cause last week. Yes my five-year-old son is learning about animals this term at school, and after a lively class discussion … Continue reading

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A neighbourly curry

To a lot of people, living in London probably conjures up thoughts of an anonymous urban existence where everyone ignores each other and cars don’t stop at zebra crossings. Well this has certainly been my experience of London life until … Continue reading

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Review: Sweet Spiced Chicken in the Miele Steam Oven

I’ve had the Miele DG 1450 Steam Oven on trial at home in my kitchen for the past month in a test to see how useful it’d be to a family cook. I’ve used a plug-in Tefal steamer before, plus … Continue reading

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Easy curry night: product review

I’ve been road testing some great products and thought I’d give you an update. The people at Pipers Farm sent me some great looking meat to try – how nice does this chicken look?! I’m really fussy about how lean … Continue reading

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