Win a bumper pack of meat for your BBQ!

The Grill and Chill Pack from Pipers Farm

The Grill and Chill Pack from Pipers Farm

Mmmmmmmmeat!!!!! A rare sight in the Feeding Boys kitchen these days sadly. But just because we’re not barbecuing the days away, doesn’t mean you have to refrain…

The weather is so unpredictable – bucketing it down one minute, scorching hot the next. The BBQ is poised for action but is your freezer?!

Well the lovely folks at Pipers Farm have offered Feeding Boys readers the chance to stock up on meat with one of their Grill and Chill packs worth £34. There are two packs up for grabs, each containing 32 barbecue favourites including:

  • Four pork sausages- made with porks, oats, salt, pepper and nothing else!
  • Four Red Ruby grilling steaks- grass fed and slowly grown so that they have a beautifully marbled finish
  • A choice of four succulent burgers- steak, spicy pork, venison, lamb or chicken
  • Four chicken drumsticks in a homemade tomato and honey marinade
  • Four pork steaks in a homemade lime and ginger marinade
  • Eight lean lamb kebabs

You can read a review I wrote last year of their fantastic meat and website – it really is worth a gander if you’re partial to some online shopping to stock up your freezer.



1. For a chance to win please comment on this post telling me about your best ever barbecue experience

2. For a second chance to win please tweet this post Win 32 piece pack of BBQ meat from Pipers Farm worth £34.99 with @cookingkt and comment HERE telling me you have done so along with your twitter username

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This giveaway is open to all readers with a UK mailing address.  The winners will be chosen using an online randomiser and announced in a subsequent post.   When commenting please leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

I am running this competition on behalf of Pipers Farm who will be responsible for sending the prizes to the winners. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries.  You must leave a separate comment for each bonus entry otherwise they will not be counted.


Closing date: 10pm Saturday 30th July 2011

Good Luck!

Thanks to Pipers Farm for providing these fantastic prizes.



About Katie Bryson

Katie Bryson is a freelance food writer and blogger. She left a career in online news at the BBC to immerse herself in the culinary world, taking in courses at Leiths School of Food and Wine and an internship at Waitrose along the way. Her family food blog is bursting with recipes and tips for feeding hungry families that’ll help inspire all those frazzled parents out there wondering what on earth to cook for tea!
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215 Responses to Win a bumper pack of meat for your BBQ!

  1. julianna says:

    Best bbq experience was sitting in the Arabian desert having a huge meat feast after having dug friends stuck car out of the sand for 8 hours in the sweltering heat with our hands. Never has food tasted so good!

  2. ravylesley says:

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  3. ravylesley says:

    Best Barbecue experience was last Summer in Lowestoft.Hubby and I took our four children to the air show and we barbecued on the beach whilst overhead a multitude of aircraft were passing and we were even treated to a magical display by the Red Arrows.We stayed on the beach all day and had a fabulous time

  4. zoe allen says:

    My best bbq memory also is the wettest! Going back to my 18th birthday my mum and dad had organised a massive bbq party for my birthday at my request it was planned as being “gardenbury” glasto but in my garden we had everything thought through bunting,a mini stage, sunflowers everywhere lights,candles and a little tent too for good measure we even hired a half drum bbq so we could make sure that everyone could have their meat at the same time. The day came round and it started well we werent basking in sun but it was dry. We fired up the coals, people started arriving and the drink started flowing then the heavens opened! That was it party ruined so you would have thought……But not in this case everyone got into the true spirit of the theme donned their wellies and macs and we carried on the cooking under the protection of a golf umberella. we even ate outside. By the end of the day we were soaked through but we had had a laugh and experience the closest thing to glastonbury you can get in a back garden!

  5. zoe allen says:

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  7. Aveen says:

    Wow, that all sounds delicious. Actually really good value as well. My best barbecue was on my birthday last year, it was a scorching hot day in June and we had some friends round, I did all the prep including making burgers and buns to go with them, spicy chicken kebabs, sauces etc etc, even Pizza Express style dough balls with garlic butter. And then I put my feet up, let my husband get on with the actual cooking bits (what is it about men and barbecues??) and had a few beers. It was just a lovely chilled out day, and I don’t think any of us felt like eating again for a week afterwards as we were so stuffed.

  8. Aveen says:

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  10. Julia Rockett says:

    Best barbecue experience was just recently after moving home from a busy town to a small village with a garden backing onto the open countryside. Finally got to fire up the barbie last weekend and it was wonderful to eat out in our lovely garden and not be disturbed by traffic noise. Bliss!

  11. Julia Rockett says:

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  15. Jan Bailey says:

    My best bbq experience was on holiday in France when hubby, having placed the bbq a little too close to the hedge, nearly set it alight!The food was great and I think we had imbibed quite a lot of the local red wine – purely for research, of course. Anyway the whole family thought it was a hoot and Monsieur who owned the gite ( and hedge) was fine about it.

  16. @littleboo_21 says:

    Te last few family BBQ’s we have gone to my husband has ended up cooking and he is defintely improving… bless him

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  19. andrea miles says:

    my best bbq was recently at a friends for her birthday – a friend happened to be in the UK from NZ and we had really tasty food cooked by her fiance – it was nothing out of the ordinary but we had a great time

  20. Catherine Bristow says:

    My best bbq was earlier this year late night on the beach with some of my closest friends.

  21. Sandra says:

    It would have to be a beach bbq when I was a student. Warm night, several barbies, lots and lots of yummy food and brilliant company. Can’t be beat!

  22. Sandra says:

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  23. My best BBQ is when someone else cooks it as am useless at BBQ cooking, every year I think maybe if I get a better BBQ I would be able to cook on it better but I am lucky to even be able to light the BBQ so the best ones are always by someone who knows what they are doing 🙂

  24. Sandra says:

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    Hope that counts!

  25. Catherine Bristow says:

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  27. Helen Miller says:

    My fav BBQ memory is having all my friends round, sharing a few drinks, cooking up a feast and watching the sun going down whilst playing silly games. Just need some free food to be able to do it all again.

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  31. Liz Simpson says:

    My best BBQ was in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia, singing songs round the fire with the hippos in the river joining in.

  32. MrMrsReed says:

    My fave bbq experience was in the australian outback, filthy grill added to the taste and the jacket potato’s were cooked in tinfoil in a hole in the ground! :o) dont think i’ll recreate that experience at home tho!

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  34. The sounds of silence meal at Ayers Rock on my honeymoon. Black tie dinner in the middle of the desert of barbecued ostrich, crocodile, lamb, beef, shark, then we had to remain completely silent with the lights turned off looking up at the stars. Magic!

  35. karen turtill says:

    last year we had an impromptu BBQ for our son’s 11th birthday, family & friends came on spur of the moment and it was the best BBQ we have ever had 🙂 x

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  37. Shaun says:

    My Fav BBQ Memory was when I had a load of friends around and had the BBQ to close to the pond and my mate Elan fell in making the biggest splash ever.

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  39. Kasia says:

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  40. Alice says:

    My favourite BBQ is my firend’s birthday BBQ. Every year her hubby organises a ‘surprise’ BBQ for my friend. He hides all he needs at the bottom of the freezer or in the gararge. We all take along a dish of something and a bottle and of course shout ‘surprise’. I guess though the biggest surprise was the year he didn’t do it and we had all bought our food/ bottles in preparation!

    Its a really nice annual social event. Kind of like Christmas in summer except its friends not family.

  41. jane simone says:

    best bbq ever was this christmas just gone
    snow and so cold reminded me of canada
    at the time daughter was veggie and by the time we cooked veggies and put em on a plate they were cold
    reckon it was minus 10 but the whole family was there making snow angels and being funny
    best bbq and best christmas ever

  42. Laura Sterling says:

    best experience at a bbq was at the bbc pebble mill rd bonfire there was about 50 of us food was great nothing burn fireworks brill
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  43. Glenn Hutton says:

    Best bbq was a minted lamb shank on a warm day with a ice cold beer and it was delicious!

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  44. Philip Small says:

    All bbqs are great with the right mix of great friends,good drink & quality food.

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  46. Rhonda says:

    Best BBQ was with all the family, my Mam, Dad, Sister and Bro in Law and my Sisters mates, theres was plenty of food and drink and the weather was lovely, when it turned colder and dark we moved it inside and ended up having a all night party lol. Ah those were the days!

  47. Rhonda says:

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  49. My best ever BBQ experience involved freshly caught lobsters and a beach in Jamaica…. and no kids!

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  51. Jane says:

    My best BBQ memories took place about 4 years ago. We was at a flight archery competition in Yorkshire and it was my daughters 18th Birthday. She and her sister achieved 5 World Records during the day and it was just a fantastic day, we had steaks, burgers, sausages and of course a really special birthday cake. All of the competition entrants sang “Happy Birthday” to her it was just a really special day.

  52. ellen says:

    Someone else doing the cooking.

  53. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    I will never forget a beach bbq in Barbados 🙂

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  56. Jennifer Kelly says:

    My best BBQ experience was very recently, where my children are now a little older & we could enjoy it together. There was loads of food & playing games & when they got so tired we put them to bed & me and my other half continued the party with a fire pit & some music. It’s one of my favourite days so far 🙂

  57. Jennifer Kelly says:

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    Thanks for the comp, the meat looks amazing!!


  59. Marie says:

    Best BBQ for me was a pre-wedding BBQ prior to our wedding – we had all the family over, and it was just such a lovely relaxed afternoon for of love with the people we care for.

    Have tweeted and followed (@mrsmariedoyle)

  60. matt says:

    The best bbqs invariably seem to be the impropmtu ones brought about due to waking up to a glorious days sunshine. A few phone calls and texts accompanied by a trip to the shops and local farm shops and before you know it you are enjoying a relaxing day in the sun with great company and delicious food, everyone chips in to help bring it together and before you know it the sun is setting and the quickly assembled party moves inside until the small hours

  61. Marc Landers says:

    My best bbq exp was in a locsl village in the Phillipines

    Now following on twitter as well

  62. I have tweeted. My partner cannot cook at all, would insist on cooklng at my sisters BBQ.
    He really excelled. What a great day. Good food nicely cooked and too much wine.

  63. DeniseUK says:

    My best BBQ experience has to be about 8 years ago. I was working on a project miles away from home, in Swansea. I was in a hotel with around 7 other colleagues & we decided to visit the Gower beaches with a couple of disposable BBQs & some meat, salad stuff etc courtesy of the local supermarket. The weather was amazing not too hot & with a slight breeze. The beach area was stunning & we even managed to collect some wood for a little fire because we stayed later into the evening. Those who weren’t driving had a few drinks & us drivers had some cans of soft drink. A really amazing evening & best of all no nasty grill to wash up as all our rubbish went into bags & back to the hotel bin! Superb

  64. gemma robinson says:

    my best experiance was when i was little, we had been on the beach all day, and there was a massive barbecue it was lovely, i was so hungry, will never forget that best day ever!

  65. Joey Grey says:

    My best BBQ experience was at the Reading Festival two years ago. It was my first ever camping experience, and my well travelled friend did a BBQ for us all which involved homemade (actually tent made) burgers, steak, and spare ribs. The teenagers camping round us were so jealous as they dug into their cold baked beans and packets of crisps 😀

  66. Jo Bromley says:

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  68. Janet Palmer says:

    Best BBQ experience: In the local park with the whole family and no burnt bits! (on me or the food lol)

  69. Janet Palmer says:

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  70. bev_metallica on Twitter says:

    My best ever BBQ was sat in a field at Knebworth House. Just a couple of simple cheeseburgers and a can of lager, but Metallica were due to come on stage within the next couple of hours and I was so excited I could hardly eat!

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  73. Sarah Laycock says:

    Best BBQ experience was in Morocca eating Root Veg barbecue style with fragrant spices. On a balmy summer evening, it was esoteric and almost magical. I’d like to add there was the option of camel meat which I passed on…..! x

  74. Sarah Laycock says:

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  76. carole says:

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  77. my best ever bbq experience was bbq whole sea bass with lemon and herbs and roasted fennel on my balcony. Fabulous!

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  80. Rob Clayton says:

    Best barbecue experience is always corn on the cob, but i also found it hillarious when we did can up the chickens bum on the bbq (thats a opened can of ale stuffed inside the chickens bum) the can is used as the cooking utensil

  81. Rob Clayton says:

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  82. Lisa Day says:

    My best BBQ experience was when my sister and her husband came round.Whilst they were waiting for the BBQ food to be ready they decided to play some games.The idea was to run down the garden spin as fast at you could around a broom with it in the air twirling above your head and then run back up the garden.Only my sister’s husband didn’t quite make it past the holly bush and ended up laying flat in it.Everyone was laughing so hard that we finally thought we should help him get back up and out of it.

  83. Loma Wood says:

    My best BBq experience was a charity event for a local hospital. It was a hot day, the food was delicious and my best friend Denise got to wave to her Father who was in the isolation block with TB!

  84. jenny b says:

    My best experience was a bbq on new years day after a long night on the beach in SA, it was amaaazing!!! =D

  85. freakfire99 says:

    My friend has an annual sausagefest birthday barbeque where he gets as many varieties of sausage as possible. It’s a great idea and allows you to try lots of new and exciting sausages.

  86. freakfire99 says:

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  87. DeniseUK says:

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  88. helen milner says:

    My best BBQ was on a skiing holiday in Sweden at the top of a mountain with a wigwam for shelter from the snow!! Dont know what meat it was but after hours of skiing anything would taste great. The views were amazing !!!!!!!

  89. Martina says:

    My best BBQ was when my partner’s family and mine got together in our garden, everyone had a bit too much to drink and my mum’s partner was teaching everyone a Slovak song (I am Slovak) and everyone made good attempt at singing it.

  90. Hazel Rea says:

    Best BBQ experience was when I was at a sporting event my husband was participating in. It was a full day out and we had brought lots of food with us as well as knowing there would be a barbecue lunch. It was a great day I ate all the food I had brought and (by my husband’s calculation) most of a BBQ chicken … and three weeks later found out I was eight weeks pregnant.


  91. Hazel Rea says:

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  93. Andrew Timms says:

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  95. Andrew Timms says:

    I love barbies but the weather here is so unpredictable that it makes it a gamble. Last year I was lucky and found the best Saturday in terns of weather and had some friends round for some beer and a BBQ there is nothing greater than that, good food, good company and great weather!

  96. Nancy Townsend says:

    I haven’t been to a barbeque for ages but the last one I went to was at my brother’s house and they had veggie sausages on the barbie just for me.

  97. Julie Barrett says:

    My favourite BBQ was 12 years ago for my aunts 60th birthday. All my extended family were there, it was such fun. Sadly alot of my aunts and uncles are no longer here so we look back on this with fond memories.

  98. Julie Barrett says:

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  100. tinkerb311a says:

    My best ever bbq was on the beach with the family watching the sunset, PERFECT 😀

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    Oh and my 3rd go! I have tweeted the competition! (@tinkerb311a) I think this prize looks fab, as you can probably tell from my 3 entries lol! 😀

  103. victoria leedham says:

    my best bbq has had my kids,fella, and good friends around, good food good music and few beers too of course

  104. victoria leedham says:

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  105. best ever has to be the bonfire night one that they did in Berlin every year when growing up as a forces brat. In 1971 we were deemed old enough at sensible enough to go without our parents ( maybe just cos it was too cold for them to come). Caroline and her 2 younger sisters, our good friend and only child Angela and me with my little brother in tow all trotted off together down to the airfield to watch the fireworks, stand around the bonfire and eat barbecue food, and on a freezing cold night instead of a hot sunny day it was delicious, if different

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  108. Helen says:

    When it rained all morning and then cleared into a beautiful sunny afternoon for the barbecue

  109. Helen says:

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  111. William Gould says:

    Not really got a best BBQ as they’ve all been quite good, except one when I got some hot wax on my arm from one of those garden candle things, spent a few hours in A & E, and there wasn’t any food left when we got back!!!!

  112. William Gould says:

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  114. Bartek says:

    My the best ever barbecue experience was last summer in my parents garden.
    My parents invited some of my friends. I live in another city and I’ve not seen my firends for a long time. My mum loves cooking and the food was delicious

  115. Bartek says:

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  117. Here’s my best BBQ experience
    I thought i would share my experiences of a hog roast I did last year for my sons first birthday.

    Earlier this year I expanded my burgeoning cookbook collection with the River Cottage Meat book, the section on open fire cooking sparked something in my imagination, especially the section on the Hog Roast. And being the sort of guy who loves to cook for a crowd and loves a challenge decided to take up Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s gauntlet to cook a whole animal, so I said to my wife, “I’ll do a Hog Roast for our sons first birthday”………

    So I spent a lot of time researching, especially some fascinating US sites, and decided to go for a simple motorised spit over a firepit.

    I managed to find a spit motor on the bay of e rated for 45kg, and when the motor arrived, I decided that it needed to be beefed up, so a friend who was excited with the prospect offered to create a spit, I was very grateful.

    The design was nice and simple with 2 uprights and a 6ft spit that would slot into the motor.

    The next thing needed was a pig, I approached a local butcher who could obtain one, and the nice people with a small holding over the road, who showed me a lovely free range berkshire who would be a perfect size, so I went for the local option. The pig was around 28kg a perfect size.

    The day before the party, the pig turned up, I injected the meat with peach juice, slashed the skin with a stanley knife, and rubbed in salt, pepper and fennel seeds, wrapped the pig in a sheet to keep the flies off, and had an early night.

    The next morning I awoke at 5am, and started the fire going with some apple wood i’d cut myself, and some bay branches to give a lovely smokey flavour to the meat. It soon became obvious that the motor wasn’t up to the job, so I came up with a Heath Robinson affair to turn and lock the spit into position.

    Everything was going good, I spent the morning keeping the fire going and turning the spit every 20 mins and trying to drive the heat into the thickest part of the pig, the shoulder.

    At about 1pm the guests started arriving, and the meat was softening up lovely, and the fat was rendering out, I was using cider to baste the outside of the pig, unfortunately I left a couple of friends in charge as I went away to sort things out and the fat flared up and burnt the shoulders more than I would have liked, but it was a fine line between getting the heat into the meat without burning the skin. I think there was a good 30-40% perfect crackling which I was happy with for a first attempt.

    I carved up the meat, and it was served with bread rolls, salad and homemade apple sauce, everyone loved it!

    After the day I was heard saying i’m never doing another hog roast again……….

    ….but what next…..a lamb…a deer…….a cow perhaps!

    What is certain i’ll need an even stronger motor and spit setup……

    or maybe i’ll just do what everyone else does and have a few bangers on a bbq?

  118. Kirsty Fox says:

    There isn’t one particular bbq experience but I used to love it when I was about 17 or 18 (30+ now) and we used to go round to mates houses and have a bbq and sit outside, the weather would be warm and we would talk for ages!

  119. Tracy Gladman says:

    It has to be when my 8 year old went to a barbecue and actually ate a burger, chicken and hot dog. Up until then she had always told me “I don’t like barbecue food”. It was a eureka moment and I was so happy I could have danced!

  120. Tracy Gladman says:

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  122. Kirsty Fox says:

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  124. elaine stokes says:

    my best b-b-q was a big family get together, 20ish of us. my uncle behind his homebuilt b-b-q, in the middle of cooking the grill collasped and all the food went onto the floor. My uncle who isnt allowed to touch d i y, had used plastic wall plugs to hold the grill up so they melted……. but the food was saved on throw away b-b-q’s and my uncle still hasnt lived it down…….

  125. Val Pownall says:

    Best ever for me just has to be the many and varied BBQs we enjoyed when visiting an old school friend in Oz a few years ago. They were always so laid back and impromptu with hardly any planning involved and absolutely amazing! The best ever. The one ‘planned’ aspect of any of them was removing red-backs from the BBQ before we fired it up!

  126. Erica Price says:

    Definitely homemade burgers cooked with just a hint of pink.

  127. Erica Price says:

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  129. Best BBQ experience has to be a Halloween/ Bonfire Night street party at our old house. The whole street came together to make a feast with mulled wine kept warm on one bbq! We all picthed in with food, drink, tables, bbqs and patio heaters. The retained firemen put on an amazing fireworks display and everyone was in fancy dress. Went on until 3am!

  130. Midi M says:

    I decided to host a brunch one Sunday inviting people to arrive at approx. 11.00. AM. I suggested people brought the Sunday papers and we would all have a relaxed time. I wondered how many people would actually turn up, and would the whole idea be a flop. No way everyone took up my invitation and a great time was had by all . I will definitely do this again.

  131. Nancy Bradford says:

    My best BBQ experience was at the International BBQ Goat Cookoff in Brady Texas. Amazing food and loads for everyone to do.

  132. Viv Gilbey says:

    My best BBQ experience was my Dad’s 50th birthday. We had loads of friends around and it was a beautiful sunny day. We put a lot of preparation into it and had tons of food to BBQ plus various salads and nibbles.

  133. Viv Gilbey says:

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  135. maisietoo says:

    The best barbecue experience was at a pool party when I was young. Lots of people, piles of food by the grills all deliciously barbecued without any marinades. @maisietoo

  136. maisietoo says:

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  138. louise haycock says:

    Has to be a xmas day bbq with relatives in south africa, most surreal eating a bbq xmas dinner in tropical temperatures but was fantastic!

  139. louise haycock says:

    Have tweeted as @loutigger

  140. carol phile says:

    My best barbecue experience was a very drunken and happy beach barbecue with Club 18-30 in Corfu in the days when these things were more fun and less seedy. I had been forced to take my big sister with me and she had been really strict but she had too much wine and sun and got sick and had to sit in the shade and at last I was off the lead and free to have some fun. Good times. @essexgirlSE

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  143. Arabella B says:

    That’s easy, a fabulously warm summer’s day and a friend was holding a BBQ. Everyone was welcome from near and far you just had to bring your own food and drink. Several families turned up and we ended up being about 100 with people sprawled through the house and garden, then a game of rounders on the village green later in the afternoon. Nothing planned, it all just happened as the best things normally do and the BBQ lasted from lunchtime til supper!

  144. Hazel H says:

    I love bbq,s with my friends and family the smell of the food, the kids playing on the lawn, a nice cold drink all good summer fun 🙂

  145. peter says:

    a short walk to nearby river on a lovely day, just using disposable bbq`s but we`d won some top quality steaks in the club raffle, with lovely bread they were delicious *with some nice wine to knock it back with)

  146. Emma Clarke says:

    The best barbecue I ever had was at Royal Victoria Country Park overlooking Southampton Water. Great food, great wine, great company an attractive setting – just perfect!

  147. Emma Clarke says:

    For a bonus entry I have tweeted a link to the giveaway @emma1111111

  148. Emma Clarke says:

    For a third and final entry I follow @cookingkt on Twitter (@emma1111111)

  149. Melanie Edjourian says:

    We had a great barbi at Centre Parc when i went for my hen weekend (we invited male friends too including my future hubby), it was lovely as for a change i didnt have to cook, although i had done all the work for a friends surprise bday party the day b4 😉
    @MuckymooMse on twitter

  150. Melanie Edjourian says:

    Tweeted @MuckymooMse

  151. Melanie Edjourian says:

    Was already following @MuckymooMse

  152. Christina says:

    Many years ago on my 40th birthday we had a BBQ for about 50 in the middle of July. At the last moment the heavens opened and my husband and his cousins did the bbq outside with umbrellas whilst we ate inside. Late the rain stopped and we sat outside for strawberries and cream

  153. James Woodcock says:

    My best barbequeue experience has to be last christmas day with my family, on a deserted beach in New Zealand fully surrounded by mountains. Amazing!!

  154. James Woodcock says:

    i am following you on twitter

  155. James Woodcock says:

    I have tweeted you competition tweet

  156. James Woodcock says:

    forgot my twitter name for the tweet entry it is @slovenlyjimmy

  157. wendy moore says:

    My best bbq experience was on the beach in mid-wales. Unusually, it was a sunny day with no rain and we cooked jumbo prawns on skewers.

  158. Sheila says:

    My best ever BBQ experience was on our local beach a couple of years ago when we had a really hot summer. It was with my loved one and was the best day ever eating away until our hearts content – bliss in the summer sun

  159. Laura Pritchard says:

    My best ever BBQ was Christmas Day 2005 in Darwin, Australia. The hostel I was staying in threw a big party for backpackers (& local randoms) & it was the most surreal Christmas ever!

  160. Laura Pritchard says:

    Have tweeted the message @Isis1981uk

  161. Laura Pritchard says:

    Following you on Twitter @Isis1981uk

  162. We have a BBQ every year for my birthday and they are always one of my favourite events of the year. Great friends, fab food and birthday presents – what more can a girl ask for?!

    Have tweeted and am following you on Twitter – Shazzaspannered.

  163. Rebecca Henderson says:

    My best bbq experience has to be this year for my Brothers birthday, he really wanted a BBq however we don’t have or can afford a bbq so we decided to put our heads together and we used the old metal bin in the garden the grids from the oven and bought some coals. He was so pleased we’d gone to all that effort, however 2 hours later the heat from the BBQ had got too much for our rusty old bin and it fell through. Most of us were too tipsy to notice, but it was a great day none the less.

  164. Rebecca Henderson says:

    Retweeted @fudgeit20

  165. Rebecca Henderson says:

    Already a follower @fudgeit20

  166. Colette says:

    My best barbecue experience has to be my friend’s 30th birthday a few years ago. It was a very warm evening in August and the food was still on the go until well into the night. I don’t remember much after that . . .

  167. Colette says:

    Tweeted the comp @littlelottee20

  168. Colette says:

    Already follow @cookingkt on Twitter @littlelottee20

  169. Sarah Cooper says:

    My best bbq experience was when I was around 12 and it was such a warm balmy evening, surrounded by family and the smell of burgers and sausages. The kids played in the garden whilst the adults chattered and I will always look back on that, particularly as some of those adults are no longer with us. But it just provided a wonderful memory to lookk back on. Thanks for running!

  170. My best memorable bbq experience was a couple of years ago…on a gorgeous summers evening and the WHOLE family coming round. My moms side, my dads side, my partners parents, neighbours, friends…there were a lot of people and we had a ball! It was just nice everyone being together cause it doesn’t happen a lot.

  171. I have tweeted about your competition 🙂 my Twitter username is GemsGemz86

  172. Oh and I am already following you on Twitter 🙂 GemsGemz86

  173. Sarah Williams says:

    My best ever bbq experience, has to be the barbecue we had for out Wedding reception. For the evening do, my b-in-law did the cooking on a huge bbq and fed all the wedding guests outside with the food while they all danced away the night listening to the band and disco. Great experience.

  174. Sarah W says:

    Have tweeted.

    Win 32 piece pack of BBQ meat from Pipers Farm worth £34.99 with @cookingkt

  175. Janet Kam says:

    Best BBQ evening was in South Africa, a fabulous warm night, a super BBQ experience, fantastic food, fantastic entertainers, truly a night to remember forever

  176. My best BBQ experience was when cooking al fresco during the schools fete. We had set up a huge grill and the burgers and sausages cooked to perfection, just charred enough for taste and were succulent (as they were supplied by a local farm). I saw all my friends there and even ate with them. The weather was nicely warm so I wasn’t sweltering by the coals. The kids had loads of friends to play with on the field. And to top it all, it was a short walk home (next door) and lots of people came home with us later.

  177. Tweeting as @ZoshJosh

  178. I am already following you as @ZoshJosh

  179. Katherine Coldicott says:

    My dads barbeques are always great. He is 78 and always has a few barbeques in the summer. I know he spends ages making sauces, marinading the chicken and the ribs. Ribs really are his speciallity and my three sons love them.

  180. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Have tweeted. @Dwerrycat

  181. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Following on Twitter. @Dwerrycat

  182. I don’t have a best experience that I can think of, but a bbq at my friend’s house is always great as she makes her own burgers and they are amazing!

  183. Jayne K says:

    A BBQ with bratwurst and potato salad is my favourite.

  184. Jayne K says:

    Have tweeted. @jaizduck

  185. Jayne K says:

    Following you on Twitter

  186. Lynn says:

    My fave BBQ memory is of one held on Boxing day, there was snow on the ground, it was freezing but we all gathered round a log fire and the BBQ, brilliant. Think the hot rum punch also helped!

  187. J. Gallant says:

    Following – @jamiegccc

  188. Quackers says:

    My most memorable BBQ is a works do for my husband. The weather wasn’t on our side, so we rigged up a tarpaulin, donned wet weather gear and carried on! Our guests chose to sit inside but the food was all cooked outdoors!

  189. My best bbqs were when I was younger and we would go on holiday in our caravan, I always remember whatever the weather we would have a bbq which seemed to take forever, we would be starving but it was worth the wait!

  190. I’ve tweeted @angiehoggett

  191. I’ve following @angiehoggett

  192. KELLY PADWICK says:

    The best BBQ was at a friends farm…..very fresh meat!!!! x

  193. ian burt says:

    my best bbq eperience wasw going down to kent to see my uncle.we went to the local pub and they had a free bbq in the beer garden

  194. Samy says:

    my dad hosts the best Barbeques, Each year he holds one for my daughters birthday, good food, drink, family and the kids having a great time

  195. Samy says:

    tweeted @lillyfer85

  196. Samy says:

    following @cookingkt on twitter @lillyfer85

  197. Corinne says:

    My best ever barbecue experience was when I was about 15 years old – it was with my family – the meat was half cooked and charred (as it usually is), the coals took forever to light, but I remember it fondly because we toasted marshmallows on the dying embers and put potatoes in foil and cooked them in the coals, and there was laughter and happiness in the air.

  198. Corinne says:

    I have tweeted this post Win 32 piece pack of BBQ meat from Pipers Farm worth £34.99 with @cookingkt and my twitter username is snowyumbrella.

  199. Corinne says:

    I am following you on twitter under snowyumbrella

  200. vashti dray says:

    My best BBQ exsprience was Christmas day 2010 haveing a BBQ with my husband to be, my inlaws and my 11 month old son, sat around a pool in Florida…. BBQ food tastes even better in the sun shine…

  201. Best BBQ experience was our Garden Party will Prince William & Kate this year, we had food from the BBQ all the long weekend, from the Friday to the Sunday

  202. julia oldham says:

    When we threw a BBQ for a forum we help run, thinking just a few would turn up and over 100 did ! All brought food and drink and it was the most wonderful day meeting people we had spoken to for years and considered friends even though we had not at the time met many at all, Loads are now regular visitors and we do the RFUK BBQ every year now !!!!

  203. LORNA WIL says:

    The best BBQ was one we had in Feb 2007. We felt we had it to brighten up our day and put the feeling of ‘Spring’ in the air. Best of up my best friend whom I could not get hold off suddenly felt she had to visit us and turn up as we were getting the fire started. it made my day!

  204. hmmmm …….truly the best ever barbeque experience i ever had was when i worked at the wellesley bupa hospital in southend over 20 years ago . we were 4 chefs seving over 250 staff and friends at a social event . never had so much fun in my life …. we had a cassette single of right said fred’s “i’m too sexy”, which was played over and over ( and over) again!! we cooked seved and danced behind one huge barbeque for over three hours with fancy dress bald heads and glasses on and loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!!!! oh the memories , never to be forgotten ……always remembered my friends then phil , gill and neil xxxxxx

  205. zoe bryan says:

    have tweeted with name @zoebryan

    The best BBQ i have eva had was when we had 4 generations of the family in one palce enjoing tiem togther. Yes i got my hubby to cook and my father and me and the mother in law made the salad whil nanna kept an eye onthe kids was an amzign time and througherly enjoyed by all

  206. Best ever BBQ for me was the night I decided to bring my boyfriend unannounced to the BBQ to meet my folks, we let ourselves in and went into the garden where my parents were BOTH sitting in their underwear, i don’t know who was the most embarrassed.
    After the initial awkwardness everything was great though, they ended up loving my boyfriend, and still do!

  207. followed on twitter as trainsniffer

  208. tweeted on facebook as @trainsniffer

  209. Kerry Black says:

    When my brother was a wee boy we had a BBQ on the beach for his birthday. BBQs were much simpler then! My auntie had a fold out picnic table with all the cutlery and plates in it. We sheltered neath orange stripey wind cheaters and dug our dads into the sand. I always remember the taste of burnt sausages and birthday cake! My brother is 45 this month, so I guess it was 40 years ago. I have 4 brothers and my auntie had 3 sons, so I was always the only girl. Guess what-my dad was a fireman too!

  210. christine r says:

    Hi – our best ever bbq was a really simple one whilst camping on holiday in the isle of wight – simple but perfect weather and lovely campsite.

  211. belinda porter says:

    we have just celebrated my sons 30th birthday with a BBQ he has aspergers syndrome and lives at bognor in a special unit so thanks to the staff there we had a family party and enjoyed spending quality time with him.

  212. belinda porter says:

    I have tweeted Win 32 piece pack of BBQ meat from Pipers Farm worth £34.99 with @cookingkt @bella97p

  213. belinda porter says:

    I am following @cookingkt twitter account is @bella97p

  214. belinda porter says:

    following @cookingkt twitter name is bella97p

  215. DEE DMONTE says:

    After a very stressful year for the family, with lots of problems and generally being so busy it was rare that we were all at home at any one time (exam season, house move etc.), I came home one day laden with the monthly shop and not in the best of moods, to find my son had organised an impromptu barbecue for the family. He was busy cooking away and the whole family was there enjoying themselves and relaxed and happy for once – it was an oasis in an otherwise awful year. I relaxed and enjoyed myself for the first time in months. @WISHGIRL123

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