Egg overload and a Good Food recipe bonanza begins

I don’t know about you but when I do my supermarket shop online I end up with things I either didn’t order or have absolutely no recollection ordering – we still have an epic amount of birdseye potato waffles lurking in the freezer, but a couple of weeks ago it was 36 eggs!

I can only put it down to the fact that I do the online shop in an almighty rush, and usually last thing at night when my brain has all but shut down.

So by the weekend I was desperate to be rid of the glut of eggs as their sell by date approached. My boys love them, thank god, but even I was getting bored of dippy eggs and the ever faithful egg and salad cream butties.

Thumbing through my recipe cuttings I am reminded of the brilliant frittata – ideal for using up eggs and even better for chucking in a bit of this and a bit of that.

Frittata – leftover stylee

6 eggs
3 tablespoons milk
small onion – thinly sliced
chopped up leftover ham
frozen peas
chopped up peppers
squeezy basil

1. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a heavy bottomed frying pan, add the onion and soften for a few minutes.

2. Beat the eggs and milk together and then add to the pan – bung in your leftovers – ham, peas and peppers in my case. But of course the fridge is your oyster!

3. I added a few squirts of squeezy basil to freshen things up a bit

4. Make sure the mixture is even looking and then leave to cook on a medium heat for 5-10 mins.

5. Pre-heat your grill, sprinkle your frittata with some grated cheese – whatever you fancy, I had some old cheddar knocking about – and then remove from the heat, whack under the grill until it’s bubbling, golden and ready to eat!

6. Serve with some fresh green leaves and crusty bread!

Matthew and Arlo loved it, however Sam is going through a particularly grating phase of not wanting to eat anything that I’ve spent more than 10 minutes cooking. He arrives at the table these days with catchphrases like ‘That looks disgusting – I’m not eating it’ and the delightful ‘That doesn’t look tasty to me Mummy, I’m having pasta’.

I’m refusing to back down and am desperately trying not to take it personally. Every other day he can have baked beans, pasta, potato waffles etc, but he’s also getting the good stuff too!

I’ve just torn out all the lushest looking recipes from this month’s Good Food magazine and look forward to testing them out on my boys. Always with the hope that I’ll stumble across a little gem of a recipe that they all gobble up and demand again! A girl can hope….


About Katie Bryson

Katie Bryson is a freelance food writer and blogger. She left a career in online news at the BBC to immerse herself in the culinary world, taking in courses at Leiths School of Food and Wine and an internship at Waitrose along the way. Her family food blog is bursting with recipes and tips for feeding hungry families that’ll help inspire all those frazzled parents out there wondering what on earth to cook for tea!
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