Win £50 worth of Sainsbury’s groceries

Sainsbury’s are launching the second menu of their Feed your family for £50 campaign and I’m giving FIVE lucky readers the chance to win all of the groceries you’ll need to cook it – delivered straight to your front door!

You can read my review of the meal planner to see what I made of it.

If you’d like to get your weekly shop for free then you need to act FAST as this competition isn’t open for long! Here’s what you have to do:


1. For a chance to win please comment on this post telling me your top tips for feeding a family on a budget.

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This giveaway is open to all readers with a UK mailing address.  The winner will be chosen using an online randomiser and announced in a subsequent post.   As I am allowing multiple entries the randomiser may choose the same person twice, in this case I shall pick another winner until there are five separate winners.
When commenting please leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

I am running this competition on behalf of Sainsbury’s who will be responsible for arranging times to send the prizes to the winners. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. You can find a full list of terms and conditions from Sainsbury’s here

There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries.  You must leave a separate comment for each bonus entry otherwise they will not be counted.

****Closing date: 10pm Monday, 30th May 2011****

Good Luck!

Thanks to Sainsbury’s for providing these fantastic prizes.

Hop on over to Fuss Free Flavours for yet another chance to win the same prize!!!



About Katie Bryson

Katie Bryson is a freelance food writer and blogger. She left a career in online news at the BBC to immerse herself in the culinary world, taking in courses at Leiths School of Food and Wine and an internship at Waitrose along the way. Her family food blog is bursting with recipes and tips for feeding hungry families that’ll help inspire all those frazzled parents out there wondering what on earth to cook for tea!
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384 Responses to Win £50 worth of Sainsbury’s groceries

  1. top tip – make it all from scratch as its much cheaper than buying pre-made ( and you also control what is in it),

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  6. Sassie Clarke says:

    Top Tip – buy in bulk non perishable items when the BOGOFF’s are on

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  10. layla fletcher says:

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    My top tip is go for basic ranges and dont be afraid to shop around for cheep deals

  11. Fiona Maclean says:

    My top tip is to serve plenty of vegetables! Carb fillers like potatoes and rice are actually an essential part of our diet, but a lot of people have cut them right out

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  17. Liz Burton says:

    Hi Katie,

    My tip would be to buy seasonal. Buy the fruit, veg and meats that are in abundance as they are much cheaper. It also is better for the environment – no eating imported strawberries in January!

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  22. Zoe Allen says:

    My tip would be dont over look cheaper cuts of meat or even mince! Cooked the right way cheaper cuts can be just as delicious as say sirloin for example and there is so much you can do with mince it really is a staple in this house

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  25. lynsey graham says:

    when cooking a meal allways use 3 vegs and plenty of them, and for a sweet try fruit salad all natural or jelly with less sugar.

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  28. Jane Willis says:

    Plan ahead – but not too rigorously. If you see a really good bargain on an item that isn’t on your list, you need to be able to make a mental swap of your planned meals while you are shopping. And try to always know what you already have at home in your fridge and cupboards, so you don’t accidentally double up on things, and so that you know what ingredients you have at home that would work with your bargain buys.

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  33. Emily M says:

    My top tip is to get the family eating the same thing!! Children actually enjoy eating the same meals of us and it saves money and also a lot of time! If you have to eat at different times which we often do due to the hours we work have lots of freezer pots at the ready so you can always put aside a portion for the kids for another time. Have tried out the Sainsburys meal planner myself and found it really helpful, reminded how useful it actually is to actually plan and make a shopping list!

    Thanks for running the competition, sounds like the carbonara was a hit – sneak those courgettes down!!

    Emily x

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  36. Eleanor Mitchiner says:


    my twitter username is @ellymitchiner
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    My tips for feeding a family of six (four boys, one man and me) are buy fruit and vegetables at the market wherever possible, try and meal plan with an eye on the next couple of meals (how to use leftovers if any etc.) and make your kitchen a happy place as you’ll be spending a LOT of time in it cooking from scratch…

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  42. Pamela Hamby says:

    my tip is to make sure you shop around, read all the flyers then decide and also sometimes shopping first thing in the morning means you get ‘whoopsies’ where food hasnt got a long life so is greatly reduced this way you can still freeze it all for a fraction of the price

  43. Pamela Hamby says:

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  44. Tony Anthony Micheal says:

    I have to cook on a very tight budget so when I go shopping I go straight to the reduced selection and always stock up with as much reduced food as possible and either cook it that night and freeze it down, or freeze it straight away. That way my family can eat very healthy for a fraction of the price.

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  47. Emma says:

    My top tips are allways make a list of u must haves ie bread, ect,plan 8/9 meals for the week as not everyone will fancy a curry on a Monday with the left over chicken from the Sunday roast,it’s good to plan meals as when u have to feed 4/5 or more,plus u know how much money u have left for them all important treats,I’m ekitt1001 on Twitter x

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  49. Clare Hargreaves says:

    My tips are to plan your meals, then cook from scratch. You can bulk up a meal by using more seasonal veg & less meat. If you cook one big batch, you can freeze the leftovers for a healthy & easy ready meal for when you may be tight on time.

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  52. Rosalyn Forsey says:

    Top tip – make from scratch and make double each time so that you cab freeze a batch as well.

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    Great comp !

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  57. When making things like soups and bolognaise that can be bulked out with lentils etc use the extra and freeze for future use! Being pregnant I’m stocking up on my dishes in the freezer ready for bumps birth!

  58. Linda Revell says:

    Try the supermarket own branded goods, sometimes you will be surprised at the quality and they are a lot cheaper.

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  60. Lorraine Gaw says:

    Plan your meals for the week ahead and try to stick to fruit & veg that are in season. Also, try and visit your supermarket later in the evening if you can – mine usually have some good meat reductions around 8pm, saves me a fortune, especially on the ‘nicer’ cuts. If any of the meat is too large for what you need, split it into smaller portions, label and pop in the freezer.

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  65. kayleigh white says:

    My tip would be: its hard these days to get the family to eat the same meal so a great way of saving money is to make the family eat the same meals.
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  66. Crystal says:

    Heya !

    My top tip is take full advantage of the online price comparison sites . Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves !


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  71. claire woods says:

    Top tip for feeding on a budget – always try the shops own groceries first as sometimes they are cheaper but still taste great.

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  76. Daisybeebee says:

    Grow your own veg ( or get your dad to do so 🙂 ). Shop at local farmer’s markets and build up great relationships , it’s amazing the deals you can get.

  77. Samantha says:

    I look out for items that are reduced that we will eat, especially if it can be frozen. The other day, I found frozen sausages in Sainsburys reduced from £1.99 to 25p, and mini cheesecakes (again frozen) down to 50p. In Iceland, they often reduce their products, wine gum boxes, down to £1 (now put aside for Christmas as BBD is 2012) and frozen cornish pasties were 50p for 2.

    I try not to buy things that I know will go off too soon, and thus be thrown away as I really hate waste.

    I make many of my meals from scratch; something like spag bowl buy some of the basics ranges from the shops (tinned tomatoes are always good), add basics dried herbs, 1/4 of onion, bit of garlic along with the mince. Basic spaghetti and pasta with it and you have a cheap meal. Any that’s left over, can be frozen and served up on another night.

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  84. KATIE CORR says:

    top tip for feeding a family on a budget is to try and not be wasteful . invest in some plastic containers that will seal food properly for a couple of days so you can work out what to do with your leftovers while your storing it in the fridge

  85. My tip is to make food yourself and with any left overs don’t throw them away. Put them in plastic tubs and freeze so you can get them out at another date and use the food that’s left.

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  95. Laura Pritchard says:

    Planning your weekly menu in advance really cuts costs as everything gets used & you only buy what you need rather than what tempts you in the supermarket! @Isis1981uk on Twitter.

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  100. Karen Lancaster says:

    When I cook for my family I tend to use left over roast on Monday or Tuesday. If we have roast chicken then I may make pealla on Monday or Tuesday. Roast beef – philly steak sandwiches, Pork – BBQ pork or stir fry. Can spread alot further and reduce meal costs

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  103. Tracy Newton says:

    Plan all meals in advance. Also making all meals from scratch saves a fortune. Make pack lunches and don’t take cash to work then you won’t be tempted to nip to the vending machine or coffee shop.

  104. Tracy Newton says:

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  105. Rachel Medhurst says:

    My top tip is to use fresh ingrediants to make freezable dishes. For instance have enough ingrediants to make lasagne, shepards pie, fish pies etc…make several of each and freeze. These last quite a while frozen, so you can vary your diet as well as save money.

    Also tweeting @rachelmedhurst

  106. K bailey says:

    I’m now a family of 4 so keeping to a budget and also freeze left overs for another day also buy cheaper brands of certain items to save money

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  111. AMANDA LETCH says:

    Always make a list and stick to it !
    If you have time, shop 2 or 3 times a week that way you don’t waste anything as you can plan meals better !

    @CHOCOAJ on twitter x

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  114. Trish says:

    My tip is to take a picnic on outings. You can take your Sainsbury’s favourites, have lots to eat and drink without worrying that the family are turning their noses up at and leaving expensive cafe food. Picnics can be great fun even in inclement weather. The children’s 88 year old great gran has been known to enjoy a hectic food scramble in the car whilst looking out at the rain because we’ve been able to suit her food wishes!
    Even finding cafe food to suit wide tastes is often difficult without the problem of expense.

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    fb name Amanda Letch x

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  119. Samantha Whistler says:

    my tip is to invest in a chest freezer- that way you have room to stock up on essentials when you see a really good offer, plus stops you having to go to the supermarket so often!

  120. catherine geraghty says:

    meal plan each day so you know exactly what you need and stick to the list, so you dont get unecessary ‘bargains’

  121. Paula Nixon says:

    My tip is scour the markets for seasonal produce and cook in bulk – take advantage of your freezer so that you can double up when stuff is cheap and have healthy, home made food waiting for you

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  126. carole says:

    careful planning and checking of these supermarket prices and there not so good offers

  127. carole says:

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  128. Kieran Walsh says:

    combine, some of the above, supermarkets allways, have great bargins, on certain lines, which change week by week, it never works to plan too far in advance, but a knowledge of likes and dislikes help, home cooking is best, but sometimes, it is cheaper to buy ready made, for young children try and make food intresting, , one special treat a week,supermarkets these days are allways there to help

  129. Kieran Walsh says:

    have allready liked on facebook/ have twitted as above as @old walshy

  130. Jan Bailey says:

    Top tip – cook from scratch where possible – at least you know what’s in the meal ( no nasty additives). Slip in extra veg. to bulk it out – easy if there’s a tasty sauce holding it all together. Make a list and plan your meals but be flexible. Sometimes there are good offers or BOGOFs – but remember to use or freeze these extra goodies ( they’re not a bargain if they’re in the bin cos they’re past their use-by date)

  131. Emma Howard says:

    My top tip for feeding a family on a budget is to use a slow cooker. I bulk buy on meat and vegetables, cook it in the slow cooker then freeze what we don’t eat that night.

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  136. Karen says:

    Plan the week’s meals before you go shopping and make a shopping list of what you need

  137. Barbara Sharp says:

    I’ve liked the facebook page today.

    My tip is to make pancakes as a side dish . You can fill them with any leftover vegetables or meat, making them into individual parcels. Quick, easy, and cheap. Prepare them earlier and reheat by frying in a little oil.

  138. Nicky says:

    Theres only me and my boy at home I always check what on offer at the local supermarket daily. Costs have dropped dramatically since I’ve started letting him play at the park whilst I shop,

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  143. Gabrielle svensson says:

    cook from scratch, using supermarket own brand products.

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  145. laura stewart says:

    liked on facebook please enter me

  146. Melissa Hall says:

    Don’t throw anything away!
    Left over veg and spuds can be used in bubble and squeak, old fruit can be used in crumbles and pies etc!

  147. Melissa Hall says:

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    I have also “liked” their facebook page.
    Thanks for running the competition 🙂

  151. Cherryl Thomas says:

    My top tip is to cook vegetarian. By using pulses for protein instead of meat you can save yourself a fortune!

  152. Rach says:

    My top tip is be flexible and willing to deviate form your carefully prepared list and meal plan if you see a good offer, or something reduced which you can freeze.

  153. Rach says:

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  156. Christina says:

    Have liked on facebook.

    Use what is on offer at the supermarket or a reduction, don’t stick to a menu

  157. freakfire99 says:

    Find out when the supermarkets do their reductions and try to shop at that time when possible to pick up some bargains.

    Also tweeted @freakfire

  158. Lindy Hine says:

    My tip is to use supermarkets own brand goods because they’re just as good as brand names. Also save time and money by cooking a huge batch of things such as spag bol and freezing. (and when you do try Quorn mince instead of steak mince as it’s cheaper and also less fatty!)

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  163. ali.b. says:

    Thank you for the chance to win – that would come in very very handy at the mo!!

  164. Kim Stuart-jones says:

    I manage to feel my whole family (2 adults and 2 children) for about £50 a week. I cook from scratch every night and plan my meals a week at a time and then shop only from my shopping list, which ensures I don’t buy anything I don’t need and don’t waste anything!

  165. Alex Brownlee says:

    buy in bulk!

  166. Julie squires says:

    I have just ‘like’ sainsburys on facebook. Fingers crossed!

  167. Julie squires says:

    Buy food thats on offer and cook meals accordingly

  168. Jane Morfett says:

    My tip is to make packed lunches to take to work each day works out alot cheaper than buying lunch out!

  169. Jane Morfett says:

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  173. mibsxx says:

    Mine is as others have already said, make it from scratch, it relaly doesnty take much longer, and do what my mom used to, sunday roast on sundays, use the leftovers on mondays for bubble and squeak, tuesday ideal in wintertime for a good healthy hearty stew, which can be added to on weds and thursday, thursday being a great time to turn it into a curry! Etc, this makes for a very cheap and filling diet

  174. mibsxx says:

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    am also following @sainsburys

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    Have also liked sainsburys facebook page xx

  177. Nancy Townsend says:

    Sainsbury basics range is fantastic – it is as good or better than branded items and the pennies saved per item add up to pounds over a whole shop.

  178. Judy Beba-Thompson says:

    Make a shopping list and stick to it UNLESS you find an item you often use greatly reduced – that’s what a freezer is for!

  179. Judy Beba-Thompson says:

    I’ve liked Sainsburys on Facebook

  180. forladies says:

    top tip is when family favourites are on offer, purcash them, to save pounds!

  181. Greig spencer says:

    try the basics range1 some good bargains there lol

  182. Sarah Cooper says:

    Meal plan and use to make sure you are getting the cheapest prices.

  183. peter says:

    dont pay extra for ready prepared fruit and veg – buy it fresh and do all the cutting/chopping and washing yourself

  184. Sarah says:

    My tip for feeding a family on a budget is to do your grocery shopping on-line. It’s much easier to buy just what you need and the impulse purchases are kept to a minimum.

  185. Laura says:

    My top tip is to make a meal plan at the start of the week, check what you already have in, then make a list and shop accordingly and do not deviate from your list!

  186. Laura says:

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  187. Sarah says:

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  191. Lorna says:

    Don’t be shy about using the basics range, it makes a huge price difference to your weekly shop and often there’s little difference in taste 🙂

  192. Lorna says:

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  196. Amanda Robertson says:

    always freeze leftovers- make a handy single portion for someone in the family and can be easily microwaved usually.

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  201. Erica Price says:

    Buy in bulk for bargains.

  202. Erica Price says:

    Tweeted @ericahughes

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    Following you on twitter @ericahughes

  204. elaine garner says:

    already like sainsburys page , just letting you know :0) and off to complete the rest

  205. elaine garner says:

    and following sainsburys on twitter @elainehen

  206. elaine garner says:

    my tips for feeding my family of 4 young fellows plus me n my hubs are
    buy quality with quantity at an affordable price thanks to the basics range
    lots of potatoes veg yorkshire puds dumplings and pie crusts added to meals of slow cooker stews casseroles and home made soups

    balancd out by less of the snacking and sugary extras that your body and budget can simply do better without

  207. elaine garner says:

    have followed steps 2 n 3 on twitter @elainehen and now off to read your experience of the fab sounding Sainsburys £50 deal for 4

  208. phyllis ellett says:

    Lot of basic food ranges or even stores own labels are just as good as premium brands. Least try them once to see. Don’t be a snob, you will be suprised


  209. phyllis ellett says:

    RT’d giveaway using @phyllgerry

  210. phyllis ellett says:

    Already following you on twitter


  211. phyllis ellett says:

    Already following @sainsburys

  212. phyllis ellett says:

    Liked Sainsburys on FB, My ID – Phyllis Ellett

  213. Catharine Radomski says:

    My tip is too plan the weeks meals ahead and cook meals from scratch – I sometimes make a bit extra and freeze, a cheap ready meal if required,

  214. Catharine Radomski says:

    Have tweeted @Hencat1

  215. Catharine Radomski says:

    Am following on twitter @hencat1

  216. Catharine Radomski says:

    Following sainsburys on twitter @Hencat1

  217. Catharine Radomski says:

    Liked sainsburys face book page.

  218. kaye says:

    a food blogger whos brave enough to call the food minging even when theyre getting freebies from sainsburys … it

  219. Corinne says:

    Invest in a good selection of dried herbs and spices. That way you can make even cheap ingredients taste like wonderful gourmet meals.

  220. Corinne says:

    I have tweeted the post Win £50 worth of Sainsbury’s groceries with @cookingkt My twitter username is snowyumbrella

  221. Corinne says:

    I am following you on me @cookingkt.

  222. Mary Baldwin says:

    Make double the amount where you can and freeze the rest. You will then have an extra meal ready for a busy day, avoiding the temptation of a take-away and save on electricity from not cooking twice.

  223. Mary Baldwin says:

    Have ‘liked’ the Sainsbury’s facebook page.

  224. M willams says:

    Down size your brands, if you have Heinz go to supermarket own brand for example, can save loads this way

    Also don’t go shopping when hungry or do an online food shop

  225. M willams says:

    Following on twitter

    Tweeting as melandjake99

  226. M willams says:

    Following sainsburys on twitter and facebook

  227. Dawn Chapman says:

    my tip is to always plan ahead, a weeks list of menus is a good way, plus if you can try growing your own veg and salad as you would be surprised the cost of this on the weekly shopping bill!

  228. Rob Clayton says:

    Keep to fresh food. choosing the right ingredients (especially veg and salad) will do more than one meal, so choose carefully

  229. victoria rogers says:

    my top tip is to plan your menu for the week and shop accordingly, this saves loads of money and you never have to ask yourself.. “what am i gonna do for dinner tonight!” have also liked on facebook x

  230. Karin Hall says:

    Always go shopping at about 4-5pm, when perishable goods that are nearing their sell-by date are being reduced… You can always freeze anything you don’t need right away and use it later! And of course there’s always the Nectar points to collect from Sainsbury’s and other places!!

  231. Maya Russell says:

    Shop online – it’s not rushed and prices can be compared more easily. The small delivery fee is well worth it especially when you don’t have to spend petrol and so worth being hasslefree!

  232. Maya Russell says:

    Have tweeted. @maisietoo

  233. Maya Russell says:

    Following @cookingkt on Twitter.

  234. Maya Russell says:

    Following @sainsburys on Twitter.

  235. Maya Russell says:

    Liked the Sainsbury’s page on facebook

  236. nat bramble says:

    Go up the supermarket at the end of the day for the best bargains !

  237. Alison T says:

    I always used to pad out my meals with veggies makes it go further and is healthier too also be very careful choosing what look like bargains in shops as bulk buying isn’t always cheaper best to compare prices first.

  238. Alison T says:

    Have tweeted @buzylizzy1

  239. Alison T says:

    already follow you on twitter 🙂

  240. Alison T says:

    already follow sainsbury’s on twitter

  241. Alison T says:

    Have liked sainsbury’s on facebook 🙂

  242. Live alone 🙂 (liked on FB)

  243. Ann says:

    Shop later in the day when you can pick up reduced foods. Make a big pot of soup, load of veg. Make casseroles and eek it out with lentils and veg.

  244. Linda Gray says:

    I use broken fillets of fish, which can be bought inexpensively from the fishmonger, to make a delicious fish pie. End-cuts of cheese which have been rejected by my family, enrich the flavour of the mashed potatoes, and give my pie a rich crunchy top

  245. Rebecca Holmes says:

    make pasta sauces yourself so have tinned tomatoes, herbs and garlic. Cheese eggs and milk and dried pasta cheap meals in minutes. Also buy a slow cooker then the cheaper cut’s of meat i.e lamb neck can be made in to a yummy curry forvery little money and with very little effort.

  246. Andrew Cakebread says:

    Always look for bargains and best deals, never buy pre made and always have some imagination!

  247. Andrew Cakebread says:

    Twitted @andrewcbo

  248. Jayne K says:

    To feed a family on a budget, get inventive with eggs. They’re a cheap source of protein.

  249. Jayne K says:

    Have tweeted. @jaizduck

  250. Jayne K says:

    Following on Twitter. @jaizduck

  251. Jayne K says:

    Following Sainsbury’s on Twitter

  252. Jayne K says:

    Liked the Sainsbury’s page on facebook,

  253. melanie stirling says:

    My top tip is to make a large batch of a base mince in our case I use Quorn because my son is vegetarian.Then you can add different ingrediants to that according to what you whant to make that day.For example if you want bolognese you add herbs but if you want chilli you had red beans and chilli.The quorn mince in gravy is great with rice or mashed potatoes!

  254. melanie stirling says:

    I have tweeted @mellysocks

  255. melanie stirling says:

    I am following you on twitter @mellysocks

  256. melanie stirling says:

    I am following @sainsburys on twitter

  257. melanie stirling says:

    I like sainsburys on Facebook

  258. katrina says:

    my top tip has to be writing out a menu for the week and stick to it – it means that you not only save time in the evening when thinking of what’s for tea but it also helps prevent the dreaded impulse buys.

    If planning is not your thing, try to go when food is being reduced (normal around 7pm here) and grab some bargains (my mum and dad did a shop today paying £21 for goods that should have totalled over £70)

  259. Karen Dixon says:

    When you see an item that you use all the time and can be stored buy it there and then but only do this with items with a long expiry day –

  260. Angie says:

    my tip —- always google your leftovers, it’s the best way to keep within budget and make use of all your weekly shop!

  261. Angie says:

    I’ve tweeted!

  262. Angie says:

    already follow Sainsbury’s @angiehoggett

  263. Angie says:

    already like Sainsbury’s on Facebook

  264. Angie says:

    already follwing you @angiehoggett

  265. Nancy Bradford says:

    My best tip is making loads more than you need and freezing. Also, keep mix individual leftovers (like carrots, beans, potatos) together to make soup or stew.

  266. Sheri Darby says:

    My best tip is to bulk things up with beans.

  267. Sheri Darby says:

    have tweeted as sheridarby

  268. helen watson says:

    I plan everything for the week and shop online so im not tempted by impulse buys and I reduce waste well worth the £3.50 delivery I only spend £60 a week for everything for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids

  269. Anthony Elvy says:

    Blend down left over veg with cream and water and season to taste. Hearty soups for little money 🙂

  270. Anthony Elvy says:

    Tweeted your message ( @elvy106 )

  271. Anthony Elvy says:

    Following you on Twitter ( @elvy106 )

  272. Anthony Elvy says:

    Following Sainsburys on Twitter ( @elvy106 )

  273. Anthony Elvy says:

    And finally …… following Sainsburys on Facebook 🙂

  274. Shufflette says:

    Bogofs, vouchers and buying in bulk to freeze/store!

  275. Donna Bailey says:

    My top tip is to mix cheaper products with brand names, you can’t tell the difference. For instance buy a Robinsons Squash and an own brand squash of the same flavour and mix them in a bigger bottle together and end up with an overall decent squash for a fraction of the price.

    Also buy in bulk when products you use are on special offer.

    Have liked Sainsburys on FB!

  276. Pauline Dring says:

    I am following Sainsbury’s on Facebook

  277. Pauline Dring says:

    My top tip to save money on food shopping is to grow your own veg on an allotment which costs £10 a year.

  278. SUSAN HALL says:

    top tip – freeze unused leftovers even the smallest 1 portion amounts they will always come in handy even if only for a bitza meal

  279. SUSAN HALL says:

    i have followed you on twitter

  280. SUSAN HALL says:

    i have tweeted the message

  281. SUSAN HALL says:

    i already like @sainsburys

  282. SUSAN HALL says:

    i have added Sainsburys to my friends on facebook ( straysuzi)

  283. Pam Suman says:

    I have liked Sainsbury on facebook

    My tip would be to make double and freeze the 2nd lot – use the following week when you are in a rush or need a eve off from cooking…cheaper than a take away and more healthier!! I have used some of the recipes from the meal plan for £50 – fab idea – more different recipes in future would be great!! (more to choose from!) fingers crossed I will win!!!

    My second tip is to involve the children and guaranteed they will eat the food when cooked – it really works!!! 🙂

  284. Kerry Black says:

    Get the kids involved. If they chop veg, they will try soup. If they stir and knead, they will balke. Go homemade and have fun together!

  285. Kerry Black says:

    Just liked Sainsbury’s on FB-they have some great money spinning ideas!

  286. Lauren says:

    Buy in bulk, it lasts ages and it’s cheaper.

  287. claytonford says:

    when making a meal, make tice as much and freeze what you leave for another meal the following week,

  288. Louise says:

    top tip: don’t take the family shopping with you (if at all possible)

  289. Louise says:

    2. have tweeted @LouiseRWs

  290. Louise says:

    3. am following you @LouiseRWs

  291. Louise says:

    4 following sainsburys @LouiseRWs

  292. Louise says:

    5 already like Sainsburys on FB

  293. Nickie C says:

    I buy in bulk from Costco and share it out with friends & family – so we’re not all sitting with freezers full of 20 kilos of mince, but we get the cheaper price.

  294. Nickie C says:

    Follow @cookingkt on twitter – @nickiem

  295. Nickie C says:

    Follow @sainsburys on twitter – @nickiem

  296. Nickie C says:

    Follow Sainsburys on Facebook – Nickie Chapman

  297. Colette Hallinan says:

    Top Tips:

    Make a list and stick to it.
    Shop online and get it delivered so you can keep a close eye on your spending, change to cheaper alternatives and won’t be tempted by “extras” as you walk past them!

    Have tweeted and followed both :o) @Lollinski

  298. sarah foran says:

    Have tweeted and followed both, my top tip is remember the five a day!

  299. Christine Bray says:

    Top tip Add oats to your mince: this makes your meat go further. The oats soak up all the juices and flavourings, so it’s tasty too. Helps reduce cholesterol mmm what more can you ask for!

  300. Dej says:

    Top tips: Buy fresh fruit and veg from a market if you can-it’ll be a lot cheaper!

  301. Dej says:

    I’ve tweeted about the giveaway @dejanestpas

  302. Dej says:

    I follow you on twitter @dejanestpas

  303. Dej says:

    I follow Sainsbury’s on twitter @dejanestpas

  304. Dej says:

    I like Sainsbury’s on Facebook (Dejeniera)

  305. Christine Bray says:

    5. For a fifth chance to win please you can ’like’ the Sainsbury’s page on facebook, and comment HERE to tell me you have done so.

  306. Christine Bray says:

    4. For a fourth chance to win follow @sainsburys
    on Twitter and comment HERE to tell me you have done so.

  307. Christine Bray says:

    3. For a third chance to win please follow me @cookingkt on Twitter and comment HERE to tell me you have done so. done so @chrriss88 xxx thank you

  308. Lynn Fancy says:

    Already following you and Sainsburys on Twitter ‘@LemonFancy’
    Rt’d your posts

    My Top Tips would be

    Always make sure you are not hungry BEFORE you go shopping! Buying whilst you want to eat makes you buy more and snacky type rubbish which will not fill you up and costs ££££
    Invest in some good quality freezer tubs and portion up any leftovers and freeze, make double of say bolognese and freeze half!
    If your freezer is not full, buy cheap loaves of bread and stock it up, saves you £££ on Electric!
    PLAN your meals for the week/month etc Even if it sounds boring it saves loads!
    Make a LIST and stick to it (and remember to take it with you lol)
    Look at special offers on items you can put away i.e. Large tins of Roses if the use by is well over the nearest Xmas and you can hold out and not open them stock up!!

  309. Tracy Padgett says:

    following and retweeted – tpadgett22

    Top tip – keep it simple, fresh food and no junk food,

  310. Kim Holgate says:

    Have tweeted, and followed both @kimnhol and have liked Sainsburys on fb.

    Top tip – try and cook fresh and stay away from ready meals by having a veg box delivered and buying meat from the butcher I am able to feed a family of 6 on a very limited bugdet.

  311. Lynn Fancy says:

    Already a fan of Sainsburys on FB x

  312. LISA says:

    buy own brand

  313. Lynn Fancy says:

    Already following you on Twitter ‘@LemonFancy’

  314. Lynn Fancy says:

    Already following Sainsburys on Twitter ‘@LemonFancy’

  315. Lynn Fancy says:

    Tweeted your Posts @LemonFancy x

  316. MARK says:

    no ready meals

  317. RICHARD says:

    eat healthy fresh food

  318. Thelma says:

    all eat the same

  319. THOMAS says:

    freeze leftovers

  320. Melanie Hall says:

    My top grow your own, last year was the first i did this, from ruuner beans to tomatoes…. saves so much, encourages the kids to have a hobby away from the tv, is so much fun

  321. THOMAS says:

    have tweeted @DIGGERSPADE

  322. Thelma says:

    have tweeted @DUSTER777

  323. RICHARD says:

    have tweeted @GARDENSHED88

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    follow @cookingkt on Twitter @DUSTER777

  330. THOMAS says:

    follow @cookingkt on Twitter @DIGGERSPADE

  331. THOMAS says:

    follow @sainsburys
    on Twitter@DIGGERSPADE

  332. Thelma says:

    follow @sainsburys
    on Twitter@DUSTER777

  333. Colette says:

    Always cook more than what you need then freeze the rest. Much cheaper and tastier than ready meals.

  334. Cheryll H says:

    Eat veggie a couple of days a week 🙂 Meat is so expensive and you can easily make something that veggie and satisfying – think jacket spuds with cheese and beans or pasta bake 🙂

  335. Colette says:

    Tweeted the competition post @littlelottee20

  336. Colette says:

    Following @cookingkt on Twitter @littlelottee20

  337. Cheryll H says:

    Have tweeted @pipersky1 🙂

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    Following you on Twitter @pipersky1 🙂

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    Following @sainsburys on Twitter 🙂

  341. Cheryll H says:

    Liked Sainsbury’s FB page @pipersky1 🙂

  342. Joanna Sawka says:

    My tip – I am always on a diet 🙂

  343. Joanna Sawka says:

    Tweeted @joanna_kow

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    Liked Sainsbury’s FB page

  345. Joanna Sawka says:

    Following @sainsburys on Twitter @joanna_kow

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    Following you on Twitter @joanna_kow

  347. RICHARD says:

    follow @sainsburys
    on Twitter@GARDENSHED88

  348. MARK says:

    follow @sainsburys
    on Twitter@COMPUTER599

  349. LISA says:

    follow @sainsburys
    on Twitter@KITTYPOWER007

  350. LISA says:

    ’like’ the Sainsbury’s page on facebook,

  351. MARK says:

    ’like’ the Sainsbury’s page on facebook,

  352. RICHARD says:

    ’like’ the Sainsbury’s page on facebook,

  353. Thelma says:

    ’like’ the Sainsbury’s page on facebook,

  354. THOMAS says:

    ’like’ the Sainsbury’s page on facebook,

  355. Krissy Del Agua says:

    My tip would be to always google “meals for under a fiver”. There are loads of budget recipes that can be found online.

  356. Krissy Del Agua says:

    Have tweeted @KrisDelAgua

  357. Krissy Del Agua says:

    Following @cookingkt

  358. Krissy Del Agua says:

    follwing @Sainsburys

  359. Krissy Del Agua says:

    Have liked the Sainsburys facebook page

  360. susan willshee says:

    Top tip is ‘eat veggie!’ You can grow your own food – it’s much cheaper and easier than trying to raise your own pig, cow, etc 🙂

  361. susan willshee says:

    have tweeted the competition message @susanwillshee

  362. susan willshee says:

    following @cookingkt on twitter @susanwillshee

  363. susan willshee says:

    following @sainsburys pn twitter @susanwillshee

  364. Ian Campbell says:

    Get together with family and friends and buy in bulk – it’s much cheaper.

  365. Ian Campbell says:

    I’ve tweeted the competition message. My Twitter username is @Ianthesunlover

  366. Ian Campbell says:

    I’m following @cookingkt on Twitter.

  367. Ian Campbell says:

    I’m following @sainsburys on Twitter.

  368. Ian Campbell says:

    I like the Sainsbury’s page on Facebook.

  369. Rachel Titley says:

    Buy shop’s own brand products where possible. Many are just as good as the branded ones at a fraction of the price. There are exceptions, where branded may be better, but that is my best tip. Saves a fortune.

  370. Rachel Titley says:

    I have tweeted with @rachelscomps here:!/rachelscomps/status/75262212335341568

  371. Rachel Titley says:

    oops sorry please delete this. It came up with an error message saying it didn’t post! You could use this post for my entry no. 3, that I am following you on Twitter 🙂

  372. Rachel Titley says:

    I am following @sainsburys on twitter

  373. Rachel Titley says:

    I am liking Sainsburys on Facebook

  374. Sophie says:

    I don’t feed a ‘family’ as such, just a group of (male) students that eat more than you would think imaginable! I make sure to always have bread with dinner that they can fill up/pick on.

  375. Sophie says:

    I’m following you on twitter (@sl107)

  376. Sophie says:

    And also like sainsburys on facebook.

  377. lisa anderson says:

    if you sign up to receive Waitrose news they send you lots of vouchers for monry off internet shopping and don’t
    charge for delivery after a certain time

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