Love coffee? Love shopping? Enter my Valentine’s Giveaway!

Brewing up a reviving cup of hot coffee has become a sacred ritual in my daily routine since having the boys. A strong shot of espresso poured into a large cup of steaming milk works wonders when you’re feeling a bit ravaged by the daily grind.

So I was curious when Douwe Egberts got in touch to see if I’d like to try their new Aromettes. They look like giant coffee beans, but they’re actually individually pressed servings of ground coffee.

You can use them in a cafetiere or filter machine instead of regular ground coffee. No need for measuring, you just plonk in one Aromette per cup you’re making. This is quite pleasing if you’re in a rush for your hit of java.

They come in two varieties – Smooth (Strength 3) and Intense (Strength 5). I found the Smooth version to be a lovely mild sunday morning type coffee, perfect for a gentle start to the day when you want the coffee flavour but not the adrenalin rush!

The Intense variety is ideal for my weekday mid-morning caffeine boost when I need a proper kick up the backside. The flavour of both types was great, so compressing the coffee as soon as it’s ground really locks in those aromas that often get lost once you’ve opened a packet of coffee.

The only drawback for me is that you can’t use the Aromettes in stovetop espresso makers, so I tested them in my pre-historic orange filter machine. I think I’ll be more likely to use them when I’m making coffee for a crowd.

You will be able to get hold of Aromettes from Monday 14th February exclusively in Tesco stores… OR you can win a pot on my blog!

And not just coffee folks, oh no, we’re going to throw in Β£100 of Tesco Vouchers too!!!!! Am I spoiling you or what??!! Spreading the Valentine love I like to think πŸ˜‰


So to enter this frankly ay-mazing competition there is one mandatory way to enter and an extra thing you can do to get a bonus entry.

The winner will be chosen using an online randomiser and announced in a subsequent post on this blog.

To win a pot of Aromettes and Β£100 Tesco Vouchers:

1. Mandatory. Leave a comment below telling me about your coffee-loving rituals – do you have it at the same time every day? How do you have it? Is it at home or at your favourite coffee shop?

2. Second chance to win, tweet a link to this giveaway as follows: β€œWin coffee and Β£100 Tesco vouchers @cookingkt” WITH A LINK TO THIS POST. Then leave a second comment saying you’ve done so telling me your Twitter ID.

You must leave a further separate comment for your bonus entry otherwise it cannot be selected in the draw.

And for another chance to win check out Fuss Free Flavours where the same prize is up for grabs!

Closing date: midnight GMT on Wednesday 23rd February 2011.
The winner will be notified by email. If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
Good luck and Happy Valentines!
This giveaway is open to readers with UK mailing addresses. Readers from overseas are welcome to enter provided they can give the UK mailing address of a friend to receive the gift on their behalf with any onward delivery being at their own cost.

About Katie Bryson

Katie Bryson is a freelance food writer and blogger. She left a career in online news at the BBC to immerse herself in the culinary world, taking in courses at Leiths School of Food and Wine and an internship at Waitrose along the way. Her family food blog is bursting with recipes and tips for feeding hungry families that’ll help inspire all those frazzled parents out there wondering what on earth to cook for tea!
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508 Responses to Love coffee? Love shopping? Enter my Valentine’s Giveaway!

  1. Ah, coffee! Often the thing that gets me through the day when my energy is flagging! At home I’m afraid there are very few rituals, it’s more a case of mainlining as much as I can but the weekends are different! My solo Saturday morning trip into town is what helps me keep my sanity (just!) as I head straight to Costa coffee where I indulge in a gingerbread latter and a chocolate twist. Heaven! πŸ™‚

  2. Have tweeted too! @pumpkinanpiglet

  3. amylane says:

    I love my coffee! I have to have a cup in the morning to wake me up and a cup in the afternoon when I start to flag. If I haven’t had time for one in the morning then my daughters always notice and tell me I’m grumpy!

  4. amylane says:

    I have tweeted (@amylane) xx

  5. I like to savour coffee as a treat! During the day,on my own, I drink tea , almost without thinking about it, whereas coffee signifies something special; the perfect end to a delicious meal, Sunday papers, relaxing with friends or the ultimate ‘me’ time, served with a piece of home made cake!

  6. I have tweeted also! @juniorcooking

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  8. Sharron says:

    “Coffee” is my first thought when I wake up in the morning, well, perhaps my second, the one after “oh god, it’s too early”!

    The making of coffee is part of my morning routine, as much as having a shower or putting on my make-up. If I don’t make a coffee, then the morning seems to fall apart somewhat. It becomes”one of those days”, the one where you walk down the street with your skirt in your knickers, or toilet roll stuck to your shoe.

    And when I do have coffee, I leave the house on time, don’t miss the train and someone hands me a coffee when I get to work. It becomes “one of those days!

    Hoorah for coffee!

  9. Sharron says:

    I have tweeted! @theimagegarden x

  10. Mid-morning – gotta be a Mocha!

  11. I have tweeted too! Chadds2

  12. Rob Falconer says:

    Coffee is so weak in many cafΓ©s, so I usually have it at home – very strong Douwe Egbert’s, no milk, but with a small spoonful of minced ginger

  13. graeme says:

    I wake up every morning and use my nespresso machine. I love coffee.

  14. jo parker says:

    I have a coffee fitst thing, has to be columbian tassimo! and then several throughout the day, I love my coffee!

  15. jo parker says:

    tweeted @forrester27

  16. Iain Green says:

    Freshly ground – early in the evening!

  17. NATALIE WHITE says:

    It has got to be first thing in morning for me.

  18. NATALIE WHITE says:

    I have also tweeted @natz44

  19. carole says:

    anytime for me i love this coffee,tweeted

  20. Mel Chambers says:

    My main coffee ritual is inhaling deeply as I open a new pack. Nothing in the world beats that smell

  21. bev_metallica on Twitter says:

    Haha, my coffee ritual is to pour it down my neck as fast and as often as possible! An instant cup first thing whilst I’m waiting for the filter machine to get going, and then regular mugs throughout the day!

  22. bev_metallica on Twitter says:

    Have tweeted the link x

  23. Arabella B says:

    First cup anytime after 4.00 a.m. (I’m an early riser) and it’s a bad idea to talk to me before I put the kettle on for my second. I used to drink coffee all day, right up to bedtime, but nowadays I try and switch to tea after about 10 or 11 a.m. otherwise I get twitchy! Instant if I am on my own but the best china and cafetiere when my partner is around as time together is precious and we like the ritual of a good cup of coffee and arguing over the crossword….

  24. white says:

    Everyday without fail i have a coffee at 9am. I boil the kettle and get out my favourite mug. I out an even spoon of coffee into my mug along with 2 sugars…it has to be demarara sugar with coffee, then I pour a little chilled milk in and stir. Once the kettle has boiled i add a little boiling water to my coffee, sugar and milk mix and stir constantly until the coffee and sugar has dissolved. Then i top the mug up with boiling water and enjoy. I do this throughout the day at different times but i am very regular when it comes to my 9am morning coffee πŸ™‚

  25. white says:

    Sorry forgot to say have tweeted your link, im @avoidorange

  26. Mrs Rachel Heap says:

    Coffee is my number one! without it I would not function, I have a coffee first thing in the morning and then a couple more throughout the day.
    I have a coffee machine which I love but dont use it as often as I should, so have instant coffee alot too from just boiling the kettle.
    Coffee is amazing!!!

  27. Mrs Rachel Heap says:

    have also tweeted @rachiedoos

  28. Cilla Stubbs says:

    I love coffee for my elevenses and when we go out for a meal. Tweeted @cillastubbs

  29. claire woods says:

    I have one large cup of coffee at home as soon as I go into the kitchen. Can’t function without it. Then I have another one after I arrive at work.

  30. Dawn Brotherton says:

    I am a stay at home mum of 2 boys, once i get back from dropping my elder one off at school, i sit my youngest in front of the tv for 20mins or so (naughty i know) and have a long, frothy, sumptuous cappuccino with coco sprinkled on the top, utter heaven. Once drank i feel ready to face the day and any challanges my 2yr old may throw at me!

  31. shirley evans says:

    i love my first coffee of the day with cream,no sugar.i love everything about it,aroma,taste,especially the first wake up “buzz”.

  32. Flowerbelle says:

    I always have a cup for breakfast, then an espresso during the day, and decaff after six.

  33. adele knight says:

    can’t walk past my local morrisons without going in and having a frothy coffee!

  34. donald macdonald says:

    My coffee drinking is always in the afternoon… usually in a favourite mug, mostly milky and most usually with a digestive biscuit or two.
    I savour my coffee but like mild coffee best.

  35. DENISE CROSS says:

    I always need a coffee after I have been up half an hour … then I am ready for anything.

  36. tracey scott says:

    the smell of coffee wakes me up in the morning and to drink is pure delight. being naughty entails coffee with baileys and squirty creme on the top. give me coffee to chocolate any day!

  37. carol says:

    after the children go to school I have at least two cups of strong coffee with sugar and get on with my day

  38. Christina Curtis says:

    Wake up! 2 Slices of Toast with Jam.
    Then put on make up whilst having a Coffee with 2 sugars.

  39. Azzer says:

    Every morning the same – hazelnut coffee beans from the fridge, in to the grinder for 5 seconds, chuck that in to the cafetiere, tiny bit of cold water and then top up with hot, good stir, let it brew for 10 mins, press down and pour. Delicious.

  40. Tim Bain says:

    I’m a bit wierd, I drink coffee all day always in my large favourite mug, sometimes topped with a layer of double cream and usually with some kind of choccy….but late at night I like a sprinkle of black pepper in my coffee and something a little more savoury as a snack πŸ™‚

  41. liz denial says:

    Ever since I visited Italy in my teens I have loved a really strong cup of espresso or a frothy cappuccino. The great thing about espresso is there’s no calories which is great for me on a very strict diet, it helps me through the day

  42. G L says:

    Do not talk to me before my first coffee, if you do it take it as your own risk!

  43. Silvia says:

    As a coffee lover I cannot possibly start the day without a cup of coffee, with milk and sugar. As soon as I get to work I go straight to the coffee machine and have another one.

  44. Helen says:

    First thing in the morning- a great start to the day

  45. salvagebrav says:

    I can’t start the day without a double espresso to get me up on the move

  46. Vivien says:

    best memories of coffee are staying with friends in Germany and waking to the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting from the kitchen, thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

  47. salvagebrav says:

    I have tweeted, thanks for the comp @salvagebrav

  48. ashleigh says:

    i have it every morning about 10am with a nice chocolate biscuit when my daughter is off to playgroup! x

  49. ashleigh says:

    i have tweeted too @ashlallan

  50. mibsxx says:

    Coffee definately a lifeline for me lol, need it to keep up with my 4 yr old!
    Love it with a small dash of whiskey of a friday evening to unwind from the week
    Adore “real” coffee, but my budget doesnt allow for that often so granules for me most days!

  51. mick proctor says:

    I always have several strong black coffees before playing Badminton , it gives me the edge to win.

  52. mibsxx says:

    Have tweeted as requested, many thanks for running this great competition, and Happy Valentines Day to you

  53. Coralie Pearson says:

    Have a nice big cup with some choccie biccies once the kids have gone off to school

  54. Coralie Pearson says:

    Tweeted @ambernora1

  55. Maxine says:

    I need my shot of caffeine in the mornings before I leave the house for work, quick and powerful. But I love to savour a long coffee on a sunday, reading the papers and just relaxing!

  56. Maxine says:

    have RT @maxineflossy

  57. ayako says:

    One cup of icde coffee start my day and keep me going

  58. Suan Watts says:

    I have a cup of filter coffee mid evening made by my husband, it makes me feel special

  59. Rachel Dann says:

    Coffee is what i get out of bed for in the morning….. There is something about the aroma of coffee that lifts my spirits before i’ve even taken my first sip! My ritual is the same every morning, i love my first coffee black in the morning with my breakfast, once i’m dressed and ready for the day i sit down with that days newspaper to have my second which is with cream, it has to be cream, milk just ruins the taste!
    Fantastic Comp!! Tweeted @dannclan Fingers Crossed x

  60. Rachel Dann says:

    Have Retweeted @dannclan

    Thanks again x

  61. Lisa King says:

    I always make a nice filter coffee every morning, you cant beat the smell of it first thing in the morning πŸ™‚

  62. Lisa King says:

    Have tweeted the special message with link @lisanorfolk

  63. AMANDA LETCH says:

    I love cappuccino,on the days i work i just can’t start the day without one!

  64. AMANDA LETCH says:

    Tweeted and following as @CHOCOAJ xx

  65. Joanne Blunt says:

    I only drink one cup of coffee a day so it has to be perfect. I have it as soon as the manic morning rush of getting my oldest son out of the door for school is done. I can then sit down in peace and enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee. And I have to make it myself. Nobody else does it the way I like it πŸ™‚

  66. Joanne Blunt says:

    I have also tweeted as @joanneblunt

  67. Helen Mulligan says:

    I have to have a cup of freshly ground coffee first thing in the morning before I do anything else.

  68. Helen Mulligan says:

    Have RT @Northernstar6

  69. SALLY HALL says:

    10.30 ish cappuccino and chat with friend

  70. SALLY HALL says:

    tweeted too !

  71. Louise says:

    Instant coffee at home has to be made with milk only, don’t like it with water. Milk makes a delicous creamy coffee and it has to be Douwe Egberts Instant Pure Indulgence, the only coffee for me!

  72. Louise says:

    Tweeted, @Loupri73 πŸ™‚

  73. jackie curran says:

    I love my coffee after the morning school run, with my toast and newspaper.

  74. Kel says:

    This isn’t cheery, or incredibly PC, but I think that there’s no better break up antidote than black coffee and chain smoking at a kitchen table. No idea why!

  75. Lorna Breetzke says:

    I’m quite a late bloomer when it comes to coffee drinking. At the age of 31 I’ve only been a real coffee lover for about 6 month and holy moly do I love my coffee now. I love a double scooper of instant first thing (no time to faff about with the coffee machine at 6am), I love ground coffee and I love espresso, the kind that will put hairs on your chest!! Mmmm think I’ll go put the kettle on πŸ™‚

  76. Andy D says:

    Coffee keeps me going throuh the daily slog at my desk. Anyway – back to it!

  77. lydia says:

    retweeted and followed as mrs_meep thanks

  78. lydia says:

    my son loves helping me make a ‘hotel’ breakfast at the weekend, so we have croissants and coffee, and he puts the scoops in the cafitiere and then plunges it when we are ready.

    my husband also bought an ‘aeropress’ coffee maker for work and is really pleased with it.

  79. Runnerduck22 says:

    a lovely frothy cappucino first thing in the morning, and another mid morning, usually an iced coffee after work and a nice cup of decaf with a book before bed

  80. Vicky Robinson says:

    I have coffee whenever I feel tired, mainly on mornings

  81. Vicky Robinson says:

    Tweeted @xVickyRx

  82. Runnerduck22 says:

    have tweeted @Runnerduck22

  83. helen jones says:

    Sunday morning dark and dank, or bright and warm, no matter what the weather is like, a large pot of coffee, toast and jam and lots of newspapers to read. Bliss

  84. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Hmmm – coffee ….. Just love it! I have a De’Longhi coffee machine which I use on an hourly basis with a strong, Brazilian blend. If I’m out and about, I think Marks & Spencer’s is hard to beat.

  85. Christina Noble says:

    I love a very strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

  86. julie says:

    I love my coffee stong and black with just a splash of milk at any time of day or night. I can’t stand all these frothy, fancy coffees, its not the real thing to me!

  87. Crystal says:

    Following as @CRYSTALmse . I literally can’t move in the morning until I can smell the peculated coffee OR someone brings me a gorgeous mug of it ! I also need coffee for those mid-morning dips , it perks me up a treat ! My favourite time to have a coffee is if I can’t sleep and I’m awake early bells , I like to sit out in the garden and listen to the birds waking up whilst I slurp and watch the neighbours up ! Haha ! x

  88. Emma Barron says:

    I like coffe at the weekends as a special treat, with a special breakfast like crossiants or muffins.

  89. jb doorne says:

    sneak downstairs when everyones in bed,make a large mugful and a few choccy treats,turn on the tv and watch something scary!!!!

  90. Emma Barron says:

    followed on twitter and tweeted about the comp @emmabarron (couldn’t paste the whole link – just to your site)

  91. Melissa Lee says:

    I have mine the moment I step in my office – before I even log on to my computer!

  92. Alice Hindley says:

    hubby is always up before me and grinds the coffee before I get up

    I love the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning it perks me up!

  93. Alice Hindley says:

    I have tweeted your message @aesop57

  94. Cat G. says:

    I love Coffee, I drink it black with no sugar just to savour the taste even more one of my rituals is to add a splash of cold water before I add the hot, I was told this stops the beans getting burnt by the hot water, it does seem to make a difference, try adding the milk before the hot water πŸ™‚

  95. clare houghton says:

    I drop my little boy at school, take the dog for a walk and come back for a coffee sat at the kitchen table

  96. Kelly Koya says:

    I couldn’t get my day started without my coffee!

    We’ve just bought our third coffee machine in three years, having worn out the previous two! This new one is ace though, I now have coffee on tap for throughout the day πŸ™‚

    I def have to try this new Douwe Egberts coffee though. I used to love their instant coffee, when I did used to drink instant. It’s got to be good!

    Have tweeted too – @kellykoya

  97. @jennyp19 says:

    I love to grind my own coffe beans – just love the aroma. I can only drink coffee early in the day.

  98. Martina says:

    I will have my coffee in the afternoon – with my feet on the coffee table …. (that’s why it’s called a coffee table, right?!

  99. Ross Woodier says:

    always brew a cup 1st thing at work

  100. Ann B says:

    My husband bought me an espresso machine for Xmas a couple of years ago – but I have now forgiven him for a kitchen gadget for a pressie. I love my coffee machine and he has started an addiction, everyday, every single day without fail at 10.30am or 11.00am at the very latest, I have a large cappuccino, strong espresso base with lots of frothy milk on top and a sprinkling of chocolate power. I don’t even need to check the clock in the morning to see what time it is, my cheeks and mouth start twitching & I know its time!

  101. Ann B says:

    I’ve commented above and tweeted @tralingar

  102. Amy says:

    Have a big cup every morning to set me up for the day

  103. paul shilton says:

    I make a cup just before I start working .

  104. paul shilton says:

    I have tweeted @iut045

  105. Angie Allen says:

    Last thing at night

  106. Lisa Collins says:

    I love when you get a new jar of coffee and you get the metal film, i have to pop that with a spoon! I also have to leave my coffee to brew for exactly 3 and a half minutes (it just tastes better) and the best thing to have with coffee is custard creams.

  107. Lorraine Johnson says:

    I am a coffee addict! It has to be hot & strong. If I am offered instant coffee, I ask for two heaped spoons and the person offering it to me always gags at the idea!


  108. Lorraine Johnson says:

    Tweeted @finleypoppet

  109. Zoe says:

    Hubby takes his in a flask every morning to work, I have a quick cup before the kids r up at 6.30am – after that I darent have a hot drink around as they are like whirlwinds and one of us would be wearing it! Friday is my frothy coffee day.. once 1 at school,other at nursery.. its a pre lunch meet with the girls for cake and coffee – we alternate the house so this would be ideal for my turn! :o)

  110. Zoe says:

    twittered @MrMrsReed

  111. Mark Pinks says:

    Tweeted as @pinksy100

  112. I love my coffee, I have a Delonghi coffee machine to make my lattes everyday. I can’t quite master it as well as my favourite Costa Coffee shop lattes. I have them a bout 4 times a week, medium lattes from there are the best, not a patch on any other coffee shop. I love my home made lattes as well which I make with Costa Coffee espresso granules (bought from the shop).

    I’ve only just in the last 2 years started drinking coffee and I can’t get enough of it now.

  113. pam says:

    I love my coffee first thing in the morning, white with sugar. In fact anytime of the day is good for me and a fab excuse to meet up with old friends for a chat and a coffee.

  114. pam says:

    have tweeted @dancer2712

  115. Mark Pinks says:

    I have to have as close as possible to 1/10th of a teaspoon of sugar. The hours I’ve spent telling people “a little bit less, a tiny bit more, no that’s too much!!”, “how can you taste it?”, “I can taste it!!”

  116. wendy (@kikicomp) says:

    after dinner just coffee with nothing added – finishes off the meal perfectly

  117. ali991 says:

    I love to have a cup when I first get into work to get me going for the day

  118. wendy (@kikicomp) says:

    have tweeted too @kikicomp

  119. Diana Cotter says:

    I stagger downstairs to the kettle, then brew up a good strong cup of filter coffee using an ancient nylon filter that stands on top of the cup

  120. Diana Cotter says:

    Tweeted @happyfox

  121. DONNA BURKE says:

    I love a coffee mid morning (at home preferably) every day – quite strong, but with a good splash of milk πŸ™‚

  122. DONNA BURKE says:

    I’ve also tweeted @Donmarbu

  123. Rod says:

    I drink aroud six cups of coffee a day, never after 6pm tho’ … that’s beer o clock!

  124. Rod says:

    Tweeted the link @psychicsheep

  125. Emma cella says:

    Wake up! 2 Slices of Toast
    Then put on make up whilst having a Coffee

  126. BT says:

    I like coffee. It is necessary to function properly in the morning!

  127. cecelia allen says:

    I love my morning coffee to wake me up and elevensies with my neighbour. In the evening I put on my PJs and enjoy a very milky coffee while watching my soaps. For a gorgeous treat to finish off after a restaurant meal I love a Creme de Menthe coffee it is just fabulous.

  128. Solange says:

    Starbucks is my second home! Love their cappuccinos

  129. cecelia allen says:

    Have tweeted the message but also your other post wasn’t sure which one you wanted should have had more coffee. @cistolic

  130. Lynsey Rogers says:

    I don’t drink coffee – hubby does! I love the aroma of coffee but the taste is not for me, I am a tea person πŸ™‚ I do make his coffee for him though, and have started making him skinny lattes in the afternoon x

    @iridessa76 on twitter

  131. Lynsey Rogers says:

    I have just tweeted too, as @iridessa76

  132. Darius Dragasius says:

    First thing in the morning, strong, columbian, 100% arabica. Tweeted also #darifas

  133. Polly Bastow says:

    OH has filter coffee first thing every morning but I have tea. If I have a drink later in the morning it will most likely be coffee especially if I go out and then either filter coffee or an Americana. I will retweet as @polly1548

  134. Cherryl Thomas says:

    Coffee for me is a real treat – it is made with love by my husband and is an all milk, frothy and decaff creation!

  135. Paul says:

    Coffee and a biscuit, mid-afternoon, bliss.

  136. After doing my morning chores I have a walk to get the paper.I then settle down to enjoy my cup of coffee whilst reading the news

  137. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    i cant leave the house without at least 2 cups of coffee …its my wake up , my feel good start to the day x

  138. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    tweeted @twinklenicci

  139. coco-chips says:

    I cannot function without my daily cup of coffee…Just a simple steaming cup, nothing fancy!

  140. Bob Clark says:

    off to Brazil to stock up

  141. jonathan reed says:

    I like to use coffee as an ingredient more thant anything, love my chocolate and coffee cakes. Does it count if i start making that at the same time everyday? i’d eat it at 6pm πŸ™‚

  142. Nicole Constable says:

    I always start the day with a coffee and breakfast.

  143. Tracy Nixon says:

    Ok so….
    7.oo am coffee to wake me up!
    9.00 am coffee before I start work!
    10.30 am mid-morn coffee!
    12.30 coffee with my lunch!
    15.30 pm afternoon coffee to keep me going until I get home!
    18.00 pm coffee with my meal!
    21.00 pm Coffee for supper (yes I’m so immune to caffine it doesn’t keep me awake!)

    So basically I drink it all day everyday whether I’m at home or on holiday abroad!!!!! Even throughout my four pregnancies I never cut it down (even though I should), I miss the coffee sweets in tins of Quality Streets (why did they stop?), I love coffee and walnut cake, coffee ice-cream and coffee walnut whips. I don’t drink water, juice or pop ever and I rarely drink wine – I’m pure and simply a ‘coffee pot’! – and I go through at LEAST 1 jar per week!

  144. Tracy Nixon says:

    Am following you on twitter and have retweeted comp details as requested x @BabbityBee

  145. Joanne Baldwin says:

    Coffee is my mid-morning reviver! I love a cup to stave off hunger pangs till lunch-time.

  146. Joanne Baldwin says:

    tweeted @JoJoBald

  147. JO JONES says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm Coffee I love it but have to ration myself to two cups a day. The perfect pick me up.

  148. Tracy says:

    My husband always makes me a cappacino on a Sunday , from our coffee machine. I love cappacino with sprinkled cocoa powder on the top.

  149. Peter Merrett says:

    there a Costa coffee on the route home so now a gingerbread latter and a chocolate twist has become something of a ritual – winding down after a busy day

  150. HAZEL RIGAZIO says:

    my coffee rituals are a huge part of my life.I run several voluntary parent and toddler groups each morning and afternoon and us mums love meeting up and having a coffee.A nice coffee is just as enjoyable to us mums as the socialising and a chance for lot’s of lonely mums and babes to meet up.we go through around 6 jars of douwe egberts per week across our five meetings.We all take it in turns to bring a bottle in each.
    I have a cup in the morning to get me started before taking the children to school.After a busy week my sweet husband brings me a lovely coffee in bed on a saturday morning and on a sunday we have a coffee together while reading the sunday papers.I always take a kettle and coffee with me when i go abroad on holiday as when we went to greece last year and italy two years before that they didn’t have coffee making facilities in the room.

  151. Matthew Fuller says:

    One has to have a good quality coffee in the morning!….

  152. Matthew Fuller says:

    Tweet has been tweeted…..(matthewfuller1)-thanks

  153. Julie Booth says:

    I only drink coffee at work, and need it as boost in the morning and afternoon.

  154. Julie Booth says:

    have tweeted the competition
    @tiddles12 on twitter

  155. Heather says:

    I have to have a cup of black coffee around 11am, it keeps me going till lunch.

  156. Hazel says:

    Coffee mid-morning – always at home so I can make it exactly the way I like it.


  157. Hazel says:

    I have tweeted as @beachrambler

  158. Sylvia Witham says:

    When my sprits start to waver
    Coffee is my life saver
    Afternoon, or in the morning
    Cravings come without warning
    Enjoy it any time of day
    Is my answer – pleased to say

  159. aniemels says:

    We have a Costa Coffee Machine at work (DIY Costa!) … I grab one on the way into work at 8am and then have another for elevenses πŸ™‚ xx

    Good Luck everyone xx

  160. ShellB says:

    I stumble to the kettle as soon as I get up in the morning, coffee is my choice of drink all day and being a night shift worker I tend to drink quite a bit of the stuff overnight too!

  161. Michelle Bruce says:

    Have also tweeted.


  162. Vanessa Cox says:

    My coffee rituals are an expresso on -the-go with my cereals in the morning and then a latte mid-morning – everyday!

  163. Vanessa Cox says:

    Following on Twitter & re-tweeted!

    @CoxeeFoxy πŸ™‚

  164. Emma Clarke says:

    I have a cup of decaff coffee every morning at 10 in my first meeting of the day – black, no sugar.
    Hev RT’d – @emma1111111

  165. Lisa says:

    Has to be at 3 in the afternoon at work, strong and black to stop me falling asleep at my desk!!

  166. jo says:

    tweeted as @humanb3an

  167. jo says:

    got to have 2 coffees in the morning otherwise I can’t function. After that, its when and wherever possible – black, 2 sweeteners!

  168. Joanne B says:

    Mmm coffee – I normally drink coffee ‘out’, I can’t deal with the mess of making a fresh home brewed cuppa so I have someone else make it for me – although I think if I won these I would change my ways!

  169. Joanne B says:

    I have tweeted about your giveaway – @josie301
    I also follow you πŸ™‚

  170. Jo says:

    I have a cup at 11 am every day if I am at home, I have a Rombouts or a Douwe Egberts, only ones I like really. Thanks for a fab comp

  171. Ileana Fernandes says:

    On a hot day, I make a lovely drink with I spoon of coffee, 1 spoon of sugar and slowly add milk while stirring. For extra indulgence top it off with vanilla ice cream!

  172. Immortal Beloved says:

    First thing I do in the morning is make coffee, not human without my delicious caffeine. Shame you can’t get a ‘coffee made’ instead of a teasmade. Fresh cafetiere coffee on your bedside table when you wake would be heavenly!

  173. Angela Campbell says:

    My little once a week treat is to go to a little family cafe and I give my toddler son a great big scoop of the froth from the top of my coffee and an occasional dip with his biscuit – the rest of it is mine. Bliss.

  174. Joanne Ogden says:

    Sunday morning with a cafetiere, my feet up on the sofa and the Sunday papers is heavenly. Unfortunately with 2 children it doesn’t happen every week!

  175. Lisa Mundy says:

    My morning ritual:
    Get up have a coffee. Make the packed lunches for school and work, have another coffee. Get my son off to school and my husband off to work, have another coffee. Now to start my day.

  176. Marina Frow says:

    I have an espresso before nights out on the town – keeps me dancing for longer!

  177. Heather Shaw says:

    i LOVE coffee. I drink it all day from when i get up to when i go to bed!

  178. Heather Shaw says:

    i follow and RTed on twitter – @kiki_725

  179. Jen says:

    I have a lovely cup of coffee every afternoon at about 3pm (with a treat…) while checking my emails. Every Thursday is slightly different though as me and my sister go out to the local coffee shop and have a coffee and a catch-up!

  180. Jen says:

    I have also tweeted about this giveaway πŸ™‚



  181. Jo Hewlett says:

    My hubbie works shifts, which is great because every morning he prepares a fresh cafetiere of coffee for us both. So while I drag myself downstairs and start to feed the babies, he makes sure I get my morning coffee in my special cup with my morning kiss and hug. Sometimes we have it with milk, or cream, other times neat to enjoy the full taste.

  182. Michelle says:

    I love the smell of coffee first thing in the morning. It gives me an immediate lift and helps me to focus on the day. The only thing I ask for when having a coffee is that it is made with semi-skimmed milk. Full fat milk is too rich and spoils the taste. Skimmed milk on the other hand is bland and waters-down the flavour. Semi-skimmed hits the spot! πŸ™‚


  183. Stephen wilsonleach says:

    a milky coffee is a must for me

  184. kelly smith says:

    i have to have a coffee as soon as i get up at 8ish otherwise i cant start the day without it. i top it up and then have another at lunch time and tea time and maybe a few in between πŸ™‚ x

  185. kelly smith says:

    tweeted @kellyroxanne82
    thanks for a fab giveaway x

  186. Midi M says:

    Making and drinking that first cup of coffee is part of my morning ritual. I add hot milk which I froth with a hand held’ frother’. Another cup after lunch and one around 2.30 keeps me going. What would we do without it!

  187. Karen says:

    The coffee I most look forward to is when I’ve put the kids to bed. I quite often have a biscuit or piece of chocolate with it – bliss!

  188. shane says:

    the early morning ritual of a coffe and a crumpet

  189. David says:

    First thing in the morning to wake me up.

  190. Jacqui Osborne says:

    I do have a bit of a ritual with my coffee. In the early evenings, I sit down with a freshly made capuccino and a teaspoon. I take ages slowly stirring the froth to mix the choccy sprinkles in, then taking a teaspoon of the chocolately froth and savouring. Then I gradually mix the froth into the coffee and take slow sips. It may well be a bit of a daft thing, but it’s just a part of the whole coffee-relaxation thing for me!

  191. laura braidford says:

    love coffee!! without it I wouldnt get to work…every morning and great when working night shifts as a nurse!

  192. Helen S says:

    I do not like my coffee rushed so wait till I get to the office to have my first cup of the day. It usually works well, but the other day my office was closed and roads were snarled up so instead of having my first cup of the day at around 8.15am it was 10.00am and I was having the heebiejeebies, luckily that doesn’t happen often.
    Thanks for a great prize x

  193. Helen S says:

    I’ve tweeted about your giveaway so all my followers will hopefully be here soon too

  194. Jan Bailey says:

    Coffee is my drink of choice – can an English woman really not like tea? yep! At home it’s a good decaff, but my treat is a cappucino at the local farm shop cafe. They get the strength of coffee just right – and the lovely frothiness plus chocolate sprinkles, of course. I could happily drink this every day, pennies and calories permitting!

  195. Lindy says:

    After living in New Zealand for 5 years I see myself as a coffee snob. I just can’t stand bad coffee. Over there I had a a regulat flat white every morning in my favourite coffee shop in the world Ozone. Unfortunately after moving back to the UK I just can’t find a coffee as good. Well actually I have, from the Wellington Coffee Shop in Edinburgh (owned by a Kiwi). However, I love more than an hour away from there so can’t indulge with that every day. I have now taken the plunge and have the next best thing a coffee machine. I can’t do anything until I’ve had a coffee in the morning and it’s the last thing I do before going to bed. Most people think I am crazy drinking coffee at night but I couldn’t imagine not doing it. It certainly doesn’t keep me awake but maybe that’s because I have 4 kids ! My favourite coffee phrase is “Get me a coffee and no-one will get hurt”

  196. Lindy says:

    I have also tweeted


  197. Roz says:

    mmmm Coffee Im not awake until Ive had one, especially when your sleep deprieved from your teething son! sit back relax enjoy and wake up!

    ill follow you on fbook too! πŸ™‚

  198. Karen Sweeney says:

    Oh I just love my coffee, I prefer Americano smooth but extra strong. I don’t have any machine to do the work, I use an old teapot; filled to the spout with two heaped teaspoons of ground Guatamalan coffee made by a well known brand, it’s fairtrade too and very tasty, a couple of stirs then it sits while a sort a few things out, then it’s filtered with a tea strainer gets a couple of sweetners and a nice dash of semi-skimmed. Nothing fancy about this but I don’t care it works for me, I usually drink the first one nice and slow to savour the aroma, the second comes straight after but I usually have to zap it in the microwave for 20 seconds before adding the milk, one of these days I’ll get a proper machine but I’m in no hurry and broke most of the time anyway!

  199. Anna says:

    Cup of coffee – always first thing in the morning πŸ™‚ only in my favourite cup with little duck!

  200. Tomasz says:

    I love coffee, one in the morning with breakfast and newspaper, one during lunch with sandwich and one in the afternoon – relax time with chocolate bar. Delicious!

  201. Anna says:

    I have tweeted about competition @anna8301

  202. says:

    coffee first thing in the morning in bed! , have tweeted @bexhillsue

  203. mel butcher says:

    First thing in the morning I have a very large cup of instant coffee, my brain just does not function enough to allow me to use the coffee maker until I’ve demolished that first cup, then I put the coffee machine on and on weekdays I start it just before I leave for the school run which takes about ten minutes allowing me to come home and pour a fresh cup of coffee to savour along with the peace and quiet after the madness that is getting the kids ready for school and college. Thank for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  204. Lorna says:

    I love my coffee, double espresso when I’m in a coffee shop (with a chocolate muffin as well of course), but at home, I can’t drink coffee first thing as it tends to give me heartburn 😦 so my first is about mid morning and about another three during the day, always strong, black with no sugar @ellielucky

  205. Lorna says:

    Following and have tweeted too @ellielucky x

  206. ruth hunter says:

    usually in the evening when boyfriend gets home from work

  207. Jennifer Dyson says:

    My favourite coffee routine is to grab a skinny Latte at my local coffe shop on my way back from the Gym and to work early in the morning. Helps keep my energy up for the day ahead and is my little treat for getting out of the house so early!

  208. Hannah Beadle says:

    Coffee = fuel for a busy mum! When shopping I love that excuse for stopping for a posh frothy coffee, when at home a spare 5 minutes is rare but if not before coffee at 2pm is a must or by school pick up I am flagging let alone when the girls get home! I love it made strong but with plenty of milk and 1 sweetner tablet or sugar as a treat

  209. Hannah Beadle says:

    Have tweeted also @HannahBeadle

  210. denise s says:

    coffee to awaken my soul first thing in the morning these days it takes 2 cups.

  211. denise s says:

    have tweeted @lottiegirlx

  212. Pamela Gossage says:

    Every morning My husband brings me a large mug of coffee, which I drink in the bath

  213. james says:

    I love my coffee mid morning at work

  214. Marzena says:

    I love coffee. I can’t imagine a day without a cup of coffee.It’s integral part of my life. I usually drink coffee every morning , at home

  215. Marzena says:

    I tweeted as @mylittlebear80

  216. Romana Richards says:

    No rituals as such but a “when” ritual. Imake it in cafetiere when I have friends and neighbours round on a regular coffee morning and on a weekend night after a nice dinner I always make for my husband. Other times I am afraid it is just quick and instant for me alone.

  217. Romana Richards says:

    Have tweeted ( @ZoshJosh)

  218. Natasha O says:

    Usually i have several cups of coffee to keep me awake… usually the night before that all important essay is due. And sometimes even the night before an exam. Ooops.
    It does the trick though!

    Tweeted: @itsmetishtash

  219. karen Railton says:

    coffee is a must first drink of the day to get me going and i have a vanilla latte which is my favourite lovely and sweet πŸ™‚

  220. carla morris says:

    Sunny Sunday mornings…sat out on the patio, fresh coffee in hand – perfect xx

  221. Mary Chez says:

    First thing in the morning…it sets me up for the day

  222. Mary Chez says:

    have also tweete @Boo1003

  223. Laura Pritchard says:

    I’ll only have coffee at work, I won’t touch it at home!

  224. Laura Pritchard says:

    Re-tweeted the message @Isis1981uk

  225. Maisie Young says:

    I’m not a massive coffee lover, so Mocha’s are for me. The taste of coffee with sweetness and chocolate surprise at the end. However these are just treats! aha xxx

  226. Laura farren says:

    my blood is coffee coloured, a Day dosnt start without a cup of coffee, No coffee is bad coffee but some coffee is definetly better coffee!

  227. Laura farren says:

    Tweeted! im @boopsyou

  228. Meagan @ Row House Nest says:

    My coffee ritual occurs the moment after my boyfriend leaves for work and I am alone with my laptop! At home – 1 sugar, 2 milk. Soooo good. Homemade is best.

  229. Mia Fergusson says:

    I have to have my coffee sweet, very sweet, i can’t drink coffee without sugar, in the past when i’ve ran out of sugar and its past shop open hours i have put icing sugar in my coffee just so i can still enjoy it! I love coffee , i have it first thing in the morning all the way through till night! I don’t drink many other things and i do love lattes.
    My coffee is milky with 5 small spoon sugars or two tablespoons ( heaped ) sugars and one and a half small spoon of coffee! Hey presto, now you know ……… ;0)

  230. Tom says:

    We usually make either cafetiere or moka pot ‘espresso’ coffee once a day (gives us about 2 mugs each). We love making the espresso into a mocha drink by adding hot chocolate and frothy milk (and a touch of cinnamon!) Sometimes with whipped cream on top.

  231. sophia kearney says:

    i cannt do without my morning coffee to kick start my day!

  232. Elaine Livingstone says:

    I dont do coffee but oh does, first thing, coffee and 2 sugars and 4 rich tea biscuits for his breakfast, and the same again at 9.30 at night, coffee is made with oure milk heated in the microwave for exactly 2mins and 20 seconds, and hell mend anyboy that gets in his way when he putting the mixings in the cup – its timed to perfection apparantly!!

  233. Elaine Livingstone says:

    also tweeted @pooohbear2811

  234. Emily M says:

    Ah coffee coffee coffee!!! My coffee ritual is at 11am when my little girl goes down for her nap. Although I have to maximise that hour whizzing round the house getting all those jobs done the first 15 minutes are all for me and start with the lovely feeling of plunging that cafetiere knowing that my perfect cup has brewed nicely and is all mine!

  235. Emily M says:

    I have also tweeted @emymc

  236. Heather says:

    Sometimes I think I was born loving coffee……I don’t like tea and seldom drink fizzy drinks so my coffee rituals are the highlight of my day. I set aside 15 minutes each morning for a black coffee (let nothing get between me and the taste). Savouring the time and the taste…….I’m all set for whatever the day throws at me.

  237. Caroline Kelly says:

    I only drink ground coffee, my ritual is as follows
    a nice smooth brazilian in the morning, a dark intense italian at lunchtime followed by a sexy columbian in the evening

  238. Michelle Ptak says:

    As I don’t drink tea I try to stick to de-caf most of the time, but for an extra treat I have a Latte mid morning, all frothed up with milk.

  239. Brian Lecky says:

    A warm coffee shop, a comfy high-back, low slung chair, an interesting piece of newspaper and occasional people watching. All complemented by that black gold, smooth, yet crisp cup of Java. Thank you coffee Sundays.

  240. Madelaine McLaughlin says:

    Can’t beat a cup of steaming coffee made on a primus under canvas in the Great outdoors!

  241. Maddy says:

    Just posted a link to here on Twitter @grannybiker

  242. Karen Foster says:

    My fave coffee time is after dinner. I prefer a nice Columbian freshly ground & brewed in a cafetiere – with proper cream & brown sugar added.
    No matter what I’ve eaten, that gorgeous cup of coffee afterwards always rounds the meal off perfectly. Bliss x

  243. Karen Foster says:

    I’ve tweeted too – @Kayfoz – thanks x

  244. carol phile says:

    I have my morning coffee when I get to work. Don’t care if I’m late, I’m useless without me coffee and my boss doesn’t argue. I go straight to the coffee room, make my drink, then go and get changed and take my coffee to the office, then sip it slowly while I check my mail, my stars, my dog forum and the jobs page in that order. And then I do some work…

  245. carol phile says:

    have tweeted also @essexgirlSE

  246. Caroline Scott says:

    I love coffee – it has to be black and it has to be strong.
    Whittards do a great range of coffees and I get them to grind mine in the shop so I can take them home and pop spoonfuls stright into a cafetiere
    For some strange reason, the smell of milky coffee makes me incredibly nauseus; not great when hubby loves his cappuchinos and lattes!

  247. michelle says:

    coffee , yum !
    i need a cup first thing to waken me up and keep me going strong with milk
    a second cup has to be had in the afternoon , sometimes flavoured but with a muffin or biccie !
    will sometimes have an evening cup but that usually keeps me up late

  248. The Wombat says:

    Sunday 12:15 after church – a great big caffetiere of delicious coffee with the missus sitting in the garden. The little on has a very milky cooled down cup herself (probably a good thing as she’s only 3!)

  249. The Wombat says:

    Tweeted on @MeWombat

  250. James Johnson says:

    As soon as the family leave for work (I’m retired), I make my first strong cup
    of coffee, light my first pipe of the day , open the newspaper – absolute bliss !

  251. Anthea Holloway says:

    I love my cup of coffee at 10 am in the morning when I have been busy already and need something to keep me going. There is no substitute for real coffee and I love to dunk a ginger biscuit into it too.

  252. san says:

    I cant do anything in the day until Ive had my first cup of coffee and then have another every chance i get!

  253. Sarah says:

    I’m the only coffee drinker in the house and I like to sit down with a steaming hot milky mug-full when the house is empty. But it’s NEVER empty so I have to make do with hiding myself away in the study for five minutes until I’m discovered by one of the children.

  254. Sarah says:

    I’ve Tweeted (@Saspidistra)

  255. david nixon says:

    coffee is for getting together with friends. i dont drink it too often, but me and my friends meet everyweek in this wikid cafe called blend. sit there for hours over hot mugs of flavoured coffees. cant think of a better way to end the week πŸ˜€

  256. Rebecca Page-Tickell says:

    We are a household divided down the middle – half have a morning cuppa and half a morning cffee – the cuppa needs a pot full of steaming tea and varying amount of milk and sugar. The coffee uses the second kettle of boiling water, on freshly ground beans in a cafetiere, left while th etoast goes on and milk is pured on the weetabix – then for three cofee-aholics, and directly into the mouth of my gently snoozing husband. Having peeled himslef off the ceiling he drinks the rest and is ready for the day!

  257. Paul Marshall says:

    It has to be at 11am on the dot everyday of the week for me. A nice cup of Kenco coffee.

  258. Freda Kerslake says:

    “Aroma, Aroma, Wherefore art thou Aroma-oh ! “

  259. Sharon Curran says:

    My only stipulation when it comes to coffee is to put a bit of milk in the bottom first, enough to make it quite creamy/milky and then add the water to the top. Oh and sometimes a latte with a bit of frothy cream on the top can’t be beaten ;o)

  260. I love having coffee in my local coffee shop called The Lounge. They have wifi, they have books, games, magazines. Lovely place to hang out and watch the world go by with a nice coffee.

  261. have tweeted @webkinny

  262. gemma tranter says:

    I have to have a coffee every morning, but I also like going to Starbucks as a treat πŸ™‚

  263. gemma tranter says:

    I have tweeted a link to this giveaway, my twitter name is GemsGemz86

  264. Frances Heaton says:

    I am a coffee addict! It wakes me in the morning and keeps me firing on all cylinders. Ground coffee is the best, but strong creamy Nescafe is a great alternative when busy. Starbucks Espresso is a treat when out shopping.

  265. Frances Heaton says:

    I have tweeted this comment, my Twitter name is @libra10001

  266. Ruth Tesdale says:

    My husband bought me an all singing all dancing coffee machine last birthday and I love it when he puts fresh coffee on first thing in the morning and the aroma wakes me up. The perfect way to start the day.

  267. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I have tweeted as @RuthMarianna

  268. rhydian says:

    A morning cup of coffee helps me wake up and kick starts my day.

  269. rhydian says:

    tweeted @ridmat01

  270. alison watkins says:

    Once ive done all the housework in the morning and little one is having a nap i can sit down and really enjoy a lovely cup of coffee and put my feet up bliss πŸ™‚

  271. Louise says:

    Yum coffee! I have 2 is my morning coffee which keeps me going through the day, its normally a strength three and I get which ever one smells good when I am shopping. I have a special coffee as well, its Jamaican Blue Mountain and I normally get a gift of this every birthday, I make it last as long as possible as its simply gorgeous

  272. Carolynn Woodland says:

    My husband brings me a cup in bed first thing in the morning and I make him one after dinner. Real coffee of course, he won’t touch instant!

  273. Jennifer Deavall says:

    I drink mine in solitude at home, looking out of my window and dipping a ginger biscuit into it every now and again.

  274. Jennifer Turnbull says:

    Ahhh its cappuccino for me……late in the afternoon when I’m needing a pick me up and a little break. I really enjoy that time to myself.

  275. Jennifer Turnbull says:

    Have tweeted also

  276. Amanda Thomas says:

    I have to have a coffee as my first drink of the day. Normally Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence. Coffee is expensive, mainly because I will not compromise on a great coffee, so I normally switch to tea throughout the day after that and then treat myself to another coffee when I get home :o)

  277. joanne says:

    I have to have a cup first thing every morning to keep me sane through out the day

  278. Kylie Martin says:

    I am a coffee addict. I prefer coffee from the cafetiere, and the whole process seems very proper to me as that’s how my grandparents drink it. Pure laziness overcomes me though and I will usually drink instant. The very first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is have a quick coffee and I will drink about 4 cups a day.

  279. ali says:

    my coffee ritual is coffee, coffee, coffee and plenty of it!!! its the only thing i drink. have tweeted too

  280. ali says:

    tweeted @lota1

  281. sandie says:

    I Love my coffee, morn, noon and night…and quite a few inbetween! πŸ™‚

  282. michelle says:

    coffee, mostly its a wonderful treat from a coffee shop and must contain syrup πŸ™‚ if i have guests i will brew up a pot of ground coffee and enjoy it. if there is just me ill occasionally spoil myself with the ground coffee filter packs or settle for a jar of instant.

  283. michelle says:

    have tweeted @purplecatlover

  284. Viv says:

    I have to have 2 cups of coffee at work before I can function properly! Weekends I spoil myself with a hazelnut latte – mmmmm!

  285. Viv says:

    Have tweeted @VeeJay78

  286. says:

    i have a lrage latte form a local coffe shop to take away! gets me going in the mornings lol

  287. Rebecca Muncaster says:

    Love going for an afternoon vanilla latte πŸ™‚

  288. ryan davis says:

    I like to drink coffee. the coffee likes me to drink it.

  289. Laura says:

    i love my coffee black first thing in a morning

  290. Laura says:

    tweeted jenny_4321

  291. hollie fraser says:

    Coffee is the only thing that gets me to work in the morning – especially on a Monday!!!

  292. naomi says:

    Need coffee before breakfast but if i am being very naughty I have a couple of ginger biscuits to dip as well cos that is the best thing ever…mmm!

  293. naomi says:

    tweeted @jellie75

  294. flyingfreedomxx says:

    Oh I just adore coffee. I drink my coffee with sumptious cream first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon I sit down on the sofa with my love and talk over the days events over a lovely cup of coffee. I also visit coffee shops twice a week because not only do I love coffee but I love people watching while enjoying my beverage.

  295. Andrew Cakebread says:

    Has to be one in the morning and one in evening sat up after doing all that washing up

  296. Andrew Cakebread says:

    tweeted with link to this post although it was slightly on the edge of text allowed for twitter πŸ™‚ @andrewcbo

  297. Colette says:

    I leave a jar of coffee open in the kitchen cos I just love the smell of coffee beans! Oh, and I drink at least 5 cups a day too!

  298. Colette says:

    Tweeted @littlelottee20

  299. Sean says:

    6 am every morning πŸ™‚

  300. Kerrie says:

    straight black around 3am to keep me awake at work

  301. Kerrie says:

    tweeted @kemo_2002

  302. JULIE PANNELL says:

    I can only drink exspensive coffee and not any instant coffee. i just love my coffee machine and i can make all diferent sorts of coffees on it. when people visit they are not allowed any of my espensive they have to have a instant i am afraid

  303. Julie Kenny says:

    There is a little coffee shop near my house …I love visiting in and treating myself to a latte.


  304. Julie Kenny says:

    I`ve tweeted


    Thanks for the chance to win Xx

  305. Andrena Harrison says:

    Well, I don’t drink coffee!!! Am I ok?
    But my husband does drink coffee, mostly decaf. He tends to have about three cups a day, and always one in the morning.

  306. Marie Rickard says:

    Im not the biggest fan of coffee in the world but my partner absolutely loves it, and although im sure there are people much worse than him, he drives me mad as he has about 7 or 8 different type of beans which pretty much taste the same to me!

  307. Diane Rice says:

    I always love to go out for coffee, sit outside on the warm weather and just people watch and read the papers, heavenly!

  308. Alison says:

    I love to have a nice cup in the morning to set up up for the day

  309. Alison says:

    tweeted @ali991

  310. cathyjam says:

    quietly in the morning, not distraction
    have tweeted @_cathyj_

  311. Vita says:

    I love coffee, would happily drink it all day, my favourite cup has to be the mid-morning one, as i really savour that one so I spend the time filtering the good stuff and heating a little milk….ahh lovely! @goriami

  312. Vita says:

    Tweeted @goriami

  313. Splodz says:

    Coffee is a treat for me, I love a good latte with a double espresso shot… doesn’t matter what time of day but it’s a chance to sit with friends/family somewhere where someone else does the hard coffee-making work and watch the world go by for a few minutes.

    Tweeted too (@Splodz)

  314. Julie Thomas says:

    Hi, I’ve RT @julster55P with a link to this page/giveaway, fabulous prize and thank you for running this competition.


  315. Julie Thomas says:

    Love my coffee night and day
    Good and strong, and piping hot
    Get in quick else I’ll drink the lot
    That caffine fix is a must
    Douwe Egberts is the one I trust!

    apologies for the early morning poem – also RT on twitter and posted separately as requested

  316. Karen Painter says:

    I love coffee – all have to be white (must be cream NOT milk) and I add 2 sweeteners. I start the day with it…hubbie brings me a cup in bed before he goes to work.
    Once I am up, usually the first thing I do is put the coffee machine on ready for another cup with breakfast. Next comes elevenses, then another with lunch and another while watching Deal or No Deal, then a final one mid-evening.
    If I go shopping I always go into a coffee shop for a speciality coffee, cappuccino or latte.
    I don’t drink tea at all – can’t stand the smell of it in fact, so coffee is my one weakness to happily get me through the day.
    Tweeted @bruniebox

  317. joanne says:

    I love coffee, any time really it just gives me a boost throughout the day my husband also love coffee he takes a flask of it to work everyday.You have to start the day with a nice coffee πŸ™‚

  318. Shaz says:

    I’m addicted to coffee kettle is never off (she says , gulping down coffee while typing this !) . Theres nothing like sitting outside a nice cafe in the summer drinking coffee and talking to friends .

  319. Jasmine Collier says:

    My favourite cup is the first one of the day, have tweeted @miskite xx

  320. Claire Green says:

    I have to have a morning coffee to kick start the day.
    And when I’m on night shifts, it’s my saviour!

    I do love going out for a coffee though, nothing beats a comfy sofa, a small group of girlies and a good ol’ gossip in a coffee shop – with a slice of cake of course!

  321. Claire Green says:

    Have tweeted too!

  322. Cheryll H says:

    Mmmmm…. coffee! Has to be black, v hot with only a sniff of sugar. The only other ritual I have is not giving it up! My OH thinks coffee is vile… πŸ™‚

  323. Cheryll H says:

    Tweeted @pipersky1 πŸ™‚

  324. debbie o'connor says:

    Coffee for me is a real luxury.. I tend to just have one good quality cup a day, where i take time out to sit and read my book with a fresh cup of ground coffee..little milk and no sugar..

  325. Maria Knight says:

    In my town is a little quiet coffee shop, i usually have a nice relaxing coffee before i pick the children up from school. The aroma is incredible, hardly anyone goes there, its my little slice of heaven.

  326. janice taylor says:

    always start the day with a cuppa tea then its decaf coffee for the rest of the day.

    I love to have some chocolate with my coffee as its a great combination – probably why I need to go on a diet lol.

  327. Michelle Kinsey says:

    First thing in the morning, especially on work days when I’m up at 5.30am!

  328. Michelle Kinsey says:

    have also tweeted @cheznal

  329. Jennifer Kelly says:

    I have a coffee as soon as I wake up, I’m a coffeeholic. It’s the first thing I do, if I don’t have one then I can’t function at all. Having 5 little kids, it’s my saviour πŸ˜‰

  330. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Also tweeted the competition πŸ™‚


  331. Regine says:

    I love my coffee. In the morning I definitely need a cup of freshly brewed strong black coffee. Every now and then, especially on days that seem endlessly long, I like to treat myself to a cappucino in a lovely local coffee shop (and my little girl to a babycino).

  332. jane hobbs says:

    A nice strong perculated cup of coffee first thing in the morning

  333. P Phillips says:

    Coffee is perfect for anytime of day.

  334. felicity morris says:

    1st thing in the morning, make a cup of coffee. Barely touch it then fill up a flask to sup on the train to work

  335. Sheri Darby says:

    I love my first coffee of the day and will do all I can to ensure that I drink it undisturbed.
    I cater for the needs of all the family & then I indulge myself in my coffee.

  336. janice channer says:

    First thing in the morning to kick start the day…….with a nice piece of toast whith chocolate spread !!!

  337. Geoff Wickens says:


  338. Joanne Marie Farman says:

    Whenever i have a coffee have to have it with a choccy biscuit, but you need to bit the ends off and suck you coffee through ya biscuit. lovely

  339. Daniel says:

    just my usual Espresso in the morning to aid my eyes to open πŸ™‚

  340. Paul Witney says:

    8am every morning with breakfast and then at regular intervals throughout the day to keep me going. Finding it increasingly difficult to enjoy a coffee without a biscuit these days though!

  341. Andrea says:

    I have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to set me up for the day.

  342. Paul Witney says:

    Have also tweeted @pepicola3

  343. Ellen says:

    I drink more coffee at work then at home, and I also love the cappuccinos at Debenhams!

  344. Ellen says:

    I have also tweeted @_novo

  345. Peter Mullarkey says:

    Coffee is the weekend. It just means I do not have to go to work. I can just enjoy making real coffee for my family’s breakfast.

  346. KELLY PADWICK says:

    I hate strong coffee, so I have a mocha…I buy the nescafe sachets and occasionally treat myself to a ‘costa’ Mocha flake!!!! x

  347. Rachel G says:

    I’m sorry to say my coffee ritual is brew it and drink it quickly before the kids distract me and it goes cold. I long for the day where I can have a leisurely morning coffee!

  348. Rachel G says:

    Have tweeted @rg2625 πŸ™‚

  349. Angie says:

    always in the morning for some get up and go!

  350. vicky says:

    i MUST have a cup at the side of my bed before i get up! I have the best BF ever lol!

  351. William G says:

    I just love my first cup of coffee in the morning. Doesn’t matter what sort or where – just as long as it’s fairly strong and shortly after I’ve woken up! For coffee lovers visiting the USA I can highly recomend the French Roast coffee in a chain called “Au Bon Pain”.

  352. William G says:

    Tweeted message (but had to shorten it!) @gouldie7

  353. helen says:

    in the morning to wake me up

  354. helen says:

    have tweeted @sundew00

  355. SUSAN HALL says:

    I keep a cafetiere on my desk at work and always brew before i check my emails in the morning. Then later on in the day i spoil myself sometimes with flavored coffees i buy from the local farmers market which are ground and mixed for you on the spot yum.

  356. Fiona says:

    I love my coffee from Costa (my weekly indulgent treat). It has to be a latte made with Soya milk (not because of intolerances or stuff – i just prefer the taste!!!!)

  357. Sally W says:

    My ‘ritual’ was always to drink coffee at work all day and tea at home. After being made redundant a few years ago and becoming a stay at home mum, I seem to be a permanent tea drinker. So, my new ritual is to drink coffee whenever I am offered a choice when I am out somewhere – it seems to taste better for not having it as much (but that’s probably just my blonde logic)

  358. Sally W says:

    Tweeted @mselts

  359. Stuart O says:

    Coffee is something that I like black and as strong as possible – Turkish or Cypriot coffee are my favourites, especially after a dinner. However, since becoming a dad I am prone to an occasional espresso when out and about and have even had a dabble away from the teabag at home. So, no ritual, more of a treat (or necessity depending on the children)

  360. Stuart O says:

    Tweeted (had to shorten slightly to get it to 140 characters!) – @ossiesheep

  361. Jen Boucher says:

    I adore the smell (and taste of course!) of coffee – so much so that I end up drinking it all day long!

  362. Maya Russell says:

    I’ve real coffee every day with my husband and ancient father-in-law. For me, it’s a social drink. Have biscuits too!

  363. Maya Russell says:

    Have followed and tweeted too @maisietoo

  364. Christina Massue says:

    Always have a super strong coffee to start the day.

  365. Kimberley C says:

    I drink tea like I drink water, but coffee is for ‘me’ time. Usually in a coffee shop, without the kids (hah!), and served with something sweet and sticky and a book. BLISS!

  366. jeanette baker says:

    being a shift worker, I constantly drink coffee ..
    morning, noon and night its always very tasty for me!

  367. It’s my morning pick me up πŸ™‚

  368. Joan Marshall says:

    Every morning after my swim I have to have a cup of coffee and a chat with my friends before i can go to work.

  369. Philip Holland says:

    Sunday morning about 10am – strong sweet coffee with a streaky bacon sandwich, it might not the healthiest breakfast but it is the best.

  370. Lian McCulloch says:

    Oh I love a coffee in the morning to revive me after what can be a not a sound night having two little toddlers in my house – a mid morning coffee – oh yummy – a yummy coffee in the afternoon with my yummy mummy friends – although a favourite coffee is always a cheeky wee irish coffee at the end of a romantic meal with my hubbie πŸ™‚

    mhhh after all that – think i better dash for a coffee !

  371. paula Tarling says:

    Need to have fresh coffee first thing, the smell is gorgeous!!


    I drink coffee all day, it’s the only thing that gets me moving, or I think I would stay in bed all day! My favourite coffee is the coffee after all the children have gone to bed, my time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

  373. Luisa L says:

    I have a cup of coffee with my hubby in a morning, but the second one of the day is my favourite when kids have gone to school and the house is quiet. Oh and I never drink instant coffee, it always has to be freshly made

  374. Michelle Bamber says:

    I drink coffee all day long one of my favourite things is the aroma from a newly opened pack or jar, I love it, and the smell as you walk into a coffee shop is heavenly

    Tweeted @manna137

  375. Susan Chafer says:

    Coffee – one of life’s pleasures. My favourite time is Sunday morning, hubby and I go to our favourite coffee shop, drink coffee, lounge around and read the papers.

  376. Jo Varin says:

    Coffee is an essentail part of my cleaning routine. I make myself wait until I’ve finished cleaning the downstairs before I allow myself a beautiful milky coffee – it helps me get through the cleaning thinking about it, and I really, really enjoy the coffee by the time i get it. Think of carrot and stick, or perhaps coffee bean and stick!

  377. Miss Sarah Elsdon says:

    MILK BUT NO SUGAR……… and very very strong……
    I could not get through the day without a few cups, especially first thing in the morning! in the summer i have iced lattes instead….i hope to try the Aromettes so if i do not win i will probably have to wait til sourcing some locally….

  378. Sandra says:

    First thing in the morning, at home, watching the birds outside in the peace and quiet, while it lasts! A good reason to get up on time cos otherwise I miss my chance!

  379. Emily Hutchinson says:

    I have a cup of coffee every morning, milk no sugar please. My favourite thing though is to drink it outside in the garden, even just 5 minutes sat out watching the birds drinking my coffee cheers me up for the whole day. Sometimes simple pleasures are the best ones.

  380. Dee says:

    For me, it’s got to be a tall skinny latte, with a muffin or piece of chocolate cake, enjoyed while lounging on a comfy sofa and gossiping with a friend!

  381. Woolly1 says:

    My coffee routine is one mid morning in the staff room at school and another when my hubby gets home, we have a coffee and catch up on the day.

  382. Alice Beaumont says:

    What oh what would I do without my coffee?
    I’m all bleary eyed and unresponsive till I get my morning coffee πŸ™‚

  383. Katie G says:

    My routine is on Sunday morning, my husband puts the expresso on, it smells devine. he adds some milk, brings it to me in bed. Still smells delicious. Take a sip, cringe & swallow. Then give the rest to him because still after 10 years he still forgets the sugar in my coffee 😦

  384. Nicole Shahsafdari says:

    Have tweeted @nikkiopia

  385. Nicole Shahsafdari says:

    I love coffee at all times of the day, whenever I am in the mood or have a craving!

  386. Jenny Pearson says:

    I drink coffee really, really strong. I love a Saturday in town on my own just browsing, on the way back to the car just before the shops shut I stop off at a coffee shop on the main street with seats outside. I order my coffee and sit relaxing, watching people rush by and feel warm and smug because I’ve finished my shopping. Even in winter I love sitting there all wrapped up wearing a hat and long scarf with my hot coffee keeping my hands warm.

  387. Diana Battye says:

    When I’m miserable with a cold or sore throat, I spoil myself with a cup of black coffe with two spoons of honey. The throat is eased and I am cosseted!

  388. helen dunford says:

    I like to drop the kids off to school go shopping and stop for a relaxing Latte coffee!

  389. Christine Johnson says:

    Coffee always at home, a cup in the morning, afternoon and evening, and occasionally get my 1970s percolator out

  390. LOUISE ANDERSON says:

    I love the smell of coffee but can’t drink it – have to watch the hubby enjoying!

  391. Cathy Duncan says:

    My husband and daughter have a “special” coffee when they are at our caravan on the weekend. They add a shot of Baileys and it smells and tastes great.

  392. Helen G says:

    Coffee and the Sunday papers, my little treat

  393. Krissy Del Agua says:

    Cup of milky coffee in the bath before bed. Bliss

  394. Sarah Sheen says:

    I don’t actually drink coffee, but every morning, I make my boyfriend his coffee when I make my breakfast. He doesn’t like his coffee hot, just warm, so when I give him his coffee when he’s still asleep. By the time he’s woken up, his coffee is at a temperature he likes. He then downs it in one.
    He usually drinks Douwe Egberts, but sometimes spices it up a little by buying something different. His latest experimental coffee is Rocket Fuel, which he is currently having every morning; thanks to me!

  395. Sarah Sheen says:


  396. Jeremy Hards says:

    As soon as I get home I switch the coffee machine on for a cup of freshly ground Cuban coffee (I just love Cubita coffee – brought 4 kg back from Cuba last year! )

  397. Jeremy Hards says:

    Have tweeted a link @Jezzamk However, I don’t know how to link to the post here.

  398. Susannah Leggatt says:

    My other half has made me a coffee in bed every day since our son was born five years ago. I like it very strong and milky, I lay they quite relaxed supping away. To be honest I think I am very lucky to get such a wonderful start to the day.

  399. Susannah Leggatt says:

    Have retweeted as @StomaFreeBuddie

  400. Victoria Smith says:

    10am every day at work. Biggest cup I can find, dash of milk, pop it in the microwave, boiling water, 2 sweeteners and a big spoonful of my favourite coffee in that order!

  401. Victoria Smith says:

    Have also tweeted the link @smudge276

  402. sandy hallett says:

    I have 1 cup of coffee a day to wake me up and get me going.
    It’s more the smell of it that wakes me up I think -:-

  403. sandy hallett says:

    Bonus entry please for tweeting the link – had to use an url shortener – hope that’s ok.

    my twitter name is @sandyhallett

  404. sufia desai says:

    Coffee with a chocolate digestive dunked in, is the most meltiest, sexiest moment ever!

  405. I love coffee mid morning – Ideally from a coffee shop, but we do have our coffee pot on a timer some mornings so we make up to the smell of coffee …Mmmm lovely on a Sunday morning.

  406. NATALIE BRADLEY says:

    Every time i get ill with flu or something i have to have coffee made with milk have had it sinse childhood mmm esp when it gets a lovely skin on it πŸ™‚ always perks me up and makes me feel better.

    Have to have coffee every day 1 sugar with milk in first so makes bubbles mmmm with a buscuit dunked in is my idea of a propper good brew.

  407. Judith Luscombe says:

    I drink coffee in the morning to wake me up , coffee at elevensies to keep me going and coffee in the evening to keep me awake.

    I have followed and tweeted

  408. claire willmer says:

    Every morning my little one wakes me up shouting mummy which i find is the best way to wake up (shes only 1) We then venture down stares in our pjs whilst making her breakfast i pop on coffee machine and make myself a very dark sweet carte noire expresso with some lovely wholemeal toast and then sit down at the table with little one to enjoy!When ever i get chance to indulge i also love to have a latte macchiato so creamy and delicious pure treat : )

  409. Julie Davies says:

    I have to have a lovely liquer coffee when I go out for a meal, much prefer having this to having a pudding

  410. Robyn Clarke says:

    During the week its a rushed cup of coffee while I scramble to get ready for work. But on a weekend my husband is the coffee master, I’m often woken up to a cappucino on a Saturday morning, which we’ll drink leisurely while discussing the “agenda” for the day, my favourite part of the weekend!

  411. Michelle Rayner says:

    I always warm the milk in the cup in the microwave before adding the coffee

  412. Julie Davies says:

    have posted and linked on twitter @juliedee4663

  413. claire willmer says:

    Im following and have tweeted your fab competition and details @cwillmer : )

  414. Sharon Alderson says:

    I love a cup of coffee with a shot of Baileys/tia maria in once the chores have been done for night and I can sit and relax!

  415. Nancy Bradford says:

    I love coffee and started going out for coffee with my father when I was 5 (I’m now 40 something). I have one proper cup of coffee every morning and then two instants during tea breaks at work.

  416. Vicky Fallows says:

    i cant live without coffee, its the only thing that keeps me awake during the day, my first cup is as soon as i wake up milk and two sugars. i then drink it all day.

  417. Lindy Hine says:

    The day can’t start until I have my first cup of coffee – followed by several more through the day. And if you’re meeting friends, what better excuse than getting together for a coffee somewhere (somehow, “lets meet for a ” just doesn’t seem the same!)

  418. Matt Brooks says:

    Got to be an expresso in the morning

  419. Lindy Hine says:

    Tweeted @LindyHine

  420. kate gascoigne says:

    my ritual is having a posh coffee on a sunday afternoon, after lunch, from our dolce gusto machine, watching TV and reading the papers. BLISS!!

  421. Susan Norminton says:

    I need a fresh coffee first thing in the morning. The day just doesn’t go as well if I find I’ve run out!!

  422. Laura says:

    Treat myself to a very occasional cappucino at the museum cafe, when the going’s getting really tough. Half a sachet of brown sugar stirred in, then eat the frothy milk with the spoon! Yum!

  423. Laura says:

    Tweeting now! @Morrighani

  424. emma cullen says:

    My coffee ritual is a weekend thing, whenever my partner and I are out somewhere especially in a city, we try to find a little independent coffee shop and drink flat whites.
    our fave coffee shop is flat white in Soho, London πŸ™‚

  425. mrs robinson says:

    My addiction to caffeine is quite bezerk
    2 coffees in the morning before i get to work
    1 with my lunch and 2 after tea
    i love it, i need it- an addict-thats me!
    cappucino, latte, mocha a shot
    i dont care how i get it, i like it a lot
    with 2 noisy kids and a grumpy old man
    this should be prescribed so i dont give a damn
    so on valentines day, to say i love you
    a cafe au lait and a tiramisu!

  426. Allan says:

    I always have to have 2 cups of coffee first thing in the morning to start my day.

  427. Allan says:

    Tweeted @alsmonster

  428. Jane says:

    tweeted @felixisfriend

  429. Helen says:

    The first cup of the day is the most important one, I like it White with no sugar, and no kids. which is why I get up an hour before them.

  430. roger artingstall says:

    I have to have a coffee or two in the morning and I loose count as to how many during the day who can not like a good cup of coffee?

  431. HEATHER KENDALL says:

    Lets face it, I’m addicted to Coffee, there I said it. I cannot face a single day without it!. What do I love about it, it’s smell, it’s taste, it’s everything. I love Latte’s , Expresso, instant, anything, just as long as its coffee

    I must drink about 15 cups a day, the elixir of life.!!!
    Well there are worse things to be addicted to! I’m working on Ovaltine, but thats another story.

  432. Rachel Harding says:

    I make my coffee with fresh ground full-flavoured beans in my espresso coffee pot on the hob. I heat milk in a jug, froth it with a gizmo and always sprinkle chocolate on the top. This happens mid-morning after I feel justified in having a break and I dip a Penguin biscuit in for good measure. Bliss!

  433. natalie holland says:

    Most morning’s I am awoken by my 20 month old at 5:45am… the only thing that will get me going in any sort of semi-normal capacity will be my morning cup, (or three). Definitely the morning! …Although I often subscribe to one in the evening too.

    I tweeted…@fairydustwing… I am not sure it counts though as I had to slightly shorten it because it wouldn’t fit in my tweet box, (new to twitter). x

  434. Susan says:

    I enjoy a cuppa every morning but as I work weekdays, I can really only enjoy it to the max at weekends, especially on lazy Sunday mornings. I have a trust 20-year old Bodum cafetiere which still does the job beautifully, and I very much enjoy it with some whipped cream on top. I know, sinful stuff but allows me to truly enjoy my cup of coffee.

  435. thomas says:

    extra large cup every morning before work

  436. thomas says:

    have tweeted @diggerspade

  437. Thelma says:

    cappuccino is my favorite

  438. Thelma says:

    have tweeted @duster777

  439. RICHARD says:

    large espresso with breakfast

  440. RICHARD says:

    have tweeted @gardenshed88

  441. MARK says:

    gold blend with milk and sugar to wake me up

  442. MARK says:

    have tweeted @computer599

  443. Rachel says:

    My best coffees of the day are probably the middle of the night ones when I’m sat up doing my OU – got to be strong and in my big brown mug, which most importantly is coffee-coloured on the outside AND the inside. There’s just something lovely and warming about the coffee and the cup all being the same colour.

  444. LISA says:

    get my morning in my office with biscuits

  445. LISA says:

    have tweeted @kittypower007

  446. Carolina J. says:

    We do love coffee in our family and have it in the morning. On Sat and Sundays we make a special one in the cafetierer and enjoy it as a treat.

  447. Carolina J. says:

    Tweeted! (pandcands).

  448. Sue Harrison says:

    I love a cup of freshly made coffee, mid morning with a biscuit and a leisurely read of the local newspaper.

  449. Sue Harrison says:

    Have tweeted too @daisyduck123

  450. Trudi Walsh says:

    I can’t get motivated without my morning coffee!!

  451. Trudi Walsh says:

    Tweeting @moodytrudi

    x x x

  452. Soraya Rodrigues says:

    The only energy boost to my internal organs is coffee first thing in the morning at home . I also love the aroma of coffee at Costa Coffee.

  453. Debbie Lewis-Bird says:

    On the go in the car on way to work

  454. Wendy Mann says:

    Aromettes first thing to wake my mind,
    The grounds for success without the grind!

  455. Ann calland says:

    In an afternoon in my special mug a tasty frothy latte

  456. Hayley Todd says:

    I love coffee at any time of the day, but, my most enjoyable coffee ritual is first thing in the morning. I always make sure I am up well before my hubby and my 3 little ones and I come downstairs, make myself a coffee or 2 and snuggle on the sofa with my delicious coffee and my book before the madness of the day begins! Bliss!

  457. sharon griffin says:

    my treat two mornings a week is a trip to my lovely local tea rooms where they make the most gorgeous coffee and homemade rock cakes. Moments i truly savour πŸ™‚

  458. Erin says:

    I couldn’t finish a good meal without a very strong black coffee with sugar. A piece of chocolate on the side being an added bonus πŸ˜‰ I order espresso coffee when out in a restaurant or make strong black coffee when having a good home-cooked meal.

  459. Erin says:

    Tweeted @erinyslondon

  460. Liz H says:

    A cup of freshly brewed coffee around 10.30am at home with a piece of shortbread – lovely!

  461. Tina Young says:

    Well, i never used to drink coffee….i was a tea drinker, until very recently. Then i learnt how to make coffee…my partner taught me! half a cup of water with a tea spoon of coffee, one sugar and a splash of full fat milk….Guess what im now converterted to a coffee drinker.What have i missed out on in all these years! Now when i ask friends to come for coffee, i drink coffee!!

  462. kadaty says:

    often my tea and coffee are gulped as a necessity, but proper rest-time coffee with a blob of condensed milk is such a naughty treat!

  463. Alan Thomas says:

    1st thing every morning, I can’t function without it

  464. Darrell Jones says:

    First thing in the morning, I need a cup of coffee to wake me up!! Then mid afternoon when I start to fall asleep!!!

  465. Sajeda Patel says:

    Coffee in my favourite coffee shop overlooking a very busy roundabout – makes me happy!

  466. K Willing says:

    I make myself a latte soya coffee mid-morning and sit down with a snack. Our dog also has a dog biscuit at this time too. It’s our little shared ritual.

  467. Darrell Jones says:

    I have retweeted @darrellKJones

  468. Val Pownall says:

    Whatever I drink during the day ends up cold, so my treat is to slump in a chair once my small granddaughter has gone home, and recover with a lovely strong coffee to give me the energy to get up and start on dinner! Five minutes to myself! Bliss!

  469. Sheila Reeves says:

    Freshly made at about 10:30 with a dark chocolate biscuit mmm

  470. Sheila Reeves says:

    Tweeted too @cake17uk

  471. Mathew says:

    Freshly ground in the morning, brew enough for the thermos and a cup for straight away. Black strong, bit of demerara if I don’t feel sweet enough.

  472. Mathew says:

    I’ve tweeted about the competition @Beard_Comp

  473. deborah o says:

    Mornings – I hate them! Alarm clock slammed off – one foot gingerly placed out of bed and then pulled sharply back in. And then I smell it…the tantalising odour oflDowe Egberts Costa Rican drifts upstairs.
    A quick splash of my face in the bathroom – quick swill of my mouth and then as fast as I can manage first thing, I dive downstairs and I am handed my favorite mug filled to the brim with hot coffee. That first gulp (yep, I always burn my mouth) but it is … bliss. Racing round whilst taking longer and longer sips of my favorite drink – and then out of the door, running for the bus with the same thought jogging through my head. “Time for another one in the staffroom hopefully…!

  474. paul baker says:

    i wake up just before sun rise and make a steaming cafetiere of freshly ground coffee set up my deck chair on the back patio and listen to the dawn corus whilst enjoying a hot cup of my fave coffee bliss πŸ™‚

  475. nicky says:

    Coffee has a particular physiological effect on me… so I have to restrict it to post-dinner only! Strong, good-quality, no sugar is the only way to go.

  476. nicky says:

    tweeted @wnid

  477. Adrian Clarke says:

    I love a cup first thing at work & got a real sweet touth, infact i broke the work record with 23 sugars in one cup!

  478. BlueIdBoy says:

    Coffee is what you have when you run out of tea!

    Unless you can start the day with some fresh-ground quality stuff with a heady aroma which is a regrettably rare treat.

  479. BlueIdBoy says:

    Tweet Tweet @BlueIdBoy

  480. Joanne Morley says:

    I have my first coffee at 9.30am at costa in uni after a manic rush around the house to get the kids ready for school and my dash to get to uni in time. A nice skinny mocha or cappuchino is the only way to go. I have a nice cup of gold blend after my tea to help me digest and give me the energy to keep me going till the kids go to bed x

  481. Joanne Morley says:

    Tweeted x

  482. Ian Campbell says:

    In my favourite chair with lots of cushions and my feet up!

  483. Ian Campbell says:

    I’ve tweeted a link to this giveaway, my Twitter username is @Ianthesunlover

  484. AliBe says:

    Sunday morning…a cafetiere of coffee and a jug of hot milk brought to me in bed by my beloved and a lazy read of the papers listening to Steve Wright. Perfect.

  485. Carly Mckay says:

    I love coffee any time of the day i savour it most at the end of the day when everything is done and the kids are in bed i sit down with my milky coffee with 1 sugar and watch my soaps on the box ahhhhhh bliss xxx

  486. Carly Mckay says:

    I have tweeted this link on my twitter page @carlycandy83

  487. Erica says:

    Afternoon coffee with cake (preferably coffee cake) at my favourite tea shop

  488. Erica says:

    Tweeted as @ericahughes

  489. Rach says:

    I always have a cup of coffee first thing after I come home from dropping the kids at school.

  490. Rach says:

    have tweeted @captainsunflow

  491. Carolynn Crabb says:

    When i was expecting my daughter 20 years ago ~I went off coffe and could never stand the smell of it . It has only been the last year that I can drink a strong expresso as a cappucino – lots of frothy milk with a lovely kick of coffee at breakfast time if I am lucky.

  492. Deborah says:

    proper coffee is my weekend treat, perfect with croissant and homemade jam or crumpets and marmite. Hmm. I love the smell of coffee percolating.

  493. karine jade says:

    I love Arabica coffee, love the smell of the coffee freshly ground…have far too many throughout the day.

  494. Michelle Bosomworth says:

    I need my coffee fix every morning or I cannot function

  495. Ali K says:

    When pregnant 3 years ago I went completely off coffee, then was introduced to lattes, now its the only way I can drink coffee BUT it must be made with a decent coffee and Douwe egberts is one of the ones i use…..not seen the beans yet but will definately try them as I am useless at guessing what I should put in my machine, this should make it perfect!

  496. Ali K says:

    have tweeted πŸ™‚ @felixtheloquat

  497. Sarah Merritt says:

    I work long shifts helping the public, my coffee ritual starts as soon as I arrive at work. The kettle goes on and my special mug is ready for a much needed cuppa to survive the shift and briefing. Oh and I have to make the rest of the shift them too!!!

  498. Janette Arnold says:

    a sunday treat is a visit to our local farm shop restaurant for a cafetiere of freshly ground coffee and a croisant or panini.

  499. Vicki Graham says:

    I don’t drink coffee every day. I tend to drink it during more intensive periods of university study and before long classes – Latin lectures aren’t exactly known for their excitement!

  500. Vicki Graham says:

    I have tweeted the comp as @V1cki_Lou.

  501. peter says:

    only have coffee in the morning but i like it with Carnation milk

  502. kushla says:

    don’t have a coffee routine. go on and off it. can go for months without drinking it then, all of a sudden, i can’t get enough of it!

  503. kushla says:

    i’m @kushlacat btw

  504. sandie says:

    Have emailed you!! πŸ™‚
    Couldnt get AOL mail to open yesterday and just only got on now.

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