Win stylish OXO salt and pepper grinders worth over £40

Salt and pepper grinders from OXO

Salt and pepper grinders from OXO

Imagine these in the centre of your table for a smart dinner party or celebration meal. OXO’s stylish salt and pepper grinders not only look dapper, but they’re pretty clever too.

They have five versatile settings from fine to coarse and dispense from the top avoiding crumbs of salt and pepper going all over your table or worktop.

The clear acrylic body means you can easily tell when you need to refill, and a non-slip grip on the turning mechanism makes them a cinch to use.

They’re worth £20.43 a piece, but I have a pair to giveaway to one lucky Feeding Boys reader!



There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries.  You must leave a separate comment for each bonus entry otherwise they will not be counted.

1. Mandatory. Leave a comment below telling me what style of cook you are.

2. For a second chance to win tweet a link to this giveaway as follows: Win stylish OXO salt and pepper grinders worth £40 @cookingkt #win #prize
Then leave a second comment saying you’ve done so telling me your Twitter ID.

3. Follow me @cookingkt on Twitter and comment to tell me you have done so.

4. And finally you can get another bonus entry by liking the Feeding Boys and a Firefighter page on Facebook too, not forgetting to head back here and comment to tell me you have done so.


Good Luck!


This giveaway is open to all readers over 18 with a UK postal address.  The winner will be chosen using an online randomiser and announced in a subsequent post.

I am running this competition on behalf of OXO who will be sending the prize out to the lucky winner. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Closing date: 10pm Friday 30th December 2011
If you want to buy these grinders they’re available from Lakeland and Amazon. Visit for more details. I’m a huge fan of the OXO good grips range – really solid and practical but looks great too.



About Katie Bryson

Katie Bryson is a freelance food writer and blogger. She left a career in online news at the BBC to immerse herself in the culinary world, taking in courses at Leiths School of Food and Wine and an internship at Waitrose along the way. Her family food blog is bursting with recipes and tips for feeding hungry families that’ll help inspire all those frazzled parents out there wondering what on earth to cook for tea!
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421 Responses to Win stylish OXO salt and pepper grinders worth over £40

  1. Lorraine Bishop says:

    Im a bit unorganised and tend to throw things together. I aim to plan before I start but it just never works out that way. Still everbody eats it and nobodys need the hospital yet so it must be working ok.

  2. I’m a creative cook and love inventing my own recipes

  3. I follow you on twitter

  4. I like your facebook page

  5. Emily Fawell says:

    Hi Katie, As a Nutritional Therapist I’d describe myself as a healthy cook. I’m always looking for ways to increase the nutritional value of recipes, by adding more vegetables, spices and herbs. I always cook from scratch and I LOVE cookery books!

  6. Emily Fawell says:

    I’ve tweeted and my twitter name is Emily4Well, and I already follow you and like your page on Facebook! Could you like my FB page if you don’t already? I’m posting healthy tips for Xmas over the next few weeks which you might find of interest.

  7. I’m a no measuring slap it in sort of cook:) @kikicomp

  8. Ive tweeted @kikicomp

  9. already like on facebook am kiki woo on there @kikicomp

  10. Kieran Walsh says:

    these are great, love cooking, thanks for comp, wishing yor family a very happy xmas

  11. Kieran Walsh says:

    following ypou on facebook, old walshy

  12. Kieran Walsh says:

    following on twitter oldwalsh

  13. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Weekdays I cheat a bit as always in a hurry. You can get some amazing sauces in jars these days! Come the weekend my creativity come out and I spend many an hour experimenting with different ingredients.

  14. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Tweet sent.


  15. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Following on Twitter


  16. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Facebook page now ‘liked’.

  17. already following on twitter @kikicomp

  18. Gill says:

    With a large family to feed I’m a seasonal cook who tries to cook everything from scratch!

  19. Kirsty Fox says:

    I’m a lazy cook, if there’s a way to cheat I’ll do it!!

    Twitter – @bloomingfox
    Facebook – Kirsty Fox

  20. Kirsty Fox says:

    I have tweeted – @bloomingfox

  21. Kirsty Fox says:

    I follow you on Twitter – @bloomingfox

  22. Kirsty Fox says:

    I like your Facebook page – Kirsty Fox

  23. Paul says:

    I’m no type of cook. My lovely girlfriend does all the cooking as she likes to be in control. She just asks my advice on what flavoura would go together. Zx

  24. Andy caldwell says:

    I’m an enthusiastic and very amateur cook who has Liked you on Facebook

  25. Carolina J. says:

    I am a very good cook, I cook from scratch at all times and am not afraid of trying anynew recipes!

  26. Carolina J. says:

    Tweeted! @pandcands

  27. Carolina J. says:

    I follow you on Twitter (@pandcands).

  28. Carolina J. says:

    I like the Feeding Boys and a Firefighter page on Facebook.

  29. Dawn says:

    I try to cook from scratch as much as possible. Hubby is vegetarian so a lot of the main meals tend to be meat free.

  30. claire woods says:

    Then leave a second comment saying you’ve done so telling me your Twitter ID.

    3. Follow me @cookingkt on Twitter and comment to tell me you have done so.
    done – @clairew137

  31. claire woods says:

    4. And finally you can get another bonus entry by liking the Feeding Boys and a Firefighter page on Facebook too, not forgetting to head back here and comment to tell me you have done so.
    done as

  32. Dorothy Hardy says:

    I am an experimental cook as my hubby has been diagnosed as a coeliac. This means he cannot tolerate gluten or wheat and most of the GF bread and pastry leaves much to be desired. I am getting better with each batch and my pastry is really good, so I am told. Rooks, my local butcher does GF sausages and they are fantastic so we are getting there!!

  33. Dorothy Hardy says:

    Have tweeted kendoke and followed kendoke Stardy

  34. carole says:

    like making mixtures of my own

  35. Heather says:

    I like cooking anything quick & cheap.

  36. Rosemary Hamilton says:

    I’m a good old fashioned cook but like short cuts if available.My present salt and pepper leave bits on the table, very annoying!

  37. I am a chuck it in and hope for the best kinda cook, sometimes it works, other times, not so much!

  38. lydia says:

    tweeted as mrs_meep thanks

  39. lydia says:

    and following you as mrs_meep already thanks again

  40. Lux says:


  41. Claire Smith says:

    Cautious cook – follow recipes religiously!

  42. Claire Smith says:

    Tweeted as @ClaireSmith25

  43. Claire Smith says:

    Already following you as @ClaireSmith25

  44. Claire Smith says:

    …..and like you on Facebook as Claire M. Smith

  45. John Smith says:

    I’m a creative cook and love inventing my own recipes

  46. John Smith says:

    Just tweeted @john_uk1

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    @john_uk1 now following you on twitter

  48. John Smith says:

    Facebook page Liked! Job done!

  49. Diane Carey says:

    Me and my husband share the cooking. I don’t get a lot of time to try new recipes, but try to cook a variety of different things i.e. fish, meat, pasta, rice. Occasionally we cook something quick to save time i.e. pizza but will put salad with it

  50. Diane Carey says:

    Have tweeted

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    Already following you on Twitter

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    Already liked you on Facebook

  53. I’m what might be called, experimental! Thankfully it usually tastes good!!


  54. Follow you on twitter @baggiesbabe69

  55. Like you on FB Ness Gorton


  56. KON says:

    An idiotic cook.

  57. Dawn Henson says:

    Very organised cook. Love to cook everything from scratch. Just love cooking!

  58. Dawn Henson says:

    I already follow your page on facebook!

  59. Loma Wood says:

    I always make a recipe my own ( and is it me or do a lot of celebrity chefs look burnt?)

  60. Arabella B says:

    I like fresh ingredients and I have more than a hundred cook books but I prefer to use them for inspiration rather than following recipes…. You never have everything in the cupboard so you need a little creativity.

  61. Arabella B says:

    I have tweeted, @UtterlyBumpty.

  62. Arabella B says:

    I already follow you on Twitter, @UtterlyBumpty.

  63. Arabella B says:

    And I already follow you on Facebook, Arabella Bazley. Many thanks and kind regards.

  64. Maggie says:

    I like to bake and so I am definitely an organized cook (well mostly!).

  65. Ksenia Zywczuk says:

    I love interesting flavors, yet with a rustic style. Though I love Michelin style food out, at home I may use the same flavours, but I like things that feel home-ly.

  66. redrosemummy says:

    I can be a little haphazard and tend to not consult the recipe too much, it generally works out alright though!

  67. redrosemummy says:

    I have tweeted @RedRoseMummy

  68. redrosemummy says:

    I like you on FB (as Pippa Ainsworth)

  69. riddlexic says:

    A part-time cook

  70. riddlexic says:

    Liked FB page

  71. Karin Hall says:

    I’m a “have a look in the fridge and see what’s there” style of cook – I think I once managed to plan a whole week of cooking, only to then change my mind on various days and not sticking to it at all, so I’ve given up on planning very much 🙂

  72. Karin Hall says:

    Have tweeted, @daisydoo12

  73. riddlexic says:

    Following Tw

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    Tweeted @riddlexic

  75. Carol Williams says:

    I’m an old fashioned type of cook, and whenever I cook/bake, I make sure I do enough to put some in the freezer for another day.

  76. Steve Dickinson says:


  77. deborah davies says:

    im a reluctant cook. i never feel like doing it but once i get started i actually enjoy it :o)

  78. deborah davies says:

    already like page on facebook :o)

  79. I’m a throw it all in the oven and hope for the best


  80. Following you via Twitter


  81. Following you via FB – Boo Roo and Tigger Too


  82. Martina says:

    I love trying new recipes but don’t have time for anything too complicated.

  83. Helen Stratton says:

    Some days I’m a healthy cook and make things for the family from scratch that my mother made for us as children. Other days I am a chuck it in the oven quick cook and seem to make more mess than anyone would of thought possible 🙂

  84. Kim Carberry says:

    Im a bad cook but to my credit I am experimental…

  85. Kim Carberry says:

    I have tweeted as @kimmer2111

  86. Kim Carberry says:

    I follow you on twitter as @kimmer2111

  87. Kim Carberry says:

    I like you on Facebook as Kim Carberry.

  88. Marzena says:

    I love cooking for my family. I try to cook healthy and I am still looking for new recipes ( usually I ask my mum, family, friend, I check the website)

  89. Marzena says:

    I have tweeted as @marzutek

  90. Marzena says:

    I am following you on twitter as @marzutek

  91. Marzena says:

    I have liked your facebook page as Marzena Szy

    @marzutek on twitter

  92. Ann Willers says:

    I love cooking and trying new recipes, but also make a lot of my old trusty ones too. I’m a planner, an organiser and like to clean up as I go along.

  93. Laura Pritchard says:

    Clinical! I’m very scientific & like to follow recipes to the letter as I have no flair for cooking!

  94. Laura Pritchard says:

    Tweeted the message @Isis1981uk

  95. Laura Pritchard says:

    Following you on Twitter @Isis1981uk

  96. Laura Pritchard says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  97. sandi says:

    I am a pretty good cook, I’d describe my style as rustic, but I cook everything from roasts and steaks to curries and pasta.

  98. Keith Hunt says:

    twited cunardfan

  99. Jan Beal says:

    I tend to cook with whatever vegetables I have fresh from the garden and work round that. This means I sometimes twist an existing recipe or completely make up my own.

  100. Jan Beal says:

    Have tweeted the message @twydalldee

  101. Jan Beal says:

    I’m following you on Twitter @twydalldee

  102. Jan Beal says:

    I like your facebook page

  103. Kelly Wiffin says:

    A very unorganised one!

  104. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I have tweeted @charliechinuk

  105. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I already follow you on Twitter @charliechinuk

  106. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I have liked you on Facebook

  107. Karen says:

    I not a very good cook, and am always relieved when my meals turn out edible 🙂

  108. Emma Johnson says:

    Open the cupboards and see what there is. I would love to be more organised and methodical but I get fed up thinking of new things to cook everyday

  109. Emma Johnson says:

    Tweeted – @manicmuriel

  110. Emma Johnson says:

    Following on Twitter – @manicmuriel

  111. Emma Johnson says:

    Liking you on FB – Emma Johnson

  112. Jane Morrice says:

    I’m quite a haphazard cook but everything usually turns out OK

  113. Nancy Bradford says:

    I’m a bit of an improviser.

  114. julia kiss says:

    I adapt to what I have, generally its good – always enjoyable

  115. helen jones says:

    One day organised and follow the plan, next day chaotic and see what I can make with whats in the fridge

  116. Rona Gough says:

    I try to cook from scratch as much as Ican.I like to use lots of fresh vegetables in my meals.

  117. Erica Price says:

    Fairly traditional – like a recipe to follow

  118. Erica Price says:

    Following you on twitter @ericahughes

  119. Erica Price says:

    Tweeted @ericahughes

  120. Sheila says:

    A Happy Cook

  121. J.Taylor says:

    I’m a fairly slap-dash cook. I never follow a recipe exactly but generally things turn out O.K

  122. Paul Ellams says:

    I am a fast cook, Who just cooks with whatever is available.

  123. Paul Ellams says:

    I am following and have tweeted from @P_E1

  124. Brian Cheney says:

    Lazy Cook !

  125. Gaby Lydiate says:

    I’m a lazy cook!

  126. Gaby Lydiate says:

    tweeted @GabyGiggles

  127. Gaby Lydiate says:

    following on Twitter @GabyGiggles

  128. Gaby Lydiate says:

    liked on Facebook as Gaby Smith

  129. Rochelle Lear says:

    A cook who would love more time to create more complicated meals, but, alas, I end up doing something quick and easy :o(

  130. Rochelle Lear says:

    liked on face book as Rochelle Lear

  131. Rochelle Lear says:

    tweeted as @Rochellelear

  132. audrey halliday says:

    I have liked and shared you on facebook.
    My cooking these days has changed from dinner party to just me, cook when you want, how you want and eat what you like. But I do still love baking cakes for the family.

  133. gabrielle svensson says:

    I’m an organised, get everything ready before I start, kind of cook!

  134. Christine Ball says:

    I am just a run of the mill cook who does not experiment too much but why should I because some of the best home cooking is simple and does not need all of the add ons

  135. greig spencer says:

    NOT A VERY GOOD ONE to be honest lol

    great comp

  136. rose p says:

    I leave it all to my husband

  137. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    I am a quick cook!! As in I usually get home from work late and want to cook something quick and easy so anything that requires minimum preparation! 🙂

  138. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    I have tweeted about the competition – @charbarcrazy

  139. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    I follow you on twitter – @charbarcrazy 🙂

  140. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    I like your facebook page 🙂

  141. Dessiree Brown-Llaneza says:

    I’m an organised cook. I like the scales out, and everything measured into separate bowls, i’m a bit of a cookery programme cook, you know where they have the right amount of everything measured out in endless bowls and you watch it thinking ‘how much washing up\?!’ but it makes it more fun. Although with two toddlers it may start organised but it certainly doesn’t end that way!!

  142. Dessiree Brown-Llaneza says:

    Have tweeted. @desbrownllaneza

  143. Dessiree Brown-Llaneza says:

    Already a twitter follower. @desbrownllaneza

  144. Jenny cook says:

    I am a trier, I give it my best but it doesn’t always work out !

  145. Dessiree Brown-Llaneza says:

    Already a facebook liker. Dessiree Brown Llaneza

  146. Denise Cross says:

    I love trying new recipes but always seem to go back to the same 3 or 4!!!

  147. Maya Russell says:

    I like cooking using recipe books and like to follow it to the letter! I like recipes like casserole dishes.

  148. Maya Russell says:

    I have tweeted.

  149. Maya Russell says:

    I’m following on Twitter.

  150. Maya Russell says:

    Already like the Feeding Boys and a Firefighter page on Facebook as Maya Russell.

  151. Andrew Cakebread says:

    Lazy and a bit chaotic I reckon, although tidy at the same time!

  152. Andrew Cakebread says:

    Tweeted as @andrewcbo

  153. Andrew Cakebread says:

    Already following on twitter @andrewcbo

  154. I give any recipe a go once and if it works twice 🙂 Playing around with Asian cooking at the moment.

  155. Already following on twitter (@phyllgerry)

  156. Already like Facebook page with Phyllis Ellett

  157. helena haddock says:

    I am not a very good cook, try to follow recipes and always goes wrong, which is why i would love to win these so I could have something posh on the table and use it to mask the flavour

  158. cheryl lovell says:

    I am a very chaotic and useless cook!

  159. A Brownlee says:

    I’m an experimental cook, always like to try new things

  160. A Brownlee says:

    I have tweeted. username @marcuswheel

  161. A Brownlee says:

    I am following on twitter. username @marcuswheel

  162. A Brownlee says:

    I have liked on facebook

  163. Jackie ONeill says:

    okay cook but do need recipes to follow as when I try and be creative it usually ends in disaster!

  164. Colin Gault says:

    one of the worst in the world @ cooking….would ruin a boiled egg

  165. kim corke says:

    I am a chuck it in and see what happens cook, love to experiment with sauces etc usually things turn out ok.

  166. Carole Paton says:

    I’m an erratic cook. Go through phases of really healthy batch cooking and baking then can’t be bothered for a few weeks so we live on pasta!!

    Have liked you on FB.

  167. Gillian Holmes says:

    I’m a good cook as long as I have a precise recipe to follow

  168. Gillian Holmes says:

    I have tweeted as @12kazuko12

  169. Gillian Holmes says:

    I’m following you on Twitter as @12kazuko12

  170. Gillian Holmes says:

    I like your Facebook page as Annabel Lee

  171. Lesley Renshaw says:

    I’m quite a basic cook really. I tend to keep to the recipe (by the book) the first few times of cooking when my confidence grows I get adventurous and add my own twists.

  172. Lesley Renshaw says:

    Following AND tweeted via @nidgysmum

  173. Lesley Renshaw says:

    Like on facebook 🙂

  174. vicky haddock says:

    I am a ok cook, but always make too much by adding more ingredients that states

  175. Ellen Stafford says:

    I am a nervous cook. Don’t know why just never have much confidence but usually all turns out fine.

  176. Ellen Stafford says:

    I have tweeted as @Webkinny

  177. Ellen Stafford says:

    I already follow you @webkinny

  178. Ellen Stafford says:

    I already like your facebook page 🙂

  179. maureen.m says:

    Anything thats quick to prepare (pasta,casseroles,stir fries,chilli)with lots of healthy ingredients if possible!

  180. Emma Davis says:

    I am a busy mum so I do tend to stick to traditional recipes that the whole family will enjoy, however on my days off I do like to be creative and try my hand at new and creative dishes. I also love to bake.

  181. Emma Davis says:

    Followed you on facebook and twitter. My twitter ID is EmmaDavis20. Thanks

  182. John Legge says:

    I’m a ‘chuck it all together and see what happens’ type of cook

  183. Tracy Nixon says:

    I am a creative cook – I always cook from scratch and use fresh ingredients! Luckily I was brought up by a stay at home mum, who always cooked from scratch too – everything was home made, even the veg came out of the garden! She taught me to cook and I hold many of her recipes in my head! We hardly ever weigh out ingredients either – we can just tell by pouring and looking and tasting! Me and my four young children (aged 4, 5, 6 and 7) all love vegetables, even sprouts! My children still enjoy their treats though and we regularly bake cakes and cookies together!

  184. Tracy Nixon says:

    I have tweeted as @tracyknixon

  185. Tracy Nixon says:

    I am following as @tracyknixon

  186. Tracy Nixon says:

    I am a fan on Facebook too (Tracy K Nixon)

  187. Solange says:

    I’m a lazy cook

  188. Marta P says:

    I am quite a creative cook. I take a basic recipe and experiment!

  189. S Mayat says:

    I’m an organised cook in that I read the recipe before cooking.

  190. suzanne cooke says:

    I am a dinner cook, meat and veg with lovely gravy.

  191. suzanne cooke says:

    Tweeted as @angoraferrets

  192. suzanne cooke says:

    already follow, @angoraferrets

  193. Angie says:

    I like to show my artistic side when im in the kitchen

  194. suzanne cooke says:

    already like on fb.

  195. Tracy Nixon says:

    I am a LYING cook

  196. Nicholas Wojdylo says:

    Im a Messy Cook

  197. madeline connolly says:

    i do my best

  198. Nicholas Wojdylo says:

    Am Following you on Twitter and have tweeted @NickWojdylo

  199. izzy says:

    im a throw some frozen chips and turkey dinasours in the oven type of cook

  200. Peta cutts says:

    I enjoy experimenting with food, i enjoy cooking Chinese food mostly, there are lots of exciting ingredients to experiment with…..

  201. DANIELLE VEDMORE @tinkertink2010 says:

    Im a good cook if Im in the mood and have the time. Otherwise im a bish, bash bosh cook!

  202. DANIELLE VEDMORE @tinkertink2010 says:

    Have tweeted as @tinkertink2010 xoxo

  203. DANIELLE VEDMORE @tinkertink2010 says:

    Already follow you on twitter! @tinkertink2010 xxx

  204. DANIELLE VEDMORE @tinkertink2010 says:

    liked on fb danielle vedmore xoxo

  205. Sheila Sloan says:

    Already liked on FB.

    I am a mediocre cook who really wants to improve.

  206. Stephanie Green says:

    I’m a throw it in kind of cook. If I throw it in the pot then see what we end up with. Nobodys compalined yet and nothing taste the same twicw.

  207. Jenny Price says:

    I am self taught from cookery books, watching tv etc. I tend to look at a recipe, then adapt it to whatever I have in the cupboards, freezer etc.

  208. Rhonda says:

    I’m a bung something in the oven and hope for the best type of cook lol

  209. @jennyp19 says:

    Already following on twitter

  210. @jennyp19 says:

    Tweeted as @jennyp19

  211. Holly Green says:

    I am a “throw whatever I can find in a big pot until it tastes nice” kind of cook!

  212. Kate Cunningham says:

    I’m a lazy cook. I like to take shortcuts whenever I can!

  213. Susan Naylor says:

    When I feel like cooking I am a good cook, tasty home cooked meals, deserts, hand made pies and home baked pastries and cakes. When I don’t feel like cooking its out of the freezer and in to the microwave!

  214. Kate Cunningham says:

    I have tweeted @01592_katie

  215. Kate Cunningham says:

    I am following you on twitter @01592_katie


    Old fashioned cook…just like my mum was
    fresh ingredients, health conscious & heart warming 🙂 xx

  217. Kate Cunningham says:

    I like your Facebook page. @01592_katie

  218. Holly Green says:

    Tweeted @flamingice48

  219. Holly Green says:

    Am following you on twitter @flamingice48

  220. Holly Green says:

    Liked on Facebook 🙂

  221. Denise Slater says:

    I love cooking from scratch when I have the time, and make my own jam too. We grow an assortment of veg which I freeze, and they always taste nicer than anything I have brought 🙂

  222. Denise Slater says:

    I have Tweeted your competition – username MrsBun2002

  223. Denise Slater says:

    I was already following you on Twitter 🙂

  224. Denise Slater says:

    I have liked your Facebook page 🙂

  225. fikki orekoya says:

    I’m a student so i suppose if you call putting food in the microwave cooking then I would say I am a down-to-earth cook.

  226. Katherine Coldicott says:

    I love to cook but only when I’ve got the time. Hate to be rushed. Mon – Fri we plan the meals and Sat & Sun is when I cook what I really want to cook.

  227. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Have tweeted @Dwerrycat

  228. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Already follow @cookingkt. @Dwerrycat

  229. Katherine Coldicott says:

    I follow Feeding Boys and a Firefighter page on Facebook

  230. i am very much a beginner cook, but i am learning and enjoying it 🙂

  231. Sandra Dring says:

    i like cooking hearty traditional food, casseroles and pies etc, got a hubby with a big appetite. Also love to use the slow cooker which is great when you have a hectic day planned 🙂

  232. like Feeding Boys and a Firefighter on fb
    emma walters

  233. barbara shaw says:

    The truth – a lazy cook (sorry- but at least I am being truefull)

  234. Jennifer Schofield says:

    I’m a quick cook – anything that can be cooked in under 10 mins is my speciality!

  235. Jennifer Schofield says:

    I’ve tweeted the link


  236. Jennifer Schofield says:

    I’m following @cookingky on twitter @Jenni000

  237. jeanette baker says:

    What type of a cook am I ..
    Well I can bake, grill and fry,
    Serving up quick meals for my 2 sons & my guy,
    Trying to make a little go a long way, as food prices are so high,
    It’s all a juggling act looking after kids, a dog & needing to stand over the hob, temperatures get high,
    I cant follow a recipe, I wont pretend I’m Delia Smith and lie,
    I’m just a Mum who never has enough time so ready meals is what I buy!!!

  238. old school, still use a pressure cooker

  239. followed on facebook & tweeeted

  240. Suzanne sendell says:

    Very traditional,dont like to experiment In case they dont like it
    following @wooohooo2me

  241. ashleigh says:

    I’m a lazy cook – if i can find an easy way of doing something i will take it!

  242. ashleigh says:

    i have tweeted as @ashlallan

  243. ashleigh says:

    i am following you on twitter already as @ashlallan

  244. Samantha Deakin says:

    I tend to start with a recipe and then evolve it into something that is barely recognisable but (I think) far more exciting with my cooking. I have almost the same base for everything though – tomatoes, garlic, chilli and onions. Can’t go wrong with that!

  245. Samantha Deakin says:

    Fllowed you on Twitter with handle @samdeakin3

  246. Samantha Deakin says:

    Liked your Facebook page with account name Sam Deakin

  247. Samantha Deakin says:

    Tweeted message with Twitter handle @samdeakin3

  248. Sean says:

    im a very messy cook!

  249. kerrie says:

    im more of a good taste rather than good looking food

  250. kerrie says:

    tweeted @kemo_2002

  251. lindsay says:

    im a prepared cook, everything needs to be organised before i start.

  252. kerrie says:

    following on twitter @kemo_2002

  253. kerrie says:

    liked on facebook

  254. John Lynch says:

    not scared to try something, if i screw up i screw up

  255. John Lynch says:

    have tweeted

  256. John Lynch says:


  257. Rona G says:

    Tend to stick to tried and tested recipes .

  258. Helen Eynon says:

    Fast & fresh (preferably with veg straight off the allotment)!

  259. Chris Fliss says:

    I’m definitely a ‘Enjoys a new and challenging menu’ am happy to try any new food and always come away from a restaurant want to replicate a meal

  260. Chris Fliss says:

    Have posted a link to this comp as @sparky61

  261. Chris Fliss says:

    Have liked on facebook as Chris Fliss

  262. Joanna Coleshill says:

    I’m an obsessively-follow-the-recipe cook, but trying hard to get more relaxed!

  263. Henry says:

    Creative – doesn’t always work out but when it does it’s great (if I do say so myself!)

  264. Rachel M says:

    I would describe myself as a experimental cook….always willing to try new and adventurous ideas.

  265. JAN says:

    It depends on my mood -sometimes I am just in the mood to bake and therefore get cracking and porduce lots of dishes, other times I can barely bring myself to make beans on tast. If I have guests I often make a casserole (or some other ‘oven’ dish) because once it’s in the oven I can relax and if I attempt anything complicated when I have people, I just end up totally stressed!!

  266. Kathleen Connolly says:

    I’m a mixture of types of cook – tonight it was a throw it all in the pot type cook with plenty of herbs and spices. I also play around with a recipe until I like it adding my own ingredients and more or less of what is suggested,

  267. angiemann says:

    I am the type of cook who just looks in the fridge and chucks things together-it usually works! Unless i am having people over for dinner (ie Boxing Day extravaganza!) where i will find some decent recipes to follow x

  268. Kathleen Connolly says:

    I am already following you on Twitter @MISBUDMAN

  269. Kathleen Connolly says:

    I already like your Facebook page 🙂

  270. Lisa Sturrock says:

    throw it in and see what happens… can go very wrong!

  271. Lisa Sturrock says:

    liked on facebook

  272. Penny says:

    I love baking and experimenting with different wheat free cakes. I have liked your Facebook page too!

  273. I like to cook using plenty of healthy ingredients but i don’t scrimp on the butter / cream content. I sway more towards traditional cooking, though I do try some modern dishes too 🙂

  274. Lottiegirl says:

    I cook a few staple meals but I’m not a great follower of recipes – I love to chuck a bit of this and a bit of that in and see how it turns out!

  275. June Gaynor says:

    I’m an enthusiastic amateur

  276. June Gaynor says:

    I have tweeted the message

  277. Susan Nisar says:

    Calm and organised…a rushed meal is a rubbish meal!

  278. June Gaynor says:

    @juneski is following @cookingkt

  279. June Gaynor says:

    Have liked the Facebook page

  280. caroline james says:

    I’m a ‘chuck it all in a pan and hope for the best’ cook 😉

  281. Melanie Hunt says:

    I’m a experimental cook. i love my recipe books but i also like to add my own twist on things. and also feeding a family sometimes you can supplement something a bit cheaper than whats requested in the recipe. i love putting the ipod on in the kitchen , closing the door and creating !!

  282. katherine grieve says:

    Im a throw it all in and hope for the best cook 🙂

  283. Katherine L says:

    I consider myself a very neat cook … I always clean as i go … in the same theme, I like to follow recipes until I know what’s going on, then freestyle from there! All about the order in the kitchen 😉

  284. Katherine L says:

    I’ve retweeted about your giveaway 🙂

    @KookyKaty xx

  285. Katherine L says:

    I’m already a follower on Twitter (@KookyKaty)

  286. Katherine L says:

    I’m also already a follower of Feeding Boys and a Firefighter on FB 🙂

    Fingers crossed!

  287. Katie says:

    I have to have a recipe to follow… and I follow it exactly. If the conversions aren’t exactly the same that annoys me a little because I need to know how much I’m supposed to use! Have got a little better over the years with some things, but if I’m making something complicated or for the first time I’d always prefer to follow the recipe exactly.

  288. Katie says:

    Tweeted. I’m @ktcoventry

  289. Katie says:

    Following you on Twitter


  290. Katie says:

    I like the Feeding Boys and a Firefighter page on Facebook.

  291. rena plumrdige says:

    I am a look up/seek out receipe and method first then cook, dont just throw it all together.

  292. Lindsey Jones says:

    I am a very haphazard type of cook but my food always tastes good @linziwoopp

  293. Lindsey Jones says:

    Have tweeted @linziwoopp

  294. Lindsey Jones says:

    I am following on twitter @linziwoopp

  295. Lindsey Jones says:

    Like your page on facebook @linziwoopp

  296. Claire says:

    I’m a creative cook, I love trying new recipes out on people and I also love the presentation part, so it looks as good as it tastes.

  297. Claire says:

    I have tweeted as @claire_trevor

  298. Claire says:

    I am following you on twitter as @claire_trevor

  299. Claire says:

    I have liked you on facebook as Claire Trevor.

  300. emma says:

    I’m a messy cook! ha

  301. i like to cook pasta type dishes. its the only thing i can cook that i dont end up burning

  302. i am already following on twitter

  303. im already a liker on facebook
    janine atkin

  304. Christina Massue says:

    I’m a bit of a lazy cook, if there’s a shortcut i’ll take it.

  305. Kristy Brown says:

    I am most definatley a slap dash cook. Everything cooked is from fresh, my kids eat everything, but all I seem to know is old fashioned traditional! I don’t follow recipes, I add things as I go xx

  306. Hilda Wright says:

    I am a ‘cornflakes’ type of cook or a throw it in the pan and hope for the best… (cringe)! Thanks for the comp!

  307. Hilda Wright says:

    ‘liked’ on facebook. Can’t do the twitter sadly as I’m suspended for being naughty. Oops!

  308. Lindy says:

    I am a messy cook lol especially when I have my little helper, my two year old nephew Maxx 😀

  309. Harpal Kaur says:

    am a trial and error cook

  310. I’m an adventurous cook I like to try new flavour combinations!

  311. I’ve tweeted – @angiehoggett

  312. I already follow you on twitter @angiehoggett

  313. Bernie says:

    Probably say I was a desperate cook, always dieting (with good reason :/) daughter coeliac so finding recipes for everyone to eat tricky – so a desperate trier!! Getting better day by day – but in no way could I say I was any good yet.

  314. Anne B says:

    I’m a rustic/home-style cook, doesn’t look restaurant-quality, but tastes good, well mostly!

  315. Zoe Howarth says:

    Enthusiastic family orientated, comfort food amateur!

  316. Christine Howorth says:

    I am an awful cook! I hate cooking and do it out of necessity, although I have cooked twice over Christmas for family and friends and plates were emptied, so what does that say?

  317. Zoe Howarth says:

    Followed and tweeted x

  318. Zoe Howarth says:

    Followed and tweeted x @zaphgb (sorry…forgot to put twitter name in last post!)

  319. Zoe Howarth says:

    Liked on fb x

  320. Terry Hart says:

    I’m a family man and my cooking reflects it. A kitchen full of people making lots of family loved recipes passed down from generation to generation with each person adding their own twists along the way, my ancestors had never heard of seasoning!

  321. Jayne K says:

    Know how to make most things from scratch, but rarely do nowadays.

  322. Jayne K says:

    Have tweeted. @jaizduck

  323. Jayne K says:

    Following on Twitter. @jaizduck

  324. Jayne K says:

    Liked Feeding Boys and a Firefighter page on Facebook

  325. Carol Wright says:

    I’m a bit of an improvisor, I’m a vegetarian and I see it as a challenge to vegetarianize recipes! However this can be rather challenging at times!

  326. Carol Wright says:

    I’ve tweeted about your competition CarolWright14 is my Twitter ID

  327. Carol Wright says:

    I’m following you on Twitter 🙂

  328. Carol Wright says:

    I’ve liked your facebook page Feeding Boys and a Firefighter. Carol Wright 🙂

  329. Sheri Darby says:

    I’m a happy to try anything – but always in a hurry type cook

  330. Sheri Darby says:

    Have tweeted @sheridarby

  331. Sheri Darby says:

    Am following you on twitter @sheridarby

  332. Sheri Darby says:

    And I like your facebook page

  333. I have loads of recipe books and like to follow them, I’m not confident enough to add my own variations.


  334. I have Tweeted @MrsWebster147

  335. I already follow you on Twitter @MrsWebster147

  336. Already like you facebook as Angela M Webster.


  337. Tim Bain says:

    I make it up as I go, I like to use my own grown veg and herbs where i can,,,and I’m fast because if I’m not my supper’s in the cats.

  338. Krissy Del Agua says:

    I’m a rubbish cook! I would be lost without my trusty microwave :0)
    I even have my own motto “if it don’t go ding, it don’t mean a thing”

  339. Tim Bain says:

    Tweeted @TImothyBain

  340. Krissy Del Agua says:

    Have Tweeted @KrisDelAgua

  341. Krissy Del Agua says:

    Following @cookingkt on Twitter

  342. Tim Bain says:

    Following @TimothyBain

  343. Tim Bain says:

    Likedon FB Tim Bain

  344. Krissy Del Agua says:

    Have liked your Facebook page :0)

  345. Anne Thompson says:

    I am a traditional cook

  346. Anne Thompson says:

    liked on facebook as Anne Tomma

  347. sue willshee says:

    I’m quite inventive and I love to take other people’s recipes and adapt them. I’m vegetarian and coeliac so I often have to change recipes quite a bit to suit my diet. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t – but that’s half the fun! Finding a combination of ingredients that works is brilliant and with such a restrictive diet I need to keep ‘inventing’ new meals to keep things interesting @piperanddaisy

  348. sue willshee says:

    I’ve tweeted about your giveaway @piperanddaisy

  349. sue willshee says:

    already a follower on twitter @piperanddaisy

  350. Rachel King says:

    I’d describe myself as a ‘rustic’ cook! Things tend to turn out ok and taste nice (most of the time), but I don’t think I’m going to win any points for presentation.

  351. Georgie Aronin says:

    I’m an anticook – my husband does it all!

  352. sian hallewell says:

    I’m a family cook, self taught following recipes – no good at making things up!

  353. sian hallewell says:

    Liked your FB page

  354. Steph Armstrong says:

    Sort of follow a recipe but add my own tweaks to enhance the ingredients – most times it works sometimes not!

  355. helenthemadex says:

    prefer to eat it than cook it type cook!!

  356. Dawn McBean says:

    a care free one

  357. Im a impulsive cook and tend to try new flavours often – they usually work too

  358. i have tweeted the message as straysuzi1

  359. sally smith says:

    I like to fling everything together at the last minute – I’m not a recipe follower!

  360. sally smith says:

    tweeted @kidsandstuff

  361. sally smith says:

    followed you @kidsandstuff

  362. sally smith says:

    already following on facebook

  363. Im a thrifty cook trying to multi use ingredients and look for bargains!!

  364. michelle corbett says:

    my style of cooking is throw in and try rather than follow recipes. chucker in as my family call it!!!

  365. Becky Downey says:

    inherently lazy

  366. Becky Downey says:

    liked on fb

  367. Becky Downey says:

    following on twitter

  368. Becky Downey says:

    tweeted @beckydowney

  369. kay Finlay says:

    I am a “Give them what they like,” kind of cook. They won’t know if they like it (or not) until they have been given it!

  370. Rahela Ahmed-Uddin says:

    I’m a very messy cook! I use up all the pots and pans, spoons, plates to cook even the most simplest of dishes! I start off in a pot and then realize its not big enough so move it another and then another and before you know it I have no more pots!

    But still the end result is really good!

  371. Rahela Ahmed-Uddin says:

    Tweeted and followed by @RahelaA
    Already liked om FB 🙂

  372. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Weekdays I am a ‘quick’ cook and make full use of shortcuts – ready made sauces and the like. Weekends I am much more experimental and love taking the time to try out new recipes.

  373. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    I have Tweeted – @kathrynann1

  374. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Following on Twitter – @kathrynann1

  375. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Fan on Facebook – Kathryn Casbolt

  376. carol dodds says:

    I am a traditional family cook and I love the salt and pepper grinders they would look lovely on
    my dining table

  377. lorraine polley says:

    im a slap-dash cook, throw it all in and hope for the best!!! its amazing some of the results are actually quite edible!! well, hubby aint left me yet for a woman who can cook!

  378. I’m definitely a make-it-up-as-I-go along cook! I often start with a recipe, but usually find I’m missing one (or several) ingredients, so adapt on the fly! I’d say it works out ok around 80-90% of the time!

  379. I’ve tweeted the tweet! @cheekychicken24 on Twitter x

  380. I’m already following you on Twitter – @cheekychicken24 x

  381. I’m already following you on Facebook x

  382. grumpiestgoblin says:

    Love cooking when I have the time – hate it when it’s after work instant food needed!

  383. JENNY MILLER says:

    I’m definately not a cook, I’m married to a chef.

  384. Alasdair MacInnes says:

    I’m a one pot cook. The less washing up the better 😀

  385. Shitley Harpley says:

    I keep a really good store cupboard so can usually rustle something up. Yesterday I bought everything I needed for a curry, but forgot the naan breads, so went on line, found a recipe and within 30 mins I had fresh homebaked naans. I guess you’d call me a determined cook!

    Love the S&P pots by the way!

  386. From scratch but a few little bits of help like tinned tomatoes

  387. andrea k says:

    a reluctant cook

  388. andrea k says:

    liked Feeding Boys and a Firefighter on facebook

  389. Nickie Chapman says:

    Is messy a style? How about we go with ‘casual’ 😉

  390. Nickie Chapman says:

    Tweeted – @nickiem

  391. Nickie Chapman says:

    I already follow you on twitter

  392. Nickie Chapman says:

    Just liked you on facebook too, name as above 🙂

  393. andrea k says:

    followed on twitter

  394. andrea k says:

    have tweeted

  395. maria taylor says:

    i am an easy cook, i choose the easiest route to get the meal on the table so take a lot of shortcuts

  396. maria taylor says:

    tweeted @lota1

  397. Adriana Clarke says:

    Follow Follow , Likey Likey , Tweety Tweety!

  398. marchez50 says:

    Not a very good one

  399. marchez50 says:

    Have also tweeted (@boo1003)

  400. Victoria Riley says:

    I like try new recipes, taking inspiration from cookery shows on TV. The internet is so great for finding new ideas. I’ve tweeted the comment, I’ve liked the facebook page and I’m following you on Twitter 🙂

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