Win OXO Good Grips hand-held egg beater

OXO good grips egg beater

A vintage idea with a new look

The guys at OXO Good Grips sent me this little fella to play with – I’ve not seen a hand-held mixer like this since I did Home Economics at school!

It’s hardly a dinosaur though as this new model has a sleek and stylish design with bags of clever features. It’s much quieter and less fiddly than an electric whisk, and can stir up batters and whipped cream as well as beat eggs in next to no time.

It fits neatly in kitchen drawers – great for everyday use while saving worktop space. It’s also ideal for lefties or righties, and especially brilliant for children to use.

OXO has enclosed the fiddly workings in a white case to keep the hand mixer looking ultra modern while being extremely easy to clean – it just pops in the dishwasher. The mixer also comes with two removable stainless steel beaters, soft, non-slip handle and turning arm, and a stainless steel bridge to elevate the beaters from the bottom of the bowl as they work, taking the weight and strain out of mixing.

They cost £20 from Lakeland, or why not enter my competition to win one! I’ve got two to give away.


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There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries.  You must leave a separate comment for each bonus entry otherwise they will not be counted.

1. Mandatory. Leave a comment below telling me a favourite memory from learning cookery at school

2. For a second chance to win tweet a link to this giveaway as follows: Win retro OXO hand-held egg beater @cookingkt #win #prize
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Good Luck!


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This giveaway is open to all readers over 18 with a UK postal address.  The winners will be chosen using an online randomiser and announced in a subsequent post.

I am running this competition on behalf of OXO who will be sending the prize out to the lucky winners. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Closing date: 10pm Tuesday 28th February 2012
I’ll be announcing the winners on

About Katie Bryson

Katie Bryson is a freelance food writer and blogger. She left a career in online news at the BBC to immerse herself in the culinary world, taking in courses at Leiths School of Food and Wine and an internship at Waitrose along the way. Her family food blog is bursting with recipes and tips for feeding hungry families that’ll help inspire all those frazzled parents out there wondering what on earth to cook for tea!
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214 Responses to Win OXO Good Grips hand-held egg beater

  1. I don’t have a sinlge good memory of school cooking lessons! Mine were back in the 1960s and being grammar school girls, cooking was given a very low priority. We had just 2 terms of cookery lessons. One term our only pratcical was to make egg and cress sandwiches. The next term we made blancmange. Mine slid out of the bowl on the bus home and landed on the floor. I think becoming a foodie was my adt of teenage rebellion!

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    PS in my first post, I meant “act” not “adt” – I don’t know how to do an adt

  3. I’m already a fan of your facebook page

  4. Emma Cella says:

    At this time i am not able to go to school to learn more about cooking. Most of the cooking i have done is mostly self taught.

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  8. Gillian Holmes says:

    I have a vivid memory of someone accidentally upending a casserole I had made – but it was probably inedible anyway!

  9. Gillian Holmes says:

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  11. juliette says:

    I loved cookery lessons – I remember how difficult it was as people forgot to bring ingredients and you would have to share and end up with only half of what you should have. My most memorable cookery lesson was making pineapple upside cake mine was okay but it was people who put the pineapple on the top or in the wrong place that sticks in my mind.

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  12. HELEN says:

    well I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite memory but it’s one of the only memories of cooking at school with ‘Orrible Miss Orrell’ as we called her…..scrubbing the baking trays until we could see our faces in them…with a tiny scrap of scouring pad!

    Great prize I’ve had my eye on one of these for ages!

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  15. I think my favourite moment was when we got left alone in the primary school cookery classroom and we found the tin of golden syrup. Five ten year olds and no spoon – lush!

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  18. Maggie says:

    Making my cookery apron!

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  20. Elaine Kidd says:

    I remember being shocked that some people didn’t know how to make something as simple as egg and toast.

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  24. Claire says:

    Ah! Cornflour mould. Sounds disgusting, actually tasted alright. But I’ve never made it since, which is telling. Even in the 80s when I learnt, Home Economics classes seemed stuck in the 50s. There was no connection with the classes and delicious food. Instead it was about running your finger around the inner recesses of a pan to check it was completely clean. Such a shame because it could have been inspirational rather than an “easy” subject. But now kids don’t get taught it so the delights of even cornflour mould are beyond their reach.
    And I already like you, lots and lots!

  25. redrosemummy says:

    I loved cookery at school and don’t remember any real disasters. I remember once making Leek and Potato Soup and creating enough to feed an army, I don’t know where it all came from!

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  29. Jan Beal says:

    One of the first things we had to make was a baked egg custard. Something I had never eaten before …or since. It was a mile or so walk home and the contents of my shallow pyrex dish ended up slopping around the bottom of the tin, it never did set! My mum was not best pleased at the waste of good ingredients, but in the sixties cookery lessons were in a strange time warp, the only thing I’ve ever cooked again was the good ole Victoria sponge 🙂

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  33. Carolina J. says:

    My favourite memory from learning cookery at school is our constant laughter, we had so much fun!

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  37. amy marantino says:

    making (and eating) snickerdoodles in home ec.

  38. Kirsty Fox says:

    Making a jacket potato, taking all the insides out and mixing it in a giant bowl with butter, cheese and onions. I was really pleased with myself because it tasted delicious

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  42. Making brown bread rolls with Mrs Sheldon, these were same rolls that you could buy in the school canteen but mine didn’t taste half as good.


  43. Liz Burton says:

    Getting an A in my GCSE Food Studies *breathes on fingers and polishes them* :0)

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  49. baggiesbabe says:

    I had a fantastic cookery teacher who helped me to become a 13yr old regional winner! So all my memories are good.


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  53. Diane Carey says:

    I had great cookery lessons at school. We were taught a method and then would bake/cook something with that method e.g creaming method/sponge cake. At the hight school where both my daughters attended, all they seemed to learn to make was Rock Cakes in different flavours. What good is that? I seemed to cover everything at school, practical and theory

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  57. Sarah Rees says:

    Mine was managing to make an apple crumble, the week before I had had a huge disaster making bread rolls which ended up doughy on the inside and solid on the outside, along with burning my hand it was not a good experience. However the following week I managed to make a fab apple crumble and will always remember all my family eating it that evening.

  58. Sarah Rees says:

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  59. katherine grieve says:

    I remember making an itialian dish, cant remember which one, but the recipe said 2 cloves of garlic and i put in 2 bulbs of garlic!! what made it worse was that the whole thing spilt in my bag all over my school books!!!!

  60. katherine grieve says:

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    katherine norrisluvsmary grieve

  63. Alice Boardman says:

    Making a giant sausage plait (yes, a strange recipe you will never make again), and getting to eat the whole thing myself – mmm mmm – best thing about cooking = eating!

  64. Alice Boardman says:

    p.s. also following you on twitter!

  65. The boy I had a massive crush on was asked by the teacher to help me make swiss roll. It came out awful but the rolling bit was fun as he had to put his arm round me to show me how to roll it :p..ill never forget him, looking back he was no oil painting but at the time, it wasn’t just the oven making me hot that day lol.

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  69. ashleigh says:

    i just remember that they didn’t really teach you to cook/make proper things – i remember us having to make “pizza” which involved putting bread on the grill with some cheese and other toppings!

  70. ashleigh says:

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  72. I practically deep-fried shorbread by overgreasing the pan on my first ever cookery lesson at school! Tasted delicious, though,

  73. vicky carter says:

    My favourite, and most vivid, memory at school, was (accidentally) forgetting my cooking things, then Carrie, a friend at the time, told me that Stephen Gately was gay, I couldn’t believe it!

  74. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I remember being rather naughty at school in Domestic Science by putting my dirty pans in the cupboard and getting out clean ones to pass inspection.

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  78. Cheryll H says:

    The time I won a prize for my iced Christmas cake 🙂 Still smile about it now…. 😀

  79. Rhonda says:

    I don’t just have one good memory, I used to love cooking at school with all my friends the best thing I ever made was chicken risotto, it was lovely! I went on to create the same dish in my cooking GCSE and I totally mucked it up! I forgot to put the rice in!! It’s safe to say now I’m more of a bung something in the oven kinda girl haha.

  80. I remember clearly my first “cookery” lesson, getting all excited at the chance to learn to cook and being totally bewildered at why we were only making cucumber sandwiches. I couldn’t believe we were doing something so easy but now that I’ve got children of my own and having seen their attempts, I appreciate they were teaching us the knife skills of spreading butter and cutting vegetables.

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  86. my favourite memory is actually making something I was allowed to take home. It was called ‘a little supper’ and it was slices of buttered white bread layered with slices of tomato and a lot of cheese…then topped with cheese and breadcrumbs and baked in the oven. My mum pronounced it fabulous…though I really doubt it was!

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    For me, it wasnt about the cooking of the food. My best memory is being in the lessons AFTER cooking and really looking forward to taking home what I had prepared, walking home with a Quality street tin containing a lovingly lopsided cheese and tomato savory roll and all my family trying it.
    A real simple pleasure
    That was the sort of validation of the art and usefulness of cooking that kids dont get today!

  94. i remember practicing the receipes at home, spending time with my mum cooking 🙂

  95. Carol Peace says:

    My favorite moment had to be the Macaroni Cheese I made i have no idea why but I knocked the box of washing flakes into it and then I had to get rid of it on the way home before my mum tasted it. The horses on the field between school and my house were not the same for a couple of days.

  96. Victoria Boland says:

    I didn’t do much cookery at school which is a real shame. I hope my son does more because I think it is a really good thing to do.

  97. Rebecca Dyer says:

    My favourite memory comes from before we even turned on the oven: I was 7 when we brought different exotic fruits to class and I tasted my first ever passion fruit. I still buy them now when I want to remember how exciting and inspiring new tastes can be.

  98. jeanette baker says:

    I loved my ‘O’ level Cookery classes at my all girls school … the best bit was the classroom overlooked the boys school on the opposite side of the road.. I really appreciate the following: learning to run my hands under the cold tap as cold hands make better pastry and warming up a tablespoon over the hob as it will help any syrup run off it easier .. making a few jam tarts with any leftover pastry so not to waste any leftovers teacher was full of so many little tips .. and always making dishes that could be frozen down .. bless her my cookery teacher was very old school I loved her values & am proud to still use them now i’ve ended up being her age and becoming her in more ways than one !! dedicated to Mrs Barron xxxx

  99. kim dillon says:

    My favourite memory was the Christmas cake incident…I must have been about 14 at the time. Our teacher – Mrs McCurdy (or Mrs McCurdle as she was known to us) had said we were short of eggs so what did i do, but spilled all the eggs for my Christmas cake onto the floor (not in shells you understand but beaten & ready to go!). She didn’t spot me doing this and I wasn’t about to own up, so I scooped them up in my hands and added them to my cake. I had lots of compliments about the delicious cake but I never owned up, although my best mate from school was there and she still remembers!

  100. kim dillon says:

    Liked you on Facebook. I was just admiring your lovely gingerbread house. My 12 year old daughter decided to make one this year – on Christmas eve- and did a pretty good job. it’s still on the windowsill – not fit to eat but can’t throw it away. She suggests that i get a glass dome to display it under…

  101. Charlotte Kirkbride says:

    I remember doing HOME ECONOMICS and making the most amazing dessert!! I was in year 6 so i’d of been about 10. It was a make shift cheesecake without the cheese bit, it was digestive biscuits crushed to within an inch of their lives with butter (melted) as a base and then strawberry angel delight on the top and finished off with a few srawberries and some grated chocolate!!!

    I won mini chef of the year with that!!

    Still do it now, everyone enjoys it and it just means i can recall this story at the same time!! 🙂

  102. Azra says:

    I loved making quiche,,, the only thing we ever made!! However i do love cooking now and have experimented loads since the days of school quiche cooking!!

    I am also running a giveaway if inerested:


  103. Katie says:

    My favourite memory would have to be….. making traffic light sandwiches!! How amazingly simple and fun were these?! Great for kids (and big kids too!!)
    A strip of red filling – tomatoes
    A strip of orange filling – carrots
    A strip of green filling – cucumber
    and then holes cut into the bread with an apple corer!


  104. Louise Smith says:

    Making a Victoria Sponge cake, it surprisingly was very nice. Due to the boys having an egg and flour fight a week later, we were banned from cooking for the rest of the year!

  105. Katie says:

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    I’m following you too on twitter – @Katie_MSE

  107. diane findlay says:

    i hated cookery at school and despised the overbearing teacher , the fondest memory i have is making cauli cheese and watching the teacher almost throw up when taste testing

  108. diane findlay says:

    facebook fan : dee m findlay .. following and tweeted :@deefindlay1

  109. Philip Darling says:

    My overwhelming memory of my cookery lessons, is how underwhelmed I was with my culinary results – but luckily Kathy Banham would always let you have a taste of hers. Happy days

  110. Diane says:

    I used to love eating raw pastry and the left over sponge mix (uncooked) but the best memory was actually being warm at school. Our school was very chilly but on home ec days at least we got a warm by the oven.

  111. liz denial says:

    I always loved getting all my ingredients together & walking to school with my wicker basket on my arm. I loved that basket & still have it now although it’s not filled with flour, it’s filled with flowers

  112. liz denial says:

    I’m already a fan on facebook

  113. Hazel Lemar says:

    One of my favourite memories of cookery lessons at school was when a group of boys chose home economics as an option in GSE subjects just to get out of doing metalwork. They all made a good effort at everything they made!

  114. Chris Fliss says:

    We were making jam and had sterilised the jars and I was told to get them ready. I went, got them and got a tea towel, breathed on them and polished them! My teacher went ballistic and we had to start all over again. Classmates weren’t too pleased either

  115. Chris Fliss says:

    Have tweeted link to this page on Twitter as @sparky61

  116. Kirsty says:

    Looking back, I think the most vivid memory of Home Economics (H.E.), was the very first lesson at secondary school when we were taught how to wash up properly using the last lessons pots and utensils to do it. To this day I still wash up doing glasses first, cutlery next, then crockery and last but not least pots and pans. Very Sad. I don’t think that I have a favourable memory as all the lessons seemed to be ghastly as the teacher was such a dragon!! Didn’t put me off though as I love cooking and baking.

  117. Andy D says:

    Eating half the cake mix whilst making them

  118. Andy D says:

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  119. Lorraine Foster says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t get to do much cooking in school, but on one rare occasion we did make flapjacks which were delicious. I remember all my friends and I eating a whole tray full one lunchtime x Also will tweet off @Lkash20

  120. Christine Ball says:

    My favourite memory from learning cookery at school was when I first had to make scones and none of us really had any idea but we all tried our best by following the recipe supplied and to be honest they tasted quite nice especially because they were home made or should I say school made

  121. vicky M says:

    Putting polo’s and skittles in scones.. don’t ask!LOL

  122. Solange says:

    Making a birthday cake for my Mum

  123. Emma Johnson says:

    Making bath buns, chelsea buns, shortbread and scones. I found my old cookery book from school last year whilst clearing out from my parents house. I had great fun re-making all the recipes with my children!

  124. Emma Johnson says:

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  126. NATALIE BRADLEY says:

    At school one of the things we had to make was beans on toast, its been one of the most valuable thing i have gained from school lol 🙂

  127. Because I’d always baked and cooked with my mum at home, I had a bit of a head start over most of my class, and my favourite memory is being complimented on my pastry-making technique while the rest of the class was stuck with a bowl full of sticky goo!

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  131. laura hayes says:

    my fav memory of cooking at school was cooking welshcakes and eating them on the way home mmm yummy x

  132. laura hayes says:

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  135. Sarah A says:

    My memory is being sent to school for a cookery lesson with a bag prepared by my dad for what I thought was the correct ingredients to make a spaghetti bolognese, turned out my dad bought me a jar of dolmio, “to make it easier for you” didn’t feel like a fool at all!

  136. Kasia says:

    I didn’t do much cooking at school. I only remember making pancakes and oil splattering everywhere.

  137. Kasia says:

    already follow you on Twitter @biedooness

  138. Lorraine R says:

    Baking bread. The smell was so good

  139. Benji Collier says:

    My favourite memory of Home Economics classes was baking a Victoria sponge.The entire class did’nt grease the cake tins. I always think back and laugh when making cakes today
    Liked on Facebook, but not yet Twitter proof!

  140. i remember making pizza from scratch at school, the dough n everything, and i ate it all to myself as it was so scrumptious, making me sick to my stomach and it took me about 20 years to eat pizza again lol

  141. Heather says:

    i remember making this dish at school full of onion and on the bus on the way home everyone was moaning about the smell!

  142. Heather says:



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  145. Ashleigh says:

    My favourite memory of cooking lessons was making sausage rolls in an after school club, the puff pastry was light and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside and the sausage inside was divine. It was the first thing I ever made that tasted nice and started a lifelong hobby of cooking and baking.

  146. Joanna Coleshill says:

    I remember making pizza (with a scone dough base) and eating it all myself after the lesson, my mum was most displeased as she’d hoped to serve it to the family for dinner!

  147. Katie Skeoch says:

    I remember cooking the best shortbread I’d ever tasted, I’ve never made it that good again! ah the memories

  148. Katie Skeoch says:

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  150. Pam says:

    The only thing i can remember, is the teacher telling us to fry fast,scramble slow.

  151. Samantha Deakin says:

    We made pizza, which was amazing. I’ve now adapted that simple recipe and make it almost every week to this day!

  152. Samantha Deakin says:

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  154. Julia says:

    My best memory is bringing home what ever I have cooked and my mum being really “Pleased” that they can eat it for dinner….not!!! (but she always was very good at pretending everything she tried was yummy!!)

  155. Joanne Davis says:

    I loved Home economics, but was rubbish at it. I made a victoria sandwich and it came out the oven like a biscuit. The teacher showed everyone including the class next door. They couldnt work out what I had done wrong. Thank goodness I can cook now.

  156. phillippa lee says:

    I loved cookery at school.
    My favourite memory was making a victoria sponge cake, It was light, filled with jam and cream. Because I was an adventurus child – I put cream on top as well and decorated it with wild flowers. My teacher loved it and everybody clapped!

  157. Julie says:

    Turning the gas on in the oven and not lighting it,( what ! no one told me you had to light it! ) and nearly blowing up the school.

  158. Nicole Smith says:

    My fondest memory is using the ingredients I wanted and not what the teacher said to use… and coming out with a fantastic fruit cake that looked.. and tasted.. much better than everyone elses.. much to the annoyance of my teacher 😉

  159. Nicole Smith says:

    Liked on FB too 😉

  160. Sandy Ferguson says:

    Making my first hot chocolate with marshmallows and enjoying it with the rest of the people in my class.

  161. Hazel Rush says:

    I remember when we were learning how to make pizza bases and we had to make an alternative base! So me and my friend made a sweet pastry base and smoothered it in melted chocolate and topped it with sweets! It was amazing…. The teacher wasn’t as impressed with our creativity!

  162. Hazel Rush says:

    I have liked the Facebook page!

  163. Tina Lawton says:

    My favourite memory of school cooking was in my 1st year of high school, we were shown how to make cheese scones, I had prepared my mixture and had the scones ready to put in the oven, when I realised that I had not added the mustard powder. I made a hole in one of the scones, put in the powder, closed it up and then baked them. I was so proud of myself and ccouldn’t wait to get them home… unfortunately my dear Gran ended up with the one with the mustard powder, she was not amused.!

  164. Tina Lawton says:

    I have tweeted, my twitter name is @BatmansBride

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  166. Isabelle Smith says:

    Causing a food fight in food tech

  167. Amy Cartwright says:

    Being typical cruel schoolchildren I distinctly remember our Home Ec. teacher Mrs Bilton slipping over quite spectacularly on some spilt egg whilst showing us how to make fairy cakes, tipping the the cake mix over herself in true slapstick style! Not one of us offered to help her up as we were all howling with laughter, poor woman!!

  168. Lyn Bosomworth (@Pinkbling11) says:

    My only memory from cooking at school was making victoria sandwich cakes we made them EVERY week for a whole term as im sure that all the teacher knew how to cook lol

  169. Lyn Bosomworth (@Pinkbling11) says:

    I have tweeted @pinkbling11

  170. Cheryl M says:

    I remember being unable to peel potatoes to the standard my teacher required – the peel was too thick and she would regularly hold me up as an Awful Example. It took me years to start cooking properly – I always assumed I’d be awful – and oddly now I love it.

  171. I just remember that i used to come home from school with all the food i had made but my dad wouldnt even try it as he didnt trust the hygiene in school! He would tell me to do the recipe again at home in our own kitchen!

  172. Julie Cook says:

    Draining my boiled potatoes and thinking it was a good idea to mash them in there – till it all started to ooze through the holes….derrrr!

  173. Nina C says:

    The thing i remember about cookery lessons at school is that we got to take the results home and we’d eat whatever I’d made that day. (Not sure if that was a good thing or not!!)

  174. Nina C says:

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  177. Ruth Grover says:

    We had to gut a herring! Well, I was quite squeamish so I didn’t put the newspaper under it, as we should…I put the fish on the counter and the newspaper on top so I couldn’t see anything….the teacher came round and I quickly turned it over…the counter was forever stained with fish blood and my fish was shredded! I didn’t pass my O level in Cookery!

  178. Georgie Aronin says:

    I was always the last one to finish and my timing still hasn’t improved.

  179. Lou Chambers says:

    Most memorable would have to be my friend Pamela try to make a sponge, she’d done the creaming of the butter & sugar & was on the adding of the egg, she was getting so annoyed as it was splitting & was very miffed that mine wasn’t. So funny looking back that someone would get that annoyed over making a sponge 🙂

  180. Lou Chambers says:

    Have Tweeted your giveaway 🙂

  181. Lou Chambers says:

    I’m following on Twitter 🙂

  182. Lou Chambers says:

    Am also a friend on facebook 🙂

  183. Deborah Bird says:

    I remember doing baking at primary school on a friday, we loved it! And the best bit was getting to eat it 😀

  184. Deborah Bird says:

    I have tweeted!

  185. Deborah Bird says:

    I am following cookingkt on twitter x

  186. Deborah Bird says:

    I like Feeding Boys and a Firefighter on facebook!

  187. Charlotte says:

    one week everyone in my group was ill from school apart from me. it just happened to be the week we were making chocolate chip cookies and I got to eat them all 🙂

  188. jemma allerton says:

    mine was making my own pizza it tasted better than anything id every tasted!!! mmm

  189. Robyn Clarke says:

    We had cooking lessons once a week, the teacher was very young and had a sweet tooth, so we hardly did any cooking, it was mostly baking. Much to the disgust of our mums who thought that we’d be cooking after we’d been shown dishes to make at school

  190. Robyn Clarke says:

    Tweeted @robynlclarke

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    Following on Twitter @robynlclarke

  192. Robyn Clarke says:

    Like on Facebook (Robyn Logan)

  193. Holly Green says:

    I don’t have any memories of school cooking lessons as my school didn’t have any! I learnt to cook from my parents and now I’m quite a decent cook – however my other half had cookery lessons at school and can barely boil an egg!

  194. Holly Green says:

    Have tweeted! @flamingice48

  195. @Morrighani says:

    We had to invent burgers and I put spices and cooked rice into mine. They were well nice and I’ve never been able to recreate them lol

  196. Jennie says:

    The best thing has to be in junior school when we were in small groups and it being our turn to do cooking with the helper. just the excitement still stays with you even though it was so long ago and the random recipes that we tried and took home. something that my own son never experienced in todays schooling.

  197. Jennie says:

    tweeted – zippedup75

  198. Holly Green says:

    Already follow you on twitter @flamingice48

  199. Holly Green says:

    Already a Facebook liker!

  200. Emma Fisher says:

    I remember making bread! I made a hedgehog shape, and pulled the dough to make little spikes, and put raisins for its eyes! it was so cute, i refused to eat it, and sat it on my shelf at home! it was only when it was rock solid and started groing mould my mum threw it out! I was only about 9 or 10, I remember crying my eyes out for ages, because mum binned it 😦

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